There is Fan Er style-Bifeli head layer leather jacket

“The most masculine is the leather smell of leather jackets wearing a leather jacket for at least three years” today to talk about a “masculine” leather jacket.


In the impression, there are many old leather clothes at home. When I was a kid, my father was very masculine to wear leather clothes, so I bought myself a bitfili leather coat. It was really a surprise in surprise.


The overall texture is very good

I took a leather coat of sheepskin. The 100 % skin leather, feels soft and very good, and even the mother who is very strict on clothes is always praising. And given the leather care oil and leather identification certificate, the leather jacket that really does not need to be washed! The certificate illustrates the materials and test reports of leather clothes. The texture of leather clothes and its cost performance are very high. A piece of leather can be worn for a long time, coupled with the maintenance oil of maintenance, and it is worth recommending.

Leather identification certificate

Maintenance tips and care oil


Let ’s talk about the appearance. Because I’ m going to work all year round and the whole person ’s whole person looks strong, but wearing this leather coat, I perfectly modify my body, not only does it look bloated, but covers my body’s disadvantages. I have to say this one. The clothes are simply, so the people who buy him definitely don’t have to worry about whether it will be fat, and absolutely modify the figure.



Bai Fan Er style

The workmanship is also worth mentioning. The workmanship, the sleeves, the wrist, the zipper, and the workmanship is very fine. Every needle eye has a high sense of custom leather jacket. Then there is the inner lining. The most worried about the clothes I bought outside is the lining, but the lining of this leather clothes is still so satisfactory. Look at the details of this detail, handle well, a leather coat that is very satisfied with.


Near the neckline exquisite

As we all know, the warmth of leather coats is very good. Recently, Shijiazhuang has a lot of rain and weather, and the weather suddenly becomes cold. Usually at work occasionally driving electricity occasionally. But the leather coat is hot, the warmth is also very good, and the windshield is also good. Presumably it can be worn in winter, and there is no need to wear it very thick. I can also be a delicate winter man ~



The last is the matching. What do you think will have troubles to wear? In fact, there are many styles of leather clothes. This leather can be ruled and casual, so you don’t have to worry about its matching. It can be matched with high -necked sweater and lower body business pants. Putting on leather shoes can be described as an elite in the elite. Of course, the casual style can be matched with a casual shirt or sweater, with a pair of dark casual pants, and black sneakers.