This year’s popular fish mouth -hoors heel shoes, easily highlights long legs

New leather slope and sandals

This new leather slope heel sandals, simple style, lead the design of the trendy slope heel, no matter how far you go, you will not be tired, and the leg curve is lifted, which increases and thinner.


Sexy slope and women’s shoes

The texture design of the waterproof platform is very small, fresh and cute, and the embroidery design of the hoeing bees, let you give the cake on your feet. These shoes are suitable for you to increase and show your toes.




The pearl flowers are made of handmade. They are very strong, and they are not worried that they will fall.

2022 Summer Slopon Heading Sandals


This 2022 Singapore -sloping sandals, the British trend has always been the darling on the stage. The retro texture gives people a unique charm. The stylish rough and classic styles, more free and easy, very good choices.

2022 new matte slopes and sandals

This 2022 new matte slope and sandals, the color of rose red, reveals the sweet taste, the frosted slope design, bringing you the best dressing experience, and it is cool and fashionable.


Waterproof Taichu and fish mouth flat bottom slide heel

The leather series, soft and comfortable, light as a young girl, very age reduction, simple and fashionable trend, with a word with simple and stylish, comfortable and thick bottoms


Korean version of thick -bottom puffed cake sandals

Fashionista, fashion cheats of big beauty, strong recommendation of fashion models, the hot -selling style, trendy brand, century movie heroine is at this moment.


Fish mouth hillow sandals

This fish mouth -and -heel sandals use a light rubber soft bottom, which is very comfortable and wear -resistant, taking into account comfort and fashion. The floral pattern is small and fresh, satisfying your girl’s heart. One -fledged band is simple and generous. It is a good choice for straps and gold -plated gold -plated golden plating.

Fashion Summer Slip Heel Fish Mouth Shoes

The design of the rounded toe allows you to show a cuteness while performing elegantly, so that you have a stylish appearance and make you more high -profile in this refreshing summer. , Simple and generous design, comfortable loose cake bottom, regardless of going to work, travel, shopping, dating. Definitely let you love it!


Houporant sandals

This thick bottom sloping sandals are made of PU material, and the texture is shiny. The shoes look beautiful and subtle. The horizontal strip shows the beautiful lines at the ankle, looming, and sexy. Coupled with a comfortable height, you seem to stroll the clouds.


New leisure slope heel

The upper is elegant and generous, the mouth of the rubber band shoe is elastic and easy to wear and take off, the high -quality PU is breathable and comfortable inside, and the rubber outsole is wear -resistant and non -slip.


Sloping sandals female summer

The leather is fashionable, elegant, Chinese women’s design, comfortable and light, not tired walking, starting from the soles of the feet to care for women’s health, making it full of confidence, easy to add beautiful and charming