Apple’s most amazing product God’s purpose: IMAC G4 is transformed into table lamps

In 2002, Apple released a super stunning new product, and it is the IMAC G4, which is still a model of industrial design in the computer industry until today.

苹果最惊艳产品神用途:iMac G4被改造成台灯

Of course, this G4 from the hand of Avi also made Jobs appreciate, so that the Pixar animation studio that Jobs later created uses the G4 jumping light as a mascot. In fact, there are many people in the people who convert G4 into a beautiful table lamp.

Now some netizens shared their own rhythm, cleverly removed the screen of the IMAC G4, and converted into a personalized platform light with the original base.

The hands -on master said that first of all, all components in the IMAC base were removed, and then the display screen was removed, and the back cutting and processing it into the shape of the flowers to ensure that the original logo of Apple was completely retained. The top light is connected to the top of the support arm, connecting the power cord from the base part to the top of the top, and adding the power switch.

Of course, the result is also satisfied. Some netizens even ridiculed that this may be the most expensive table lamp.

苹果最惊艳产品神用途:iMac G4被改造成台灯

Responsible editor: Tao Zongyao