Winter fashionable and fine, indispensable “three” coats, handsome and stylish, more suitable for 30+ women

The fashion in winter is even more valuable. The test of clothing is also more stringent. Although the matching formulas are all familiar with the heart, it is inevitable to wear a thunder. How can we do one of them, and it is not enough to match the formula. The choice of clothing is also critical.

To say that it is the most fashionable item in winter, it must be a jacket. As a single product that is worn outside, not only requires windproofing and warmth in winter, it also needs exquisite and stylish, fashionable and novel. Only by satisfying the expectations of fashionable essence. If you have no idea about the choice of your jacket, you may wish to choose this “three” jackets, handsome and stylish, fashionable and fashionable in seconds, and more suitable for women of 30+.


One: Thick short coat

Short coats are not practical? certainly not. The short coat in winter has long been a must -have item for fashionable essence. The defects in length can be made up for thickness, so you can enjoy the same warmth.

Short jackets, thickened cotton design, are more windproof and warm. It is particularly friendly to the little girl, and the rigidity of the waist covering the waist is easy to control. With exquisite straight pants, the handsome and capable shape came out. A short boots, full of French style, transformed into a fashionable essence in one second.


There are many choices of short jackets. For example, short down jackets, short locomotive wind jackets, short fur coats. Short lamb hair jackets, or short fur jackets. Each coat can appear in a short form, highlighting the more fashionable and exquisite, cool and handsome and beautiful.

Short jacket, try to choose a loose version as much as possible. Although the short jacket can be as thick as possible, in order to resist the cold wind in winter, we still can’t help but need to add a few more layers of inside. The loose version of the short jacket will have a better tolerance, so that you will not feel cold if you add a few more layers of bottoming.


Casual and fashionable large lapel jackets, short -term casual and handsome, walking on the street is how the fashionable girl looks like. The vertical down jacket jacket is more delicate and handsome on the upper body.

The most indispensable beauty of luxury and high -level is short fur jackets. 30+ women, choose fur jackets with short sweaters. The style of long fur style is too distinguished and elegant, and it is particularly easy to show aging. So 30+ young women, try to choose a short jacket over the waist. With the design of nine or seven -point sleeves, it is more refreshing and fashionable, and it will not look bloated.

If you choose the long -sleeved and short fur shown on the picture, you can use a straight trousers like a picture to weaken the proportion of the top to reduce the bloated swelling. Use vertical lines to create a longer body tall.

Elegant long coat

The elegance of long coats is also necessary for adult women. Daily wear, visit relatives and friends, commute to wear, all elegant long coats. The elegance of long coats is inherent. In order to avoid wearing the excavation, the selection and matching of long coats still need to be cautious.

The long black coat is the most elegant and stable, not picking people. It can be worn from 20 to 70 -year -old items. For women aged 30, they need a tall figure, a high -level aura, and fashionable details. Therefore, the selection of black coats needs to pay more attention to the version and details.

The straight version is a coat suitable for most body figures. If your figure is not too obese, or excessively uneven. Choose the H -shaped straight coat. The figure is slender and tall. It can be paired with an appropriately slim H version, tall and upright.

When we choose a black coat, it is easy to appear boring and dull. At this time, the fusion of color matching and details is even more important. The most classic combination of black coats is white items, white bottoming shirts, or white trousers, mature and stable, intellectual and elegant.


Black coats can also combine dark dresses to outline women’s aesthetic temperament between the float of the skirt. The combination of dark dresses and black coats is elegant and noble, and it is also a must -have item for fashion. If you want to have a higher visual contrast, you can combine bright color bottoming shirts.


In addition to the black coat, we can also choose other dark systems. For example, elegant gray, retro brown, and warm caramel colors can become the most intellectual and elegant colors in winter. The dark coat is mature and stable, fashionable and exquisite.

The coat combination of pants is more preferred to the cool and fashionable style. Straight pants, cone pants, and suit pants are combinations with strong compatibility. At the same time, French short boots that can be combined with square heads are more exquisite and elegant. If you want to be casual, you can also combine elegant Chelsea boots.

Warm down jacket

The warmth of the down jacket is naturally unparalleled. In the cold and solemn in winter, more people like the warmth brought by down jackets. 30+ women, pursuing fashionable and delicate women, can not escape the temptation of down jackets.

30+ women, down jackets are still recommended to choose long models. After all, long down jackets will have stronger tolerance. If your body shape is a little bloated, a little fat on your waist, and even a little obese of your thighs, we can cover up through long down jackets.

The rice white down jacket is more gentle and delicate, the upper body effect is more playful and sweet, and the age reduction effect is good. Especially the combination of skinny leg pants, just showing a slender calf ratio, the whole person’s temperament is more superior, creating a more fashionable and handsome.

The bloated down jacket is not so obvious against the backdrop of black. If you want to wear thin and exquisitely, you can learn more about dark down jackets. Black, dark green, dark blue, jujube red, are high -level and thin colors.

In daily wear, more people like dark down jackets. After all, no one does not want to wear light and handsome and thin, long black down jackets, combined with knee boots, handsome and chic. This simple combination is also standard for fashion.


The down jacket of the sports style seems to be a little farther away from the fashion. But who can say that the sports style is not fashionable? Because it is the design of the sports style, the upper body will be more casual and comfortable, which can create a more handsome and casual beauty, and the whole person’s dress is more grounded.

Sports style down jackets can also be equipped with sports style suits. Especially the high -waisted straight sports pants, instantly stretched out the sense of vision of one meter long, high -level and handsome, and also fashionable.


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