French women originally wore jeans like this, each set of matching was very retro, and the beautiful temperament was beautiful

Jeans are clothing styles that many people like to wear when winter. Although the design is simple, the windproof is refreshing. There is no problem with the feeling of retro or trendy.

French women originally wore jeans like this, each set of matching was very retro, and she was beautiful and elegant. If you want to highlight the retro model of jeans, the easiest way is really to choose French wear skills. No matter what it is

Color jeans can be equipped with retro temperament.


Jeans are more temperamental

It is also more suitable for wearing in winter. It is a unique feeling that can release an elegant temperament.


You can wear retro models casually, and the gas field is different.


▷ Retro matching skills of tight jeans

Most jeans can be matched with retro style, even if it is

Poly -breaking jeans

It is the same, but it is too trendy, or the strange design is not considered retro. Tight jeans are a bit sexy, but they are more classic.

If you want to match the retro sense, you can try a classic French printed shirt, showing the pure effect of literature and art, especially blue and white patterns, with blue jeans

After color coordination, there are levels.

Choose a printed shirt either to choose a full -paved pattern, or choose a European -style classic style big flower. The more retro, the more suitable to match the sense of literature.

The style of shirts and jeans is obvious,

A fluffy tights

The temperament is also a high -level leisure, and it is also a good choice to replace the sweater with patterns.


▷ The exquisite mix of retro flared pants

The style is more retro jeans with wide -leg pants and flared pants. The version of the flared pants is very strange. If you want to highlight the retro model, it is best to choose the entire pants leg.

Horn -shaped

Or half of the trousers are the shape of the horn, which is more generous, which is more classic than only trousers.

You can choose a sweater or shirt on the upper body clothing to add style models. You can also match the coat and trench coat of a positive shoulder, replace it with

Ordinary brown shirt

There is no problem.

Fiberous pants style unique style


Don’t choose A -shaped sweater in the upper body. If you are not careful, you will become




▷ Gray -blue lazy matching skills

The gray -blue jeans are more elegant. It is very suitable for the style of loose wide -leg pants, showing a more retro and lazy style, and a very good connection with the popular French laziness.

at the same time

Gray -blue jeans

It is also very suitable for other gray clothing, because it has a little bit

Blue tone,

The effects that can be presented will not be old.

It can also be matched with different colors such as gray green, brown and gray to increase the retro model and refreshing.


Some small accessories, while wearing laziness, enlarge your femininity in your wear, as if you choose to choose

Issued card,



Both can make temperament a lot much more gentle.

▷ Sky blue jeans suitable for girls matching

The colorful blue jeans with a very light color are very good, with a kind of

The feeling of retro lady

, Arrange colorful sweaters sweet and cute.

The position of the waist of the pants is very unique to decorate, making the version of the jeans more


, To enlarge the sense of lady. Remember to match such a unique design jeans, select

Short sweater

It will be more fluffy and thin in the jeans under the sweater.

Selecting woven bags with bags will be better, and the color is refreshing and sweeter. Instead of the same retro handbags and velvet bags, it is also good.

▷ The handsome match of sky blue jeans

The retro style has a variety of different temperament, and it is still very popular for so many years. The common retro style in French wear is available

Lazy wind, lady style and mature style.

When wearing sky blue jeans, you can boldly match a lot of dark -colored dresses that are mature but easy to show old, such as earth brown jackets, black -gray sweaters, etc., as well as colors

Deep sweater

Essence Some noble but too stable bags can also be paired with sky blue jeans to achieve the tender effect.


▷ Recommendation of lazy wind wear

The most popular style in winter is actually a lazy clothing, because the lazy design will not show the figure, and you can boldly match the thick clothing inside.

Warm and casual.

The jeans with relatively clean lines can choose a coat of the shoulder design. The thickness is cotton jacket with the knee length. The lines of the shirt are rounded a bit.

Lazy feeling

This line of round clothing is worthy of clean lines of jeans.

Wide leg pants

It is also necessary to choose simple lines.

When wearing the line itself is more rounded of jeans, the upper body cloth

Oversized style is better.

Lazy matching does not need to be very good

Complex technique

The choice of clothing is either very fluffy or very casual. The selection of sports shoes is more flat than wearing a follow -up style.

Small and free.


When wearing a lazy clothing, you can also choose long clothing without worrying about your height. However, choosing jeans is a better choice when wearing lazy winds. Most of the lazy wind costumes are more mature.

Easy to show old.