Brew the cinnamon, narcissus, and big red robe, in order to avoid drinking tea, shouldn’t you use tea?

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Recently encountered two and tea-related questions.


The first is a headline of tea friends.

“You don’t have tea, do you have a brown tea, isn’t you afraid of drinking a broken tea?”

The second is a private letter of a lawyer tea friend.


“Please teach a question, will the tea filter will weaken the soup? Just drink a spoon, the first bubble did not use tea filter, tea soup smooth, but a bit shredded.”

“The second bubble is filtered with tea filter, the tea soup is not changed, but there is a little bit, and the soup is obviously no first bubble”

“The third bubble does not use tea filter, I feel that tea soup is slippery than the second bubble, why?”


Single knife direct, enter the topic.


Today’s theme is the love and hate between the tea filter and the rock tea.



First correct the small mistakes in the previous question.

In the gadgets of zero scattered around the tea, the broth is not equal to tea filter.

The shape of tea leakage is compared to the funnel.


Its use is also not filtered with broken tea, but when using tea, prevent dry tea from sprinkling.

When making tea with narrow teapot, take tea to the kettlekou frame, can avoid going to the tea to sprinkle the table is embarrassing.

And the shape of tea filter, thousands of pieces.

Go to a baby, a variety of materials, various shapes, and various sizes, there should be everything.

But the change is not from its Zong, bringing a layer of filter, can filter the tea, it is a tea filter.

However, everyone from usual map / video / live, we must see it intuitively, when we usually in the tea, the exposure rate of tea filter is not high.

It can be said that it is basically no.

So, when the layout is mapped, I have been turned over in the background, and I didn’t find pictures of tea filter.

Individual tea friends see this scene, it is estimated very wonderful.

Why? Why not? What should I do when I encounter a broken tea?


Amount, normal, dry tea is fragile, or more or less have a broken leaves in a tea leaf.

However, in most cases, individual leaf appearance can completely let the fair cup come in.

After the tea soup is poured from the bowl, the tea soup fell into the fault cup and the brown tea will automatically sink.


It is not easy to flow out of the water when it is divided into tea, and there is no need to smash the tea.


It can be said that after a fair cup, the filter filtering function of tea is particularly chicken.

Plus, when we arrange the tea table, we are mainly loaded with the dry bubble table.

Located on the tea, put the tea set, and tea.

There is no installed vintage wetting platform that connects the pipeline, which can be directly poured on the tea tray.

Dry bubble table, as the name suggestion, and the seat should be kept clean.

When the twisher is sitting in the home place, it is slightly averaged, and a few drops of tea to the countertop.

Xiao Chen Chen has a lot of vomiting because of her distressed her tea.

Not to mention, after filtering the soup with tea filter, the whole wet tea is filtered on the table.

This is certainly not good.

Just like painting watercolors, practice the brush is like a stroke.

After using tea filtration, you have to match the tea filter.

Otherwise, the filter is placed directly on the table, too unharitage.

However, the twist is another lazy person.

When you try to tea, you will be a big workshop bowl, fair cup, tea cup, is already a big project.

Plus mesh fine tea filter, it is a big head.

As soon as I go, it is better to let the tea table to walk.

Those idle rates are high and can be eliminated.

Such an arrangement looks more refreshing, and it is also easier when cleaning your hygiene.


When the tea is used, will it weaken the soup with tea?

At the beginning of the lawyer tea, the quarter, the quad is not encountered.


Combined with his description.

The first flies did the tea filter, and the tea soup was smooth.

The second rumbled with tea filtration, and the aqueous tea is a little bit.

Among them, “a little bit” this word.

With intuition experience, it is not surprising that people will be suspicious.

The problem is slow in the soup.

This is not difficult to understand.

After adding a layer of tea filter filtration, the contact time of tea and water will be as second.

Especially the spherical filter, even, it will cause the soup to be short-lived, fast and fast.

Naturally, the tea is less leaching, the tea flavor is high, drinking slightly.


In addition, after a layer of tea is blocked, more or less will affect the fluency of the soup.

Three years ago, there were a few old white tea sent a few bubbles in 2009, asking for identification.

When the real thing got her hand, I found that the dry tea of ​​the tea was thinned and there was no complete vane. When the merchant is in packaging, it is a triangular tea bag.

Pick up tea bags, put into a bowl, boldly try tea.

The strange thing is that the tea of ​​the old white tea is brewed, the more it is more and more.

Wait until later, we took the tea bag in the bowl to discover the water absorbing / laminated function of the tea bag.

In the event of each time soup, there will always be a lot of tea, how can’t I don’t have it. When I went, the tea was naturally bubble.

It can be seen that if you want to clean your hair, you will have a tea bag, with a mesh tea bag, as well as fancy tea filter, more or less will block the impact.

Resulting in the soup, the tea is clear.

In addition, there is a possibility.

That is, the tea filter is not washed.

Tea filtering this type of object, is very difficult to clean.

Plus the net, very easy to leave tea.

Basically, every time you use it, you need to flush in time and dry.

When you put tea filter in a tea table, you have to pay attention to dustproof.

Otherwise, when you are brewing a bit of broken tea, turn out the long-awaited tea filter.

On this tea filter, it happens to attach tea stains that have accumulated in the year, as well as dust debris that is difficult to observe in the naked eye.

When the tea is filtered, these dust stains enter the tea soup.

It is bound to affect the smoothness of the soup.

Leading to the tea, the taste is weird, it is not so refreshing.


In a tea set, the difficulty of tea filter is difficult to clean.


This point of twist is deep.

Before, there were friends around and came over.


It is said that he found a striker, even if you won’t cover a bowl, you can’t do it quickly, you don’t have to worry about the tea soup.

Oh, what else? Speed ​​speed.

Then, the live treasure friend showed the scene.

Discarding the bowl is not used, caught a rock tea and put it into the tea filter.


Then, the tea filter was placed on the fair cup and washed directly into the boiling water.

After a while, it is a tea soup full of a big fair cup.

But after a drink, I had a strange taste in the tea soup.

“How long have you been broken? Is it going back?”

Friends are also very wonderful, find a dry tea.

Looking at the left, I found that there is no such thing as a few points in the dry tea.

Subsequently, there was no intention, and the flowers suddenly wake.

“How long is your tea filter, it’s going to raise a slurry!”

From a friend, I learned that the tea filter on his table has been bought for several years. It is not to wash it specially with water.

After you know this situation, the twist silently removes the previous tea cup slightly.

Seriously, such tea, I really don’t dare to drink again.


Because from the sanitary perspective, it is too unaffected!


In the view, tea filter is not a necessity of tea.

Available or not.


Tea filtering this type of object, you have to wash every time you use it.

Otherwise, the tea is attached to the top, and the stain is sar, the end is big.

If the grass walks through the field, the tea is filtered.

Then, you are idle, followed by it.

If you say, use a “tea filter” tea that quickly raises the pulp.


I don’t see it, I am fine.

It’s really unacceptable!

As mentioned earlier, “tea filter direct foaming method” is not applicable to this piece of tea.

Bubbles, or in a bowl.

At least there is the existence of the cover, but also after the hot pot temperature cup, shake the tea to see the tea.


After pouring the tea soup, I will refresh the fragrance.

I have discovered a different kind of tea early in order to avoid unknown, and it will cultivate tea to drink.


More about tea filter knowledge

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