78m2 pure white home, the burst is three times, and there are more chefs, study, and clothes rooms.

The case to be introduced today is located in Chaoyang, Beijing, and the resident population is a pair of 90-year-old couples.


The master is an engineer, hobbies, reading books, and cooking. Miss Master is a financial industry practitioner, love dressing on weekdays


Super love research household.


It can be said that both people have their own strengths, but the attitude of life is

Full “living home”.

Reconstruction of the foreigner map:


The house is built in 2014, and the housing condition is relatively new. But the original pattern is completely


Can’t meet the needs of the two people,

Therefore, the whole is carried out.

Large area changes.

In style, male owners tend to

The function-based modern wind,

The hostess has a very high demand for the value, and the individual is more

Cold french style.

Before the design startup, the female owners found a Singapore, Hong Kong design team communication program, but because of the reasons such as budget, personalized demand, she was more than a few houses, she

Resolutely decided to entrust the design to the Fan Child Designer Xiaoqin.

House owner appeal:

want to

Modern + French

The style, the overall color is fast,

Practical equivalent;

Don’t want the traditional living room,


Want to design into a living room, including multiple functional districts such as office space;

Two bedrooms are not regular, I hope to have a small coat room after being changed.


There is a beautiful body wear mirror, dressing table;

I hope there is a place to put a book;

The bathroom is a little small.


I want to change to dry and wet separation.

If it is possible, put a small bathtub;

Need to be as large as possible to store space;

Want a bay window,

There is a corner that can read tea;

The kitchen can’t do open,

But I hope to do with the interactive interaction with the outside world.

Need embedded oven, dishwasher, etc .;

There is a place where you put your yoga or rowing machine.

Reconstruction of post-name map:

Reconstruction highlights:

The home of the original master bedroom is sealed, in the living room

Plan an office area and designed a bookcase.


Living room window


Launch a bay window outward,

You can read the book.

The kitchen is semi-open,

Half of the kitchen, half the chef.

Bathroom toilet station external,

The internal space is also divided into dry and wet, and

Place a bathtub.

The original master bedroom is removed after the wall,


Change to secondary lying,

Opened a new door in the northwest corner.

Originally, it is the main lying, and

A coat room was built.

All house


Sufficient storage cabinet.


House location:

Beijing Chaoyang

construction area:



Inner area:


Housing type:


Two rooms and one hall

Package Type:

Personalization customization

All spend:


Hard clothing 33W, soft loading 15W


permanent residents:

2 people

Design manager:

Li Xiaoqin


The original house did not enter the door,

It is exactly the partition of the office area now, just served as piring.

The original idea of ​​the hostess is that I can see the book full of walls, but the book’s homonym “lost” is not good, the designer recommends


Tibet the book in the office area, so there is also the current porch.


Pure white custom cabinet used



The small lattice hollow in the middle can

Place the key to the key.

The arched top catering to the comparative modern French style, below the shoe stool,

The stool is suspended, which can put the most often wearing the season season.

living room


The living room has been divided into part of the office area, the area is reduced, but the overall layout is


Compact and warm.

Plaster lines are installed on the wall of the sofa, with obvious French style.

Wall paint comes from the US Baise Bear, the top is matte, and the surface is the eggshell.

The paint film is very delicate and dirty, such as

If you don’t care, you will clean it directly to wipe it directly.


And there will be almost no cracking in winter.

The sofa is pure leather, from the brand Milano Design. I originally felt that the velvet more compliant symbol, but the male owner also wanted to seek a sense of modern feelings in the space, and the two were quoted and the brown leather sofa echoed with the floor.

But after the official check-in,

Whether it is a sitting or a color value, it is very in line with the expectations of the two.

2.6 meters of layer high if selected

Too exaggerated chandelier, it is easy to hit the head.

And choose

Traditional ceiling lamps are very bored.

The beautiful crystal chandelier and the lamp base are touched,

Lazy and luxurious French atmosphere.

On the TV background wall, the owner and

There is no choice of popular projections.

First, I feel that the installation scene will affect the beauty of the ceiling pattern. Second, I feel that I want to pursue a higher quality picture, and there is no TV.


In order to make the space richer, the wall next to the sofa,

Make a little differentiated with wallpaper.

I want to place my favorite piano under the wallpaper, but because it is too crowded, there is a space.

Gray plant pattern wallpaper and surrounding green plant forming a

Filled vegetable angle.


The house owner likes flowers and green, and every half a month will go to Dongfeng International Flower Market, buy a variety of flowers.


Let the home have been in a vital state.

The original house was originally no boiler window, because you want a place where you can read your book, you will extend the window out of 1m2.

Customized mats on the boiler window, you can sit down and turn over the book.


The original kitchen is completely closed, now

Changed to a semi-open kitchen.


The male owner loves to cook, so the utilization rate of the kitchen is very high.

Inside the space, pull the glass door is kitchen. The part of the colloraity of the vegetable pond belongs to the western kitchen, and the table is connected.


Form a smooth moving line.

In order to match the white cabinet, the wall is supported, the main two people have been looking for a long time to choose the Bosch white hood in the current use.

I will worry about it is easier, and later discovered

It is better to be better than black.

All storage baskets in the cabinet are from 1688, because they don’t stand it,

It is easy to use.

In order to supply the pipe of the gas water heater




She uses

Cave plate with magnetic hook,

A small storage box is also put outside the board.

In addition to all white cabinets are personally drawn, and find a referral manufacturer to customize, even the bricks facing the cream, and asked a lot of places to find this size of 75 × 150cm big bricks.

The table of the restaurant can be folded, I originally want to customize Bologne’s table, and later I feel

Budget must not control,

At the choice of this effect, no reduction of folding tables.

Wooden stool on the table

Very strong design,

Can you still need it?


Place it up, don’t take place at all.

Usually, you can sit down 2-3 people, come to guests at home, dining table open, accommodating 6 people are not a problem.

The flying saucer chandelier above the table, the owner likes it very much. It was originally selected. After bought, it was found that the effect did not satisfactorily. After returning, spend the dreams of myself.


Today, it uses strength

Posted the color of the entire restaurant.

Big to furniture, lamp, small to storage box, cup, decoration, no thing is not the owner

Carefully choose and match.


In the original unit, there is no place in office. After the owner puts forward this demand, combine the idea that wants to put the book.

The designer designed the office area behind Xuanzhi.

Here, under the occlusion of porch partition, there is a certain privacy, one of which has an office demand, and the other will move back and forth.

It will not affect people who are working.


The owner chose the human body engineer chair of Japan okamura, she feels

A comfortable chair and good quality table lamp

It is a must-have for a good office environment.

Work is tired, you can use it at any time

Putting the rowing machine next to it.


Compared to the treadmill, the two feel that the rowing machine can exercise more muscles in the whole body and get a comprehensive relaxation. And severe adjustable, not gender, heights, external conditions, can be used.



The original bathroom is particularly small, and the owner is very satisfied with the retrofit.

The external washing station satisfies dry and wet separation, while in the bathroom, the bathtub is installed reasonably.


The role wants the function, all are properly put down.


The Kartell round mirror of Haitao is her dream. When this house has just been in the process of demolition, she has envissed it.


The effect of this mirror lasts at home.

The sky is installed with a lamp, used to shine his face. And the marble yellow copper chandelier next to the mirror

A stronger decorative effect.

Small bathroom, use

Water bar and pull curtain

Differentiated by dry and wet areas.

Washing machine is fully satisfied

Daily clothing needs.

Master bedroom + clothes room

In order to put down a separate cloakroom, the designer and the house owner dred their own ideas and finally decided to change the original unregulated primary.

Because the current demand is only to accommodate two, the designer will change the original seconds into master bedrooms.


And by cleverly dismantling the wall and open the door, a cloakroom is placed next to the master bedroom.

The owner thinks that the clothes are large, and they discuss with designers on the top floor. Mirror.

One looks up, there is twice as large.

The track spotlight is installed here, and the angle of the lamp head can be adjusted at any time.

At the same time, a lamp belt is also set up as ambient light lining, so that the entire space is not in the storage of the storage, it is like a crystal house full of dreamy.

Although the glass brick crash is more complicated, the gum connecting bricks is very soft, only two layers per day, and finally the construction is completed, but now, let the owner feel

It is entirely worth it.


Rayed through the master bedroom


Can penetrate the glass brick,

But it’s ambiguous, let it

Independent and private.

For those who love life, I like to dress up, say this is

When I was a little dream, I said,


Not too much.

The outer surface of the glass brick coat is pure white master bedroom.

White plaster line shape top echo living room,

White chandeliers and wall lights also make it very


Comfort and elegant.

The house owner is originally a bed of Nordic style, but there are 10,000 prices.

Finally, with her

Super hands-on ability and execution power,

I will give Taobao drawings and spend 4,000 pieces, I will come to “high imitation”.

It also has a full provision of funds.



Special note: Second context changes the direction of planning, the planning layout does not have the reference value, which is specifically subject to the actual photo.

And the master bedroom is tonarding the second lying,


Originally, it is divided into two, planning into secondary and temporary rooms.


But the two felt in this renovation, they had already arranged enough details for all the corners in their homes, and parents did not come to reside.

So this room wants to leave white.

In addition to the top of the room, the cabinet is fixed, the other furniture and deco parts are

It can be moved at any time.

The wall is covered with her favorite art, let it

Little gallery.

Because the financial industry’s working pressure is also very big, a little leisure, the owner of the art will be emptied here, let yourself

Appreciate the paintings in a quiet and relax.

In addition, the south-to-day window is very good, the small piece of clothes is washed.

Iron and dry it directly.

Planning the home owners in the next 2-3 years, thinking about the children’s rooms under the bed next to the bed, but temporarily, it is a space full of unlimited possibilities.

Good material list

Good object



Porch chandelier


Gryo Bird Light Dove

Porch mirror

custom made

Living room skin sofa

Milano Design

A few living room

Living room big chandelier



Rose Absolute UK imported wallpaper


Dante-Goods and Bads


FLOS lighting frisbi


Shell chair





Rowing machine


Human engineering chair

Japanese okamura

Toilet chandelier

Tom Dixon / Stone Pendant Light Replica

Round mirror


washing machine

Siemens light




wall lamp

Burman, Germany

floor lamp

Louis Poulsen

Pulley small cabinet

MAGIS Replica

Ceiling lamp


Germany Trio Leuchten Lunar

It is very clear for your needs, and has aesthetic aesthetics.

This ultimate style small family, gradually molded in the patience of the owners and designers.

In the future, it will also inject more life.

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custom made


Milano Design