The Americans were so wearing this in winter, and they were so hot and cool, and the warm match can be very domineering

Whether you love beautiful people in winter, you must choose a warm way to wear when matching your clothes. The choice of coats is particularly important. In addition to choosing a simple designed down jacket

, Warm and generous

The velvet jacket is also a style that everyone likes to wear when winter.

The biggest difference between adding a velvet jacket and down jacket is that the aura that can be displayed is obvious


It can even show a very domineering aura. Many European and American style can be seen.

Add a velvet jacket

The most important thing for adding a velvet jacket is to match it enough to be young, add a velvet jacket

New York is very popular,

The matching is very fashionable, women can become domineering, not bloated and fat at all, it is very


Matching method.

Gray is more advanced than black

Most of the clothing is black than other colors, but the velvet jacket is not. Choose the gray one to see more clearly

The texture of the jacket


, Thereby showing more advanced results. But those who wear black will not.

Although the gray velvet jacket is very advanced, it is very versatile.

Sense of youth

Full of jeans and sexy small shirts are good, okay

Challenge the relatively stable black wide -leg pants

It is domineering as long as it is not worthy of a gray.

Black is very elegant

Although the black velvet jacket is not very advanced, it is more elegant. It can show that the high -level aura is not fat. It is a kind of girl with a slightly fat body.

Matching skills.

In fact, there is another black velvet jacket wearing a black velvet jacket


That is, when wearing a jacket, it can be paired with pure black clothing without feeling rustic. At least remember to match obviously

Waist design

The belt is also fine, and the short high -end axillary bag is also good.

Brown cute coat

Basic tone

Different black and gray

Brown is a very retro color, and the aura that can be presented is also very attractive and can be manifested.

Sense of stability


of. The fluffy velvet coat and thin velvet coat have different effects.


After the fluffy style with brown, although it is even more energetic, it is matched

After young clothing

The fluffy effect is unexpectedly cute.

Thin velvet coat

The thin velvet coat does not have such many advantages, but it is better to lose weight.


People wear very fluffy brown and velvet coats too easy to show fat, but wear



The thin design can also better highlight the velvet coat

Elegant temperament

It shows a high -level noble and handsome effect.

Gentle white

After the white style in the basic color is matched with a velvet design, the effect that can be presented will become both cute and elegant.

Add a velvet jacket.

The method of adding velvet white coats is also super simple. It is also recommended to choose blue jeans or beige wide -leg pants, with a sense of literature and art


The effect, if you choose black clothing, the contrast is too obvious in color, and it will not look.

Too gentle


It’s right.

Cool and full of color matching

There are many solid colors in the velvet jacket, but because of it


The design will make the gas field more unique, and it is very highlighting that it does not need too unique patterns. Like


Yellow and brown

The style of wavy patterns is unique.

This very unique velvet jacket is more suitable for matching cool, but the brighter color, the easier it is

With this effect.

Gentle and age -reducing blue

Warm tone will make the aura of clothing more dazzling,


Cold tone

It makes the gas field more comfortable. The blue velvet jacket is not a very domineering style. It will also become more refreshing after being paired with blue jeans.

Girls’ Clothing Style



However, when choosing a blue jacket, with yellow or red clothing, it can also show a cool effect.

The feeling of contrasting is also very fashionable.

Short -haired coat more advanced

Of course, the effects that can be displayed by different designs are of course different. The long hair generally makes everyone feel more expensive. The short hair is relatively simple, which is suitable for presenting more.

Connotation gas field.

After a short -haired jacket and wide -leg pants and wool hats, it is high enough.


Essence It is just recommended that you choose a short jacket. The short ones will have the effect of deer skin velvet.

Looks more cooler.

The unique method of adding a velvet jacket

The warm velvet jacket wants to show a more unique and generous effect.

A domineering feeling.

Women with a plump figure boldly choose tight clothing and skirts for matching. Against the calm jacket, they can match the tension of European and American gas fields.

Replaced with conservative wide -leg pants and colorful

Tight -fitting shirt also

It can present a similar effect. Color accessories are common combinations of European and American style. They are both domineering and a little sexy effect.

Grab a mirror.

The Americans were so wearing this in winter, and they were so hot and cool, and the warm match can be very domineering