A pair of flat -bottomed mother shoes, love to care for the beloved mother

My mother has worked hard for most of my life, and I can no longer challenge high heels as I was when I was young. At this time, a pair of comfortable flat sandals seemed to be particularly important. As children, we should bring a pair of comfortable and feet sandals to mothers, so that moms are in Think of this love when walking. The sandals at the bottom of the beef tendon are cool in the summer and softer. They will not feel tired when they walk. At the same time, the beef tendon can also be non -slip, which improves safety. In addition to considering comfort and safety, there are many choices in appearance.


The shape of a slightly pointed toe, while suitable for the shape of the oriental women, can also set off the feminine and softness. The design of the fish mouth is improved, and the combined design of the hollow and three -dimensional bow is added to the upper. It is the embodiment of the sweetness and quietness of women, and the atmosphere is elegant. Xiaopo’s design shows femininity, not tired for a long time. The soles are soft and tough, and ninety degrees of bending will not deform.

Leather flat bottom old mermaid’s mouth shoes

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The texture of litchi patterns increases the texture and fashion, which is in line with the taste of women in middle -aged and elderly. The shape of the fish mouth, plus the two arc crossing design on the toe, increased the dynamic dynamic and the softness of women. The material of the beef tendon is at the bottom, soft and comfortable, refreshing and breathable. The most important thing is that it can also be non -slip, which improves the safety factor. It gives the mother a pair of peace of mind shoes, which is much more important than precious jewelry.

Famous Birds Middle Elderly Leather Lolder

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The leather sandals increased comfort, not grinding their feet and breathable. The soles are soft and durable. Walking effort to walking. The soles with a small slope can modify the calves and legs to stretch the legs visually. The stitching of a three -dimensional version of the leaf on the toe, the fish mouth design increases the refreshingness and fashion sense. On both sides of the shoes are round hollow holes. Pig skin insoles are developed for the elderly, sweating and exhausting, and it will not feel tired after walking for a long time.

Shu Ran leather fish mouth hillowner shoes

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The Roman -style flat sandals, the toe is a cross -design of the three straps, which increases the sense of fashion. The ankle is designed with a lace lock, which can be adjusted to loosen, and the metal lock is more fashionable. The help surface is made of cowhide, which is flexible and elastic, and it is easy to sweat. The colors are divided into black and rice white, both of which are not easy to be outdated, and the overall is simple and generous.

Leather Oxford soft base sandals

The help of the noodles are made of the first layer of cowhide, which is flexible and elastic. The toe is decorated with exquisite car lines, which is ingenious. The magic concession on the side is freely worn, which facilitates middle -aged and elderly people. 3.3 cm of small slopes are not easy to follow, and fashion and comfort to the end. The arc design of the insole fits the foot type, which saves effort to walk.


Shippot and old people shoes

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The shape of the rounded fish mouth just wraps the feet, which is suitable for the foot shape of the oriental women. On the toe is the hollow shape of the flower shape, and the sides of the shoes are small circular hollow. There are diverse colors, divided into red, yellow, beige, black, and blue, there are versatile, some suitable for spring and summer, and some elegant temperament. This comfortable and beautiful shoes are regret to miss it.

Famous Birds Fine Soft Bottled Fish Mouth Shoes

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