Super popular European Roots UP feminine

One word collar off -the -shoulder European yarn dress

超人气欧根纱 UP女人味

Elegant words, classic conventional waist design, noble style, beautiful sequins, romantic feeling, the perfect combination of retro and fashion, clear and more temperament.

超人气欧根纱 UP女人味

Ou Genya high -waist lace dress

The simple lines and embroidery form a diamond -shaped plaid. The uniqueness of the hollowingout makes the overall exquisite and romantic. The local perspective stitching shows the low -key small sexy atmosphere, romantic and light.

Matcha life European roots printed puff skirt

The classic color, the shining design, the exquisite Teng Man and various flowers, the spring, fresh and stylish, and easily wear a sweet temperament.

Lady lapel European gauze chiffon shirt

The design of the transparent bubble sleeves is very princess, with the folds lapel and the decorative buckle of big pearls. The style of Xiaoxiang is very dreamy.

超人气欧根纱 UP女人味

Slender sleeveless vest print dress

超人气欧根纱 UP女人味

The classic high -heeled shoes print with the princess Fan, full of sunlight, light and breathable, creating a retro and sweet college style in summer.

High -waisted umbrella skirt Ou Genfang’s mid -length and knee skirt

超人气欧根纱 UP女人味

The slightly loose blue double -layer skirt, simple, generous, cool and elegant, chiffon half skirts in the body of all -round elegant and elegant dinner for underwear are elegant and thin.

超人气欧根纱 UP女人味

High -waisted A -line skirt Big Umbrella Skirt Puffy Skirt European Root Skirt Skirt

A super -elegant and temperamental rendering of the three -dimensional stripes on the white European roots gauze makes people feel fresh as beautiful as the morning dew, low -key, beautiful, and unpretentious. This will become your most versatile skirt this summer !!

Big -name five -point sleeve printed European yarn dress

超人气欧根纱 UP女人味

Fashionable round neck design, simple without losing the atmosphere, shows the charming charm of women elegantly. It uses a hollowed mid -sleeve design, loose and comfortable sleeve, and the upper body geometric pattern plaid, which is very fashionable.

Black Ou Genxu three -piece lace dress

Black Ou Gen three -piece lace dress, very elegant, colorful, stylish classic, strong matching, exquisite workmanship!

Retro -printed European Root Skirt skirt

Half -body flower skirt is also a superb. The skirt is based on flowers as the main style, and the visual effects of flower types are created by different transparency, and the flowers can be better displayed. In the waist circumference, there is a hidden pull on the side seam to facilitate the adjustment of the size.

Hollow lace short skirt European yarn A -line large size half body skirt

超人气欧根纱 UP女人味

Refreshing is the season of lace. Don’t miss the joy that lace brings to you while bathing in summer; the hollow pattern makes you show sweet temptation, there are invisible zippers on the waist, convenient and elegant; the inside is comfortable cotton stitching The transparent European roots, the natural wrinkles are stacked with a sense of layering, making the walking steps exuding the unique charm of lace, and release your fashion light.

European and American elegant skirt European skirt

A fantastic puffy skirt, irregular red tone combined with a slightly pearly perspective European yarn, full of layers and fluffy atmosphere, with high -waisted A -line skirt cut, and skirts with wide side side The detail design is more elegant and rich. The lining of the coffee folds also adds a retro atmosphere. Simple a suspender or corset can play a poster painting girl.

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