I want to wear a layered sense in autumn, but I do not want to show bloated. You can wear two fashionable dresses

In the early autumn, although the temperature is not so hot, it has not really dropped, so it is not cold or hot. In the face of the approaching autumn, we enjoyed the breeze of Xi, and at this time, I think there is only a beautiful and beautiful dress, which can meet the beautiful scenery of the present. However, in the face of various dresses, everyone doesn’t know how to choose? After all, the skirts are a practical item that can not be separated from the girl who loves beauty. Not only is the color patterns rich and colorful, but they can also cooperate with a variety of clothes to perform different style effects. Today, I will share the two sets of dresses in the dresses here. It just meets the current temperature. Basically, there is basically no need to spend too much thoughts to make your autumn wear. grace.

Mi -white lace shirt+rice white camisole


In the autumn of the breeze and the sun, the girls can wear fairy. As shown in the figure above, the beige lace shirt+small skirt set will make you easily the white moonlight in the heart of the otaku. Very retro and versatile short camisole stacked wears exquisite lace shirts. The lower body is paired with a fishtail half skirt. Although the color is single, the layers are clear, and they will look good.

Apricot lace dress+printed camisole shirt

This set is a little French little sweet girl suit, which makes people feel at a glance. The gentle wind -filled apricot long -sleeved dress, Xiao Li collar stitching lace lace, is very romantic and beautiful, with outstanding temperament. The same cuffs on both sides are also decorated with lace edge, which looks delicious. Putting on a piece of oil -painted rose denim sling shirt, it has the effect of making a finishing touch.

Polka dot dress+smog blue camisole

This set of color is very fresh and elegant, giving people an elegant intellectual beauty. As shown in the figure above, a wave -dot dress, clear and soft hue, catering to the afternoon of the autumn, the old shadow of the light and shadow, wearing such a dress, beautiful fresh and refined. Stacking a small blue band, adding a lot to the overall shape, full of high -level sense.

Palace wind lace shirt+black suspender dress

The main elements shared this time are the sweet and age -reducing lace. After all, this is the fabric that most girls love. The looming sense of hazyness looks very sexy and seductive. It is really good as the inside. The high -necked+romantic and elegant lamb leg sleeves, the retro atmosphere is strong, the black camisole dress is stacked, and the beautiful temperament is good.

White sweater+gray -blue suspender dress


With a little gray tone blue, it is not so escaped, but a little more calm and high -level texture. Choose a white long -sleeved sweater stacked to wear a gray -blue suspender dress. It is very beautiful and beautiful, gentle and playful.

Pink knitted sweater+grape seed pink suspender dress


No girls do not like pink items. The one in the picture above is a grape pink wave dot dress that can make people fall in love at a glance. Essence

There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny. Every beautiful and excellent woman can find a dress that suits them and create our own charm.


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