Which brand of domestic cotton clothing is good? Four major brands of domestic cotton clothing

There are many friends who don’t like to wear down jackets, especially in the southern region. The down jackets are too hot and impermeable.

Cotton clothes become the best choice for replacing down jackets


Today, I will introduce it to your friends and friends

Four well -known brands in domestic cotton clothing

Dragon teeth, Osaka, Kaile Stone, Li Ning


5 top cotton fabrics of the ball

Mainly: Karencia’s





, Batayonia




At present, the four major brands that have done well in China are as follows:

1. Dragon tooth/Dragon Tooth


Dragon Tooth Dragon Dragon Dragon B6 Heavy Titan Prevention Ceni Geni Geni Warm, Waterproof and Cold Prevention


Dragon Ya B6 is designed to be satisfactory this time, common, common

L7 cotton cloth version

, It’s just a more slim, close to the version of the MIG3 of Karencia.

Friends who are familiar with Longya know that Dragon’s clothes and pants have the layers of B1-B6, and the B6 is the highest protection level.

At present, there are two colors of this cold prevention service, namely the gray and crocodile color of the gun. The style is a medium -length hooded style.

Sympatex fabric

Essence The inner layer of high density lightweight nylon, comfortable and soft; the middle layer is used

Newly developed

Primaloft-Gold Insulation Active Series

200g/m2 technology insulation material filling, Congrong Ying should be a variety of extreme environments.

Dragon Tooth Dragon Dragon N-3B Polar Cold Anti-Cold Prevent N3B cotton clothing


Needless to say the history of history, as a harmony


M65 peacoat

The classic military uniforms are the favors of heavy taste military fans and small fresh literary youths.

This second -generation cotton cloth warm material is previously

3M company





Primaloft Sport


Nylon 66 fabric

, Press the buckle


Dragon tooth ordering products are very delicate.

A lot of tag clothes are hung up in the clothes, there are


Permit of the zipper,

Xinxueli high efficiency warm velvet

Use a license book, etc.

UTX copper buckle

Use a license.


Ozark/Osakka Outdoor Three -in -One Hard Shell Purding Male Waterproof Waterproof Waterproof Cotton Treasure Cotton 255250


Osoka outdoor men’s wind -proof short light -proof light -proof clothes warm cotton jacket 254025


Kaile Stone/Kailas

Kailas (Kaile Stone) Men’s PRIMALOFT ultra -light cotton clothing KG330162



Jacket 20D 100%NYLON

Internal fabric:

60g of filling materials

Primaloft Sport


product description:

The warm cotton jacket using Primaloft® as a filling material has the warmth and compression that can be comparable to down, and at the same time, it can still keep warm in a humid environment. This cotton jacket is a hatless design. It uses tear -resistant nylon, the underarm and the sides of the shirt uses elastic and breathable fabrics. It has good anti -watering properties. Essence It can be used as the middle layer when climbing at high altitude, and a down replacement in the autumn and winter rain and snow environment. Technical three -dimensional tailoring+Body Map Human Map Technology+Full SWING full swing design+one -handed shrinking rope+2 hand -warm side bag+elastic cuffs+hidden storage bag

Kailas KG010066 men’s double -sided wore cotton clothing

Kaile Stone Everyday full -time accumulation, heating and breathable, waterproof and windproof, moisture -proof cotton jacket, double -sided wear jacket, hooded design, simple sewing process, zipper side bag process, suitable scenes: daily wear, hiking, outdoor adventure, boarding, boarding on the board , Skiing, etc.


Li Ning/Lining

Li Ning cotton clothing in winter new cotton jacket adult hoodes, windproof, warm and thickened cotton jacket male Ajmn023

Li Ning cotton service man 2021 Winter Li Ning Wade series men’s loose stand-up collar short cotton jacket -1-5 AJMR029-1 black

For domestic brand cotton clothes, everyone is welcome to add and discuss. [shake hands]






Dragon Tooth Dragon Dragon Dragon B6 Heavy Titan Prevention Ceni Geni Geni Warm, Waterproof and Cold Prevention