Evaluation of Feixun K3C wireless router: The advantages and disadvantages are listed, there are reasons for buying or not

In recent years, smart hardware products have been popularized and developed rapidly. Smart table lamps, intelligent interruptions, and smart cameras have connected functions, and the requirements for routers have also become higher and higher. A long time ago, 150m ago to 300M and now 1000M. The development is also very fast. The previous routing connection number of hardware cannot meet the current demand. More than ten hardware requires linking routers to cause system bandwidth distribution blocking. The router cannot only allocate bandwidth.

Based on this, we want a good route to grow bigger and bigger:


Reason for purchase:


1. At present, there are more intelligent hardware at home. The old router intelligence has a maximum of 10 hardware, causing individual devices to have no port connection.

2. The hometown router is a fast 150M routing a long time ago. The performance does not meet the current requirements. Individual hardware ICs have an aging phenomenon.

3. I am more interested in the appearance of the new product, and I like it, especially the modeling industrial design personally thinks it is very beautiful, like a semi -open and closing book.

4. Participate in the Unicom deposit fee to send Fei Xun mobile phone activities, it feels very good, and the cost performance is super high.


5. I like Feixun’s function of supporting external mobile hard disks, storage to expand the network stored backup database, I really want to experience it.


First upload a record of my purchase, and buy it in Suning Yi in 17 years:

Appearance process introduction:


First of all, the product packaging box is very large. The black appearance is introduced. It is very graded. The material of the hard paper box is also relatively high -end. The accessories on both sides are mainly host. The 2A power supply is very good.

The overall color matching of the host is a silver shell, wrapped in the black middle frame, like a semi -open book, the end of the end is on the back, and there is a large Intel logo on the side. LOGO, with silver silk marks, with fence hidden heat dissipation holes on both sides of the middle frame, and the industrial design is beautiful.

The power details of the whole machine are very good. There is a design of preventing bending at the joint. The overall black color material, PBT flame retardant material, the workmanship is better, the power supply uses standard connectors, the insertion is stable, and it is not easy to fall off. One is one. One is not easy to fall off. One is not easy to fall off. A good power supply can ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

There is a WLAN and three LAN ports on the end of the back. A USB port can be connected to the storage space to expand the storage space, realize the backup of the photo, and use it as a network cloud storage. At present, I just put a 2.0 U disk for storage to store it for storage Some photos, pretty good, the 32G memory premium, perfectly solve my problem.

Software and hardware part:

Feixun K3C uses Intel GRX350 + WAV500 chipset, and high -end products only apply this chip’s big brand products. Simple testing for software stability, signal coverage, and network speed. Stability is the core settings of the router as the network transmission. The more stable, the better. It is best to set it for a long time after setting.

The test uses the current hot chicken eating game. After the restart is settled, the test software runs. After applying it for a week, it reappears the test test rate, which is basically not much different.

The connection test, the current router connects 6 devices, and at the same time work, only two disconnection occurs in the use of the box. The cache data has no effect. It may be related to 50 trillion bandwidth. The bandwidth is not enough. Multiple device video application cards can be understood; compared with the previous TPLINK routing, there is a gap in broadband distribution, and the flow distribution processing is not particularly good, and it needs to be improved.

The mobile APP can remotely set the routing, which is relatively complete. Compared with the PC side settings, the function is basically the same. The APP is restarted with the routing function, which can release the cache. The green energy -saving function can reduce the radiation. It can be used at night.


The disadvantage is that the firmware upgrade frequency is relatively slow, and the original October’s firmware upgrade and push several times.

The USB expansion function is only conducting internal access and storage on the software APP side. There is no mobile phone access storage network center. It is different from the internal resource sharing after connecting the route. Hardware resources.


1. Support 2.4G and 5G multi -frequency, the theoretical value of the wireless rate of 1900Mbps has good anti -interference performance and wide application range.


2. Routing memory 256MB, supporting 128 terminals connecting at the same time.

3. The 802.11acWave2 protocol adopted, which comprehensively increased the frequency width.

4. Eight array antenna transmission range is wider and has excellent signals.

5. Support USB storage extension to achieve network storage.

6. Excellent design design, winning the red dot award of the design award.



1. Signal coverage is average, without the effectiveness of the same specifications of the same specifications, and the corner position signal is still weak


2. The power supply is relatively large, worrying that the signal radiation is doubled


3. No metal material (probably considering metal shielding), aluminum profile CNC process may be higher -end upper grade

4. There are many restrictions on the use of USB storage functions, and there is no function of the family interconnection center.

5. Without a bridge function, the router extension cannot be achieved.


6. Software system updates are relatively slow, the playability is not as good as K3, K3 is Broadcom chip, which can brush the country’s plan

7. The price is too high, the price is low


Because there are more and more terminal products of mobile phones, smart TVs, and intelligent plugs, routers are becoming more and more important as a transit distribution center. A router with excellent performance is needed by everyone. This router has more functionality. The stability is okay, the price is high, the playability is not great, and the K2P does not have the effect in the actual use process, and the cost -effectiveness is high. If you like this appearance, the stability requirements are high, you can buy it, otherwise it is not recommended to start.

Author: Master Tang