Novel: The beads on the ancestral bracelet, unintentionally absorbed her blood, and kept glowing

Li Anping faded the silver bracelet from his hand without any matter, and explained faintly: “Originally wanted to return her parents in person.”

Eli has to understand the release, regardless of Li Anping’s excuses for far -fetched, took a look at the silver bracelet, unexpectedly, the more she looked at it. I did not expect that there was such a good thing in the home girl’s home.

Ali turned his eyes and raised his bracelet: “I didn’t expect it to be beautiful …” She deliberately paused, looked at Li Anping, and looked at Lin Luoran’s face, both of them changed — Li Anping It was guilty, Lin Luoran was afraid she would not return the bracelet.

Eri put the two of them in her eyes, and then she poured her lips: “No matter how beautiful, it is also a cheap product!”

Lin Luoran’s face became pale instantly, Ali opened red lips, and she didn’t feel how vicious she was at all. She just felt that the expression of the girl in the countryside was very interesting. She threw the bracelet gently. But the angle that cannot be received- ——

The silver bracelet made a metal collision on the ground, and Lin Luoran’s eyes were red, and he unknowingly let go of the hand that grasped the reflector.

Eri shook the window, and Audi TT was a beautiful tail, and it went away.

Lin Luoran’s nails were pushed into the meat, and Yin Hong’s blood leaked. She bent down and picked up the bracelet, and didn’t want to stay in this place for a moment. Where the dogs and women stayed, the air was dirty.


When she took the bus slowly to return to the place where she lived, the sky was dark.

Lin Luoran’s body was weak, and he was too lazy to open the lamp.

The Lin family’s ancestors came back, and she and the live -hearted Han naturally had no way, but then there was a way to go.

Her parents were older, and she has been urging her to marry Li Anping in the past six months, so the news of the breakup cannot be told at home that the two elderly people could not afford this stimulus.

The house is paid for a year of rent. It only lived in the new year for three months. The rent is not worried about it. As for the work, it was fired a week ago. At that time, the manager spoke and flickered his words. He only said that he had offended people. Lin Luoran thought about it and did not know who offended.

今天李安平新女友嚣张的态度,倒是给她提了个醒,这样看着大方,其实小心眼的千金小姐性格,应该是她吧……抢了她的男友,还赶尽杀绝,断了她的工作,说I don’t hate it, but Lin Luoran can’t do anything. Perhaps, I want to have any revenge in my life. The difference between the two is too far. Splash her.

The two had originally planned to get married, and they saved 30,000 yuan. In this way, for six years, it was left to Lin Luoran. It turned out to be a passing youth, an unfinished academic, an embarrassing age, and the only 1,600 yuan of money in his hand!

Lin Luoran unconsciously grasped the silver bracelet, and the palm of the hand injured by the nails exuded again. The faint blood wire passed through the hollow silver wire and invaded the beads. When Lin Luoran didn’t notice it, the blood wire was turned out to be. Beads are absorbed!

The bead absorbed the bloodshot and emitted the hazy light. It was very weak. It seemed that there was no full food and no strength.

Lin Luoran is still immersed in his thoughts, where he understands the mind of beads.

The bead trembles slightly, like a spiritual body with aura. It is anxious for a long time, and the left and right are unsatisfactory. , Passion into Lin Luoran’s palm fiercely!


There was no light at home, Lin Luoran was just lost, and it was not a blind man. Naturally, she found a beam of light in her hand. As soon as she lifted her hands, the silver silk turned into a spike into her hand. Lin Luoran Ran A big jump.

It’s not how painful it is, just like an ant bite, but Lin Luoran was still frightened.

This kind of thing is already beyond the scientific interpretation category. Normal people are not afraid of surprise, let alone the silver silk is now like a transparent slender crystal tube. Lin Luoran can see his bright red blood. Drop on the beads, absorbed by a drop of beads.

Lin Luoran shook her hands hard, the entire bracelet seemed to have a root in her palm, and she couldn’t get rid of it. She felt like this blinking time, and she seemed to lose a lot of blood, because she had already felt faint, which was excessive reaction of blood loss.

The more beads, the more and more brighter the beads, but for a few minutes, the light of the same light from the initial hazy and bright moon has become dazzling, making people almost unspeakable!

Lin Luoran felt that her eyes were blurred, and she didn’t need to guess she knew that letting the bead suck again, she would die because of too much blood loss.

She knew that she had got an unusual heirbal treasure, but she was afraid that she would not be able to enjoy it … Beads seemed to notice her fear, a little helpless, a loud sound of “buzzing” took the initiative to retract the thin tube, stopped and sucked it to learn from Her blood movement.

Lin Luoran took the opportunity to remove the beads on the coffee table, and then collapsed on the shabby sofa.

Her lips were not bloody, and the whole back was wet, sweating like picking it from the water.

The bracelet has changed back to the original appearance, and in addition to glowing, the thin tube is gone.

Lin Luo Ran took the rest of his life, even though he was curious, he didn’t dare to pick up the bracelet to see. After waiting for a long time, the light of the beads gradually darkened, leaving only the glory of glory and soft light.

Lin Luoran supported her body and poured a little, and carefully looked at the heirs who almost asked her.

Alas, Lin Luoran thought he was dazzling, rubbed his eyes, and found that the scene in front of him still did not change.

The strange bead sucking her blood, and after the light was dim, Lin Luoran found that the original silver bracelet shell was melted a little bit. The hollow circle made of silver silk seems to be a cage, like a protective layer of beads, at this time it is melting …

She alertly stepped back, and the silver finally turned into a pool of silver water. Under the light of the beads, the moving liquid liquid was emitted.

Lin Luoran was surprised to find that, just like sucking her blood, silver liquid was also absorbed by beads. But in a few breathing time, the small beach liquid was trail.

She grasped the pillow in her hand and pouted tightly.

The gloss of the beads is even more touching, a colorful aperture, a circle of circles clearly around the beads, it is more beautiful than the most mighty jewelry in the world!

The bare beads beating up and down in the air seemed to be having a joy.

Lin Luoran squinted, and was still considering how to deal with this supernatural thing … It’s unrealistic to use a pillow. Within the range of reaching out, only the cup of glass with half a glass of water on the coffee table is poured with water?

It’s not a dog blood … She thought about it, her body was tight, and she had never had tension.

The bead hit a turn in the air. The aperture was shining like a comet’s tail. This thing hit her at the speed of thunder!