Don’t underestimate the “suit” in summer, master these three matching ideas, fashionable and capable of femininity

When it comes to the practical items for summer, many people may think of T -shirts, vests, shirts, or sweater, but forget the suit, just like many people’s impression of commuting items. Wearing it is also very sultry.

In fact, as the protagonist of commuting costumes, as long as the correct style and matching are properly selected, there is also a fashion that does not lose shirts, and even a little more capable, and does not work hard to create a rigid and soft workplace female image. This summer, don’t underestimate the “suit”, master these three combination ideas, fashionable and capable femininity, let’s take a look together!

1. Use a skirt to assemble a suit

One of the suit and skirts is officially neat, and one is elegant and light. After the combination of the two items, it can form a collision of softness and force. On the one hand, it creates a fashion spark. On the other hand, the suit and skirts can make up for each other to make up for each other. Deficiency.

For example, for women who are worried about the rigidity of the suit and are easy to wear, you can use a checkered skirt, pleated skirt or a wave dot skirt with a suit. The lightness and cleverness of the skirt comes with the lightness and cleverness, adding an elegant and feminine flavor to the overall look.

In addition, the skirt is divided into a half skirt and dress. If you choose a half skirt, you can use the same color to further enhance the sense of advanced, like the earth color suit with the earth color checkered pleated skirt, beige suit with beige as the background color background color background color background color background color background color background color background The pleated skirt can strengthen the connection between the upper and lower items.

In addition to paying attention to color matching, skirt material is also a key factor that affects the overall look texture.


Especially for commuting scenes, such as acetate skirts and real silk skirts replaced chiffon skirts. On the basis of enhancing the gloss, it also highlights the noble taste of the wearer itself.

If you use a dress as a suit, it is recommended to choose the dress with a short length. Cutting can be properly simple and smooth.

Compared with the clothes short skirts, the lines of the lines are more elegant. In combination with the waist design, the overall look is soft and elegant.

2. Use a suit skirt to interpret elegance and capable

Worried that the basic suit is too strong and wants to get hard’s elegance, so I recommend everyone to choose a suit skirt.

The suit skirt combines the advantages of suits and skirts. On the basis of retaining the capable and sharpness of the suit, it can also integrate a gentle and intellectual femininity for the shape.

And with the development of fashion, the style of suit skirts gradually diversified. In addition to conventional suit skirts, the styles of asymmetric wind piano fold design or stitching design can also enhance the sense of fashion.

However, using a suit skirt to create a commuting look, you need to choose the style of the length above the knee. Such a moderate length will not give people a sense of aging or procrastination. The scope of applications is very wide. Essence

But don’t forget to outline the slender waistline with the help of the waist, add a touch of charming and tenderness.


Third, suit suit matching


The most hard -working and high -level suit in summer must be a suit.


For example, using basic suits with high -waisted suit trousers, basic suits with high -waisted suit shorts are all suitable for summer choices. It’s just that high -waist trousers should be more concise and formal, suitable for women with light and elegant temperament.

If it is used for out of the street, then you may use high -waisted shorts to replace trousers. Suit shorts are slightly loose, fashionable and atmospheric.


Although it is not effortless to wear a suit, there is no requirement for women’s matching skills, but we also need to pay attention to the color selection of the suit and some details.


First of all, the color is the key factor that determines the visual effect of a suit suit. In summer, the soft colors such as beige and apricot are used, or the earth color system replaces high -saturated bright colors and dark colors, which is easier to create a gentleness.

Morandi is synonymous with soothing, elegant and advanced. How can you miss it in summer? In addition to improving the tolerance of the skin on the skin, the Morandi color can also highlight the gentle temperament of the woman in the workplace.

Like gray bean green, smog blue, or gray pink, it is a very suitable choice.

Use a T -shirt as a suit suit, which is also an effective way to break serious sense, such as white T, Black T or khaki t -shirt. In addition, when the suit is used for commuting scenes, don’t forget to wear double loafers and pointed shoes Or basic sandals.


The above is the suit wearing for everyone this time. If you dare not try the suit because you are worried about the stereotypes of the suit, you may wish to refer to this set of demonstrations!

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