Finally understand! It turns out that the “cross -body bag” is YYDS, not only high but also thin, but also to learn fashionable

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Recently, I discovered a secret. It turned out that dressing and matching did not necessarily depend on clothing completely. Sometimes it was easy to win with accessories. For example, cross -body bags are typical examples.

In daily life, the messenger bag not only has practical functions, but the effect of modifying the figure also surprises many people. But many wearing Xiaobai ignored this, so let’s share it next

2 matching solutions


, Let you get fashionable fan.


TIPS1: Echo the matching method, coordinate symmetry, and the sense of layering

After all, the messenger bag belongs to accessories and is embellished with a small area. It is not the biggest in the overall layout, so it can only rely on special methods to make it unique.


The method is

Echo -type matching method

Essence Simply put, the messenger bag is the main body, with shoes or headgear as the second subject. The two subjects coordinate in some ways. For example, the red cross -body bag with red canvas shoes can constitute an echoed match as a whole Effect.

Echoing the matching not only makes the shape more layered. From a certain level of perspective, it is also possible

Make the match more coordinated


Now in the spring and summer season with fresh weather, the volume of the messenger bag is not too large. It is better in small area. Generally speaking, it is slightly larger than the palm. It is enough to put down the phone.


This type of messenger bag will not only be pressed, but also make the matching shape more upright.

Of course, if you have a sense of design, you can also make the watermelon bag a highlight of matching. You can have a relaxed and high waistline, so as to achieve a golden proportion of modification and have long legs.

Small children can also counterattack easily

Because the bodies of the messenger bag are not in front, the bag is sometimes more important than the main body of the bag.

Nowadays, many designers have stared at them and start with bags to create a sense of fashion, so all kinds of patterns are endless. But if it is practical, then it is still

Classic solid color is more deeply rooted in people’s hearts

The band design is mainly divided into the following two.

The first is mainly based on wide shoulder straps. Although it is not the most common, it is more retro and can create a more unique charm and wear a fashion style.

But if it is only used for daily life, then simple matching is enough. The design of the thin shoulder strap is simple and durable, which is more suitable for daily life.

TIPS2: Comparison matching method, clear contrast, increasingly eye -catching


The echo -type matching method is very fashionable, but if there is no time, you don’t need to be too anxious when you have no time to match. You only need to prepare a higher -comparison cross -body bag.



It refers to the color of the color of the messenger bag and the main body of the clothing. The difference between the two is large, highlighting the cross -body bag, becoming a highlight.

For young girls, such a match can indeed have a high effect. For girls with tall people, such a combination can also modify the figure and even achieve a thin purpose.


The versatile color of the messenger bag has not only black and white gray, but also the most classic brown system.

Retro and versatile

It’s not enough.


Popular color matching can get fashion

Essence In addition to the red system mentioned above, like purple, yellow, and green, they can create a very effective sense of fashion.

It can even make the black and white full back rate, and on the crowded streets, it can become a highlight. It can be seen how important a suitable bag is.

So I prefer



You, then you need to pay more attention to this humble accessory, as long as you match it, you can get full.

The messenger bag can be used as an eye -catching highlight, fashionable and temperament, so that the little girl’s slightly fat girl can have the most beautiful side of her, dating beautiful scenery, and shopping can also hold the audience.

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