The man is fattened by the man to choose this, and no longer troubles the daughter -in -law

Some women in life want their husband/boyfriend to be tall and tall, and don’t have a beer belly. What you want is the kind of thin feeling. Some women want to be slightly fat and fat. The sense of security, which can protect yourself, is a very understandable thing, but physical health is the most important, especially weight!



For me, it is 1.69 meters tall, and weighs 160 catties. In fact, it looks like a coordination is too much meat on the stomach, which causes choice difficulties to buy clothes. I checked a lot of choices about fat people on the Internet a few days ago. The clothing guide said that I try to buy vertical stripes short sleeves/shirts today. I will try it on today. How do you feel the effect?

Tried shirt


After wearing it, I looked at the mirror and took one for myself. I took a picture to send it to my daughter -in -law and see what my daughter -in -law said.

I have always been used to the short sleeves of the round neck. The first feeling of putting on the shirt is that the neck is a bit uncomfortable, because the collar feels a bit wiping the neck. My personal feelings, share with you!

Vertical striped shirt


Because when the fat belly drums the shirt, it is one larger than the usual T 由于, otherwise it will be a stomach. I chose a double XL number. It feels true after trying it on. The change of changes, because the first vision of the vertical stripes is to extend the human body, which makes people have a lot tall, and naturally it will be not so bloated. The fat on the belly will be covered up Many, it is indeed a bit effective!

Square shirt

After trying on the vertical striped shirt, I watched this horizontal vertical striped shirt with a small grid. It looks pretty good, but it still feels a little less like a vertical stripe shirt. Everyone is buying vertical stripes and horizontal stripes. When a grid shirt, it is recommended that you can try it on both, so that you can only be more suitable for you, don’t be troublesome!

After trying to penetrate my feelings, the choice of choice is already bottomed, so I wait for the instructions of the daughter -in -law. In life, I believe most of the men’s clothes are bought by the other half. These grandfathers have to be taken good attention. When the instructions of the daughter -in -law, “can” say that clothes and shoes are not fitted, and only their own feelings are the most true, so just find the one that suits you, no, no, no, no It is good to be expensive clothes. It is not necessary to wear cheap clothes. As long as you wear it comfortably, you can also get the feeling you want. What kind of effect is it good?

Okay, I will talk to you about the chosen clothes of the fat man today. I am Xiao Meng’s follow me.