Long coat+short boots are really high! Four tricks to show elegance and fashion, easily get rid of the sense of passersby

Needless to say the solidity of the coat,

There are three seasons that can be worn in three seasons that can be worn in three seasons.


Due to the constant change in the fashion circle, the coat still stands at the top of the trend. In this year’s autumn and winter seasons, the fashion index of long coats is higher, and even many fashion bloggers and beauty stars have worshiped under the charm of long coats.

The long coats of female stars are fashionable and warm.


The female celebrities who really wear long coats use short boots and long coats. The combination of layering is very beautiful, and it is really tall and thin.

Li Qin was wearing a taro purple coat. The sweet colors were paired with dark purple sweaters. The combination of different shades was full of layering. The black short boots complemented the black peaked cap on the head, and did not cause the head of the head.


After reading so many long coats, it is not difficult to find

The combination of “long coat+short boots” has reached complementary


The effect, the elegant and intellectuality of the long coat, the playful youth of the short boots, when the two -style single items collide together, it is tall and thin.

“Long coat+short boots” matching ideas

Idea 1. Clarify the waistline and increase the height properly at the same time


In all successful matching cases,

95%pay attention to the waistline and increase the height of the waistline

, Can naturally stretch the leg lines.




The short version is the first choice

However, in the cold autumn and winter seasons, the real wear of shorters is not high, unless you have a long pair of slender bamboo pole legs, you can control thick stockings.


Another way to improve the waistline is

Put the shirt on the top of the trousers or the waist of the skirt

This method is very suitable for stacking. While exposing the waistline, it can also keep warm.


Finally, at the waist

Determine the waistline through accessories


It is also a very simple method. Whether it is a belt or a waist bag, it naturally improves the waistline, and the effect of showing high legs and long legs is easy to achieve.

Idea 2. Add the style of wearing

In the combination of “long coat+short boots”, it can be fully diversified through different single -product styles.

Stockings with short boots to increase sexy atmosphere. Whether it is solid color stockings or printed stockings, it can add the white area of ​​the leg lines to increase the elegant temperament.

The color of stockings is selected according to the fabrics of the short boots, such as black stockings with black short boots, white stockings+white short boots, and the combination of the same color system is simply matched. Fully control, easily get rid of the sense of passers -by.

Idea 3. Select simple design boots

The style of short boots is linked to the overall style, if you want to

Avoid the sense of violation of head heavy feet

Then the loose version of the short boots and the short boots of leather fabrics can make the short boots more stylish. It seems that they have a heavy visual sense and have a balanced visual effect.

For the little girls,

Short boots must be simple

The too complicated short boots will look very cumbersome, not only the risk of pressing a child, but also the short boots with complex elements “flowering period” very short. Essence


Idea 4. Increase accessories and rich layers of wear

The shape of the “long coat+short boots” must be

Combining with accessories, on the one hand, you can add a sense of layering, and on the other hand to enhance the exquisite attributes of the shape



Hats, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. are indispensable for accessories circles, but the number cannot exceed three types. Too many jewelry will only be counterproductive, making the shape messy.

In autumn and winter, wearing “long coats+short boots” is completely respect for low temperatures. The combination of rituals brings N possibilities for wearing N, and you don’t hurry to enter the pit of “long coat+short boots”!

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Long coat+short boots are really high! Four tricks to show elegance and fashion, easily get rid of the sense of passersby