Little Pu’er tea and Dragon Jewel Pu’er tea, the two have been disgusted with each other!

As a new -shaped tea in Pu’er tea, the mini -gang and Dragon Balls have continued to be loved by a group of tea friends since the rise; a small one, just a bubble, carrying it with you, you can enjoy the comfort of drinking tea anytime, anywhere. Because of the tedious steps of prying tea and calling tea, it is very suitable for tea products for office and travel.

Dragon Ball raw tea


Although the mini and Dragon Balls are small, they are just a bubble, but the difference between the two is not small! So, let’s learn about mini 和 and Dragon Ball, see what is different from the two, and the two are strong and weak.

Xiaoluo Sheng Tea

1. Different shapes

If you look closely, you will find that mini 沱 is actually just the “narrow version” of the tea -the top is hemisphere type, the bottom is concave at the bottom, like “Wo Wo Toutou”.

Xiaoyu cooked tea


Dragon Ball is like a round dumplings, the overall round, without concave places.

Dragon Ball Cooked Tea

2. Different manufacturing process

In order to make “concave pits” and mass production in mini tea, most of the machine suppression will be used. During the suppression process, the machine is too strong to cause the strip cable to be crushed. If you look closely, you will find that the tea materials of the mini -grocery are usually broken, because the material is broken, and the surface of the small 沱 is smooth.

Xiaoyu Cooked Tea Tea bottom


The Dragon Ball 是 is completely rubbed by manually. The selected tea leaves are steamed and then placed in a clean gauze manually and kneaded into a spherical shape. Such a method of making can be saved to the maximum of the strip. Therefore, although the Dragon Ball is a spherical shape, the surface can still touch the texture of the strip.

Dragon Ball Cooked Tea Bottom

3. Different raw materials

Dragon Ball is higher than the mini -choosing. Most Dragon Balls follow the high -end route. It can ensure the taste and the appearance of the appearance. This difference can be seen from the brewing leaf bottom. The leaf bottom of the mini is usually broken, and it is difficult to distinguish the bud head.

Xiaoluo Cooked Tea Tea

Because Dragon Balls are manual artificially, the bottom of the leaf is almost complete. Good Dragon Balls are made of only one bud, one leaf or one bud and two leaves, which can be easily seen in the leaf bottom.

Dragon Ball Cooked Tea Tea

4. Different positioning


As mentioned earlier, the selection of Dragon Balls is much higher than the mini, and because it is artificially handmade, the quality of Dragon Ball is higher; the mountains, raw materials, and taste are the main positioning direction of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball raw tea bottom


Mini 主 focuses on the Volkswagen route, based on cheap and various flavors as the starting point.


Little Life Tea Bottom


In my opinion, Xiaoluo Tea and Dragon Ball’s strongness and weakness cannot be generalized. Dragon Ball is high -quality, and the price is naturally not low, but it also guarantees the integrity of the taste; while the small -scale serving the general public, the taste is rich in taste, and the taste is soaked. Therefore, the two kinds of tea are also loved by “radish greens”.

If it is you, you will choose Xiaoluo Tea or Dragon Ball, why? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, let’s discuss it together.

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