After more than 20,000 yuan of air vest, it launched nearly 10,000 yuan straw hat. The designer of LV won the designer

After more than 20,000 yuan of air vest, LV (Louis Vuitton) attracted much attention for launching nearly 10,000 yuan straw hat. It is understood that these two “out of circle” products are created by Virgil Abloh, creative director of LV men’s clothing. In fact, in recent years, LV has launched many surprising and unexpected products. From behind these products, LV’s innovative spirit has also been seen. The designer brought the topic and traffic to the brand with bold creativity again and again, and they succeeded!


A few days ago, LV launched a retro -style men’s straw hat product on the Spring and Summer Men’s Fashion Show -LV Gardening hat. According to the official website, the hat is composed of 100%straw. The rope buckle and line rope endwear have the Louis Vuitton logo, which is freely promoted to the personality proposition in the sun. The official website of this hat is 8,200 yuan, but there is currently no inventory online.

After this product came out, a lot of netizens were stunned. Some netizens teased: “Creation originated from life” “Is there a straw hat that is used in the farmers’ uncle?” Bringing this donkey hat, you are the fastest and most beautiful babies in the village … “


Netizens laughed behind, and also brought huge heat to LV.

In fact, in recent years, LV has launched a lot of dazzling works, which have caused a sensation on the Internet again and again, such as 100,000 US dollars, 160,000 yuan mahjong, 60,000 yuan kite, and 1,8300 yuan of cowhide yoga mats. , 16900 yuan table tennis suit, 4200 yuan skipping rope, 1700 yuan ruler, 1,100 yuan pencil, and so on. Recently, the official website launched by LV’s official website is 26,700 yuan of air vest, which has caused heated discussions inside and outside the circle.

According to LV official website information, air vests are composed of transparent PVC and Monogram canvas, with 100%polyvinyl chloride. The design inspiration comes from the large inflatable dolls of the Shanghai show. On the one hand, a gas valve can also adjust the inflatable amount. It is understood that such a “wonderful” design comes from the hand of Virgil Abloh. Speaking of this designer, it is very good. The design rookie carried by Kanye West (Kan Ye) founded its own street fashion brand OFF-WHITE in 2012. The brand is still sought after by young people. In 2018, Virgil Abloh became the first American African designer in LV history.


Some analysts believe that LV assigns Virgil Abloh as a men’s creative director, which is very obvious, that is, representing youth, trendy, and diversity. On January 21, 2021, after the LV2021 autumn and winter men’s clothing series video live broadcast, people once again felt the “special” of this creative director.

Xiaobian found that there have been more and more videos about the trial, unpacking, and evaluation videos about this air vest. Many bloggers and Internet celebrities have been “stubborn”, showing the air vests they grabbed on social media. The praise and review of related videos are also amazing. Hundreds of thousands or millions of likes have made bloggers catch a fire, and the air vest of LV’s air vest has higher heat.

Due to the disappearance of some sizes on the official website, this air vest has a greater premium space. Xiaobian searched in a trendy online shopping community and found that the price of air vests sold on the platform is higher than the official website price, one of which is more than 2,000 yuan higher than the official website price, and the other size is nearly 15,000 yuan higher, even so, even so The platform recently purchased the page show that consumers still pay for it.


It is undeniable that whether it is air vest, straw hat, or the above -mentioned “out of circles” products, their launch has made LV earn. In terms of definition, luxury goods are consumer products that exceed people’s survival and development. The unique creativity is the key to ordinary commodities. For LV, this century -old brand, in addition to the inheritance of historical craftsmanship and brand culture, should it be integrated into more innovative elements? (Ru)