Men’s favorite casual leather shoes, several ways of matching, mature and atmospheric, very gentleman

Casual leather shoes are not as rigid as business shoes, and they are more handy to match. Now more and more men like casual leather shoes, not only more comfortable to wear, but also more easy -to -age, there is a youthful atmosphere. So how should men’s favorite casual leather shoes be matched? Let ’s share with you several ways to match, mature and elegant atmosphere, and it is really a gentleman.

How should men’s casual leather shoes match clothes? 01. Casual leather shoes with trousers are more mature and atmospheric. 02. Casual leather shoes with straight pants, the leg shape looks taller. 03. Casual leather shoes with jeans are blurred and younger. 04. Casual leather shoes with five -point shorts are quite casual and chic. Let’s see how to match the specifics together.

Casual leather shoes with trousers

Leisure -style leather shoes, compared to business style leather shoes, are actually easier to match. Because casual leather shoes will not be so rigid, it will not be too harsh on the match. Even if it is a professional commute, there is no need to match a very rigid suit suit. It can be paired with a simple suit and a different color suit. The overall layering is stronger. It will look very old -fashioned.

In addition, casual leather shoes with trousers, there is no need to match the suit jacket on the upper body. You can also choose a light trench coat or a casual sweater. It is a casual and handsome beauty. It is also a more generous match.

Casual leather shoes with straight pants

Leisure -style leather shoes have a lot of styles. For small people, you can refer to some thick leisure leather shoes. In fact, many men are not very high. At this time, nine -point straight pants are the best choice. With nine -point straight pants with casual leather shoes, it has a lively and casual aesthetic, and it also looks taller.

Especially straight pants with the same color as casual leather shoes can stretch the sight ratio vertically, making the wearer look taller, and the overall shape is more fashionable and stylish.


Casual leather shoes with five -point shorts


This way of dressing will be seen more in the summer. It is particularly casual and fashionable, and there is a feeling of British gentleman style. And like this relatively neat five -point shorts, it is very simple and atmospheric to wear, and the upper body is more refreshing. The particularly loose tailoring can also cover the thickness of the lumboscolus and better modify the shape.

In daily matching, casual leather shoes with five -point shorts are more common in the wearing of holiday style, especially at an atmosphere and delicate.


Casual leather shoes with jeans


Like casual leather shoes, jeans are also a very versatile item. Of course, jeans have a youthful atmosphere and can blur the sense of age. Compared to the wearing classic trousers, it will have more fashion sense of leisure and age. In daily matching, the combination of casual leather shoes and jeans is also very common.

And in the matching of casual leather shoes and jeans, we can also change the color of jeans according to the season’s transformation. In the spring and summer season, you can match light -colored jeans. In the autumn and winter season, it can be paired with dark jeans.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how men’s casual leather shoes should be matched? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)


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