How to match the Summer Ou Shili women’s clothing is more elegant and intellectual

The blue lotus leaf sleeve collarless sleeveless top color is light, and the faint and transparent material is used to add the lightness of clothing.


This white top uses a translucent material to integrate the exquisite embroidery design. The court style is full, showing the status of noble and extraordinary identity. The lower body is paired with the black high -waisted umbrella skirt romantic and elegant, and interpreted the charming French fashion style.


Under the colorful pattern embellishment of gray short sleeves, it looks interesting, sweeping the monotonous feeling, and looks really youthful. The lower body is paired with the red umbrella skirt colorful, giving people the impression of the warm girl in summer.

The white mesh dual -layer short -sleeved T -shirt is full of layers, the cartoon Mickey pattern decoration enhances the youthful atmosphere of the girl, the lower body with the black chiffon long skirt is elegant and agile. More tall and beautiful.


White letters medium sleeve T -shirt+black shorts

The brand Ou Shili women’s clothing items have captured the hearts of a large number of white -collar female fans with their outstanding high -end texture and smooth and decent version design. Want to show people with an elegant and intellectual image? So quickly choose the brand’s latest clothing items, and learn how to match with the editor of the Internet.