Talk about the good toner that you have worked in those years, so that your face is moisturizing and not dry.

Talk about the good toner that you have worked in those years, so that your face is moisturizing and not dry as a baby!

LP Libnie Top Blue Fish Seed Essence Water


The brand said, “Other people are 90 % of the essence of water. We are” 90 % of the essence with other “. Some tingling sensations, but it disappears quickly, the penetration power is really powerful, the absorption is fast, the hydration effect is also very good, insisting on using, smooth and tight, but the cost performance is not too high. A bottle of water will be nearly 2000. The first resistance will be resistant. Decumber women love products!

Fresh Malaysia Revolutionary Rose Water

It is rich in the real rose essence petals, the face value is bursting, the texture is more moisturizing, and the moisturizing degree is better than the old version. Soft skin water is injected into the real rose petals, which can help the skin improve the water by 46%, and help the skin clean again. In addition, the rose fruit extraction ingredients are added to effectively collect the pores, enhance the skin’s moisture and absorption, and pregnant women can also use it. Intersection This dry skin should like it very much.

Peroya Water Power Energy Water


Its packaging is my favorite color. It is a gradient blue. There is no extra picture except the word, which is very simple. This packaging can make me feel very refreshing. Its mist feels great, and it can almost absorb quickly on the face. You can quickly replenish your skin to relieve your skin’s dry state, and its moisturizing effect is really great. After hydration, your skin will be slippery, tender, and very moist.

The texture is also very refreshing, not greasy or sticky. There is no irritation for the skin. It is very mild, and the toner can also be used in sensitive muscles. Don’t worry about being allergic at all. The ingredients in it are rich in various nutrients and are very good for the skin. They insist on using some problems that can maintain your skin and repair the skin. The ingredients are safe without adding, which can be imported. Friends with your skin can also use it, and you can also get oil and make your skin extremely refreshing.

Flower Yu Jiyu toner

This Huayu collects toner, improves skin water and oil balance and delicate pores, and improves yellow problems such as skin darkness. It is suitable for any skin texture. Even sensitive muscles can be used with confidence. It is rich in natural rice fermentation ingredients, which can deepen the bottom of the muscle to supplement the skin and brighten the skin color. Let your cells drink water, the skin becomes soft and smooth, and it can be used for a long time, which can be moisturized for a long time. The skin will look more translucent and have a certain whitening effect. At the same time, it is rich in a variety of hyaluronic acid ingredients. While hydrating, it can also maintain the skin barrier and repair the skin that is damaged during the normal life. Long -term use can make the skin tender and smooth.


It does not have a very heavy fragrance. It has a faint rice flavor. It does not add fragrance and spices. It is very healthy. After cleansing, an appropriate amount of toner is in the palm of the hand and lightly pats until it absorbs. It is very strong, but it is very moisturizing. After using it for a while, I found that the skin of the water looks much slippery, and the pores are delicate. It is so good that it has made me love it.