30 double beautiful sandals list, this year’s fashionable girls are buying these

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30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Almost every summer, sandals will become the hearts of girls. After all, compared to less formal slippers, tight and stuffy sneakers, sandals can liberate both feet that has been wrapped for more than half a year.

Add some coolness to the summer shape.

Fresh small skirts, small vests, sandals will become

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

A lot of points

But there are tens of millions of sandals. What are you worth starting this year? I summarized this year


I pick you up a few good and versatile shoes, I hope to buy new shoes this summer and bring some inspiration ~

Woven sandals

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

From the previous two years, this Roman woven sandals with a little retro style and a little boy’s temperament became hot. At the beginning, it appeared as a men’s shoes. Fishermen who were common in the Mediterranean, so they were also called

“Fisherman sandals”

Essence It is generally made of cage leather, which is usually wrapped in toes to prevent scratches by fish hooks.

Later, it became a reincarnation of “Zhenxiang”, fashionable girls went up, and many brands also made similar shoes ▼

Although this pair of shoes is quite a sense of age at first glance, it is this kind of “like rough, not rough, soil and soil”, which makes it matches with delicate clothes.

Inadvertently fashion sense,

It’s easy to relax ~

Sloping sandals

Rather than saying that thin band sandals are popular trends, it is better to say that it is

Top long -lasting shoes,

There is a pair every summer. It is extremely cool, with almost no foot coverage, leaving only a few slender and simple lines to wrap the feet. The shoes are very elegant and sexy.

It is also relying on this unique beauty that the thin band sandals have conquered a ticket fashion. In many shows, street shots, and bloggers, they will see it ▼

It is also very handy in matching,

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Jeans, skirts, dresses, dresses,

It is not a problem for it. With jeans, it can make the madness more soft; the soft skirt with thin band sandals, the ladylike temperament is more obvious.

Magic Paste Shoes

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

There is also a pair of magic sticker sandals that I can’t touch my mind. Isn’t this a sandals that boys love to wear when they were young? This pair of shoes is fierce this summer. It is not particularly interested, I wonder if it will be really fragrant in the future?

If you want to say the characteristics of these sandals, it is typical

Magic Patch+thick bottom,

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

It is convenient to wear and take off. The style is too avant -garde, the boy style, and there are quite a lot of styles that can be shaped, you can


, Can

Cute and cute.

Although my current love for it is not high, but

On comfort, it is preferred among many sandals.

Because these shoes are generally used in soft glue, which is similar to sneakers. It is soft to wear.

Greatly reduces the possibility of grinding feet.

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

It is very suitable for summer wearing it to run away!

After speaking of the trend, then the next time everyone looks forward to planting grass time, I picked it

30 beautiful sandals,

The shoes mentioned above are all available. Everyone takes what you need ~

-Noved sandals –

1 | Retro black white sheepskin sandals

Lilvintage exclusive self -made

These pairs are classic fisherman sandals with retro styles and black and white colors. They are very good. There are many same models on the market, but these pairs are made of handmade sheepskin+head layer calfskin. The texture is better and the price will naturally be higher. In addition, because it is handmade shoes,

No reason for 7 days, no reason,

Everyone thinks clearly and then place an order.

2 | Retro hollow sandals

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Wei Lanzhi retro women’s shoe shop

If the budget is insufficient, and does not want to bear the risk of impossible returns, you can look at these pairs. The style is almost the same as the above. Although it is not as soft as the lambskin, the use is all

Supreme, natural header cowhide,

The leather is tender and the texture is not bad. There are three -color options, you can go to the store to see it ~

3 | Apricot Roman shoes

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些


This pair of toe is round and has a cute temperament. It feels that it will be very young and playful to use it with a doll skirt!

4 | ivory white wearing lace -up shoes

Home Work Atelier

I like this pair. The color of the ivory white is cold, the shoe type is beautiful, and the white girl must be good -looking. The position of the heel is made into slingback, which is cooler and breathable;

With a strap

, You can design it yourself as a belt shoes.

5 | Three -color sandals/slippers

Lao Guo’s high -end women’s shoes customization

In terms of color and shoe type, these pairs are not worse than the above. Have

White, milk tea color, caramel color

Three -color optional, refreshing, temperament and retro style. Although the toe is round, the shoe shape is not bulky at all, which is cute and elegant. By the way, this one is




The two styles are available, and the price is different. Everyone chooses according to their preference ~

6 | Dark chestnut brown/milk white


These shoes have two colors,

Dark chestnut brown

With nostalgic atmosphere, like the style of the heroine’s feet in the 1980s and 1990s;

Milk white

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

It is full of gentleness, like a lady in the heart of the bloody man, in short, each has its own beauty. Although he follows Gao Cai


, But the small pointed shoe type can be stretched from the legs visually, there is a certain


Function, the little man can also start with confidence ~

7 | Ceramics brown

In addition to white, brown also belongs to the king of versatile, not to mention these pairs of shoes

Long and gentle,

It must be very extraordinary to wear, and a bunch of pictures in the comment area are beautiful. But this deep pottery brown is not very friendly to most yellow skin,

It is more suitable for yellow skin and white skin.

8 | Jiu Hong

Zany clown shoes

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Relatively speaking, the wine red will be white, and these shoes are also designed at the position of the shoe mouth, which is a lot cool.

9 | Fresh fruit green

Wang Xiaoshi’s small shop

Seeing the black and white brown fisherman sandals, this pair of green caught my heart at once. The color is bright and lively, with white socks girl full of feeling ~

10 | Mi White/Fruit Green Pointed Shoes

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Chen Xiaoguo’s original women’s shoes

Finally found a pair of fisherman sandals that had nothing to do with the boy’s temperament! This pair of width woven straps has been replaced with this thin, plus the pointed design, the whole looks very good

Bohemia’s vacation style,

With the elegant and light dress, feminine.

11 | French sandals


This pair is not a fisherman sandals, the shoe mouth is exposed, and the part of the upper uses woven elements. But it looks beautiful, but also the French style I like very much, decisively put it in. The color of brown and beige is retro and refreshing,


The thick heels are high and easy to walk. Use it to match the tea rest skirt and jeans, which is very French Chic in one second.

12 | Weaving slippers

Mr. Balletto Ballet

Although it is a sandals, it is also a season when slippers prevail in summer. Give everyone a pair of weaving slippers that are also very lightweight. This pair is produced by Spanish designers.

Spanish bull reflux,

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Comes with bones and bones, soft but not collapsed, durable. I deliberately used the high -side woven design to ensure that it was guaranteed

The effects of fat feet and wide feet are not bad

, Very intimate.

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

-Squisite sandals –

13 | Light purple square head sandals

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Pedro flagship store

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Purple is fashionable, and these light purple is more gentle and gentle. The design of the kitten heel is elegant and agile,


30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

High heels are also very easy to walk, and high -heeled shoes can also walk on it.

14 | pinching thin band flat shoes

TOOMANYSHOES flagship store

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Even if you are unaccustomed to even heels, you can look at these flat shoes. It is a cross -band design, retro and lazy. But I was first poked by its color scheme,

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Lemon yellow

Light purple

It’s all macaron, just like a variety of bubble sugar, there are girly atmosphere of the face ~

15 | Green/White Heel

NilPotent Collection

These colors are also very pleasing, one is green

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Avocado green

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Fresh and fashionable, the whole pair of shoes exudes a lively and charming summer atmosphere ~


With a little warm color, warm and refreshing. With a simple design, even with white T jeans, it is easy to wear a gentle and romantic atmosphere.

16 | Lemon yellow/white

15mins official flagship store

It is also one of the standard colors of the summer, but it is more skinny. Of course, if you do n’t show black, you can wear it and you can be very fashionable.

Optional, simpler and lazy. In addition, the shoes are very retro Roman straps, which are quite French.

17 | Pearl thin band

It’s toasted lucky breakfast

I especially like this pair, geometric -shaped shoe type, full of artistic sense; simple lines of simple lines are very clean and comfortable; coupled with warm pearl elements, exquisite and romantic. Use

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

The head layer calf leather material,

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Soft and delicate and high -end. Although it is white, the presence is not weak. Even with simple white T and jeans, it can be very outstanding.

18 | Paoliang

GS Galassia Spirale

These pairs are oblique lines, which can be modified in the visual line.

It looks thinner and longer.

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

There was a caramel color, but it was sold out. At present, there are only 35 yards pale yellow and green. There are not many inventory.

19 | One word buckle

One word sandals is also a classic and outdated style. The thin band is equipped with fine heels, with a femininity of its own elegance. These feet are

6 colors

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

You can choose, you must have what you like.

20 | Black band

Charles Keith official flagship store

Black thin belt sandals

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

It is also a very versatile basic model. If you want to get wrong, you can start with this pair, and the thick heel design is better. If you don’t want to be so ordinary, you can look at the other two colors.


More fashionable,

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些


Bright ▼

-Magic Patching Sandals-

21 | Film Magic Sticker

FILA official flagship store

It is strange to say that this kind of magic sandals do not belong to the “beauty” at first glance, but looking at the upper footage of others seems to be pretty fragrant? FILA is a pair of Feel with a little daddy shoes, which is bulky and large, but the advantages are also obvious.

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

His feet are small ~

22 | slope heel bubble shoes

SKECHERS official flagship store

When I saw these pairs, I was a little hesitant. The slope and the flash diamond+bubble bottom are indeed what I can’t appreciate but I can see it very high. The comment area is also a pile of praise. It seems ok too?

(what do y’all think)

23 | Back force sports sandals

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Backlord Flagship Store

The pair of back force does not step on the thunder, the style is relatively basic, you can wear both your feet, or you can wear socks in the sandals. The price is not expensive, you can start in the first few to 100 yuan.

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

24 | Thick bottom cowhide leather sandals

Jiangnan Buyi shoes flagship store

Most of this sports sandals are thicker soles,

The high effect is good.

Jiangnan Bobe uses cowhide, which is more durable.

25 | Fluorescent yellow leather sandals

If these pairs of shoes are looking at shoes, there is no desire to buy, but the effect of the model’s feet is not bad. When wearing

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

It is best to match some single items that echo,

It will be more colorful and highlights.

26 | Little incense sports sandals

This kind of sports sandals were initially brought by CHANEL, but the price of the official website was 8000+. Of course, if you really like it, you don’t have to buy Xiaoxiang. Many brands have replaced them. After removing the logo, the difference is not much different. There are many colors, except for warm and tenderness above

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

White pink,

And more basic versatile


27 | Give the magic sticker sandals

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Asakusa homemade hand -made women’s shoes deennistudio

After watching it for so long, these magic stick shoes are what I currently like. Maybe because it is briefly covered, the height of the sole is just right, not too thick or too thin. Widening magic patch

You can cover the flesh on your feet,

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Fat feet can also start with confidence ~

28 | Dr. Martens buckle sandals

DRMARTENS flagship store

Good -looking magic stickers sandals are a bit difficult to find, let’s take a few pairs of withdrawal of models ~ They look the same as the style of the magic sticker, they are all

Partial sports and leisure,

But after the material is replaced with leather,

The retro taste will be stronger and better.

This is used

High -quality waxy cowhide

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

It looks smooth and delicate, full of texture, and black is also the most popular color in the blogger circle.

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

29 | BEAU buckle sandals

beau flagship store

These pairs are also good, and metal pockets add retro texture to the leather. Have

Black and white

Two colors are available. Those who love neutrality can choose black. Those who like refreshing and simple can choose white.

30 | Thick bottom slippers

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

In the end, these pairs are neither a magic sticker nor a buckle. It is purely that the style is not bad and fashionable, so it is put up. This thick -bottomed slippers have also been hot in the past two years, and many bloggers on INS love to wear it. This except


,and also


30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

The above is today’s sandals sharing. Although these are popular trends, we don’t have to follow the trend to wear clothes. Choose our favorite and most suitable for ourselves.

Home Work Atelier


30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些


Wang Xiaoshi’s small shop

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

Wang Xiaoshi’s small shop

Lemon yellow

30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些


30 双貌美凉鞋清单,今年时髦女孩都在买这些

GS Galassia Spirale

Jiangnan Buyi shoes flagship store