European -style carpet with the strongest partner of European decoration!

No matter what style of European -style decoration, the carpet is definitely an indispensable decoration in home soft decoration design. Although many times the carpet decoration is much too practical, but has a beautiful and practical carpet carpet itself It is still very important. It can not only improve the indoor space effect, but also have a strong decorative effect. How can we choose a carpet that is suitable for your home improvement? Let the universe invincible super cool and European decoration dying to the end to the end for a few tricks for everyone!

1. What are the styles of European carpets

Regardless of whether it is the first home improvement or the second time to turn over the work, all kinds of carpets should be selected according to the grade, style, and color system of the home improvement. To achieve the effect of unified style and icing on the cake, first of all, what European -style carpets are available.


European -style pastoral carpet

European -style rural style can bring us a feeling close to nature. It reflects a comfortable and comfortable living state. For the style of rural carpets, you can choose a large -scale abstract flower design and close to natural color styles. To reflect the highlights of the carpet.

European -style court wind carpet


The palace -style carpet will give people a strong sense of aristocracy. The color is bright and the pattern is relatively complicated. Generally, there are fixed structural patterns, the middle is the master, the surroundings are supplemented, all styles, color patterns and materials match They all have certain rules and arrangements, which will give people a graceful and luxurious visual sense.

European retro wind carpet


European retro style generally adopts European classic pattern design, which is particularly exotic. In addition, in the European retro wind carpet, it can be found that the classic two -party continuous pattern design is mostly used around it, and the blanket area is large, suitable for large living rooms.

2. How to place different styles of carpets in different positions

Living room

The living room is generally the place where we receive the guests and the most daily use. The appropriate carpet configuration can highlight the sense of nobleness and comfort in the European -style house.


First, you can choose a round European -style carpet in the European living room and place it under the coffee table. The rough line pattern of its own rugs gives this wool carpet a kind of noble spirit. The carpet placed under the European -style coffee table does not win with bright colors, but to win with material and texture, and the rich European style is permeated in the corner of the living room.


Secondly, in the living room of Jianoufeng, a small European -style carpet can be configured appropriately. Choosing thick fabrics and gorgeous colors can increase the effect of European style.

Third In the traditional European -style living room, the European style of light -colored will inevitably appear deserted and monotonous. Choosing a black and white ground blanket will make people shine. The black and white modules are irregular. With the pride of a European -style nobleman, the furry texture is another place.



Placing European -style carpets in the bedroom is definitely a very good choice. Choosing a light brown or beige European carpet will bring a simple sense of atmosphere. It can also cater to the style of the light -colored style of the bedroom, creating an elegant and noble bedroom environment. If the European -style carpet is lacking, the environment in the entire bedroom lacks the finishing touch.


In European -style buildings and interior design, European -style carpets are extremely necessary in restaurants. The carpet placed in the restaurant should try to choose a color type of a series of colors with the dining table and chairs, and use simple symmetrical patterns to clearly divide the restaurant area to achieve a clear effect. The pattern can be better integrated with the surroundings.


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