Brown Mountain’s taste, the most original taste of Pu’er tea

The status of Brown Mountain is left behind after the market. Pu’er tea calenders have been obscure, slowly develop, the Rigong Tianchao and the tide of the tide, and Brown Anti-therapeutics have been interpreted in this history.

Pure blood: Places for human consumption of the first tea


Brown Mountain Shiju Die Die Brangman, they built villages in the mountains and giving them. There have been more than 4,000 years in the history of tea here, and the oldest old man is also a history of more than 1400 years.

The long occlusion and hidden life have enabled Brown Hills to be communicated with nature. Here, they eat hundreds of grass, taste the taste, and incorporate countless nature. Pu’er tea is here, which is now happened and enjoyed.

In the Pu’er tea industry, there is also a saying: “Don’t understand Brown Mountain, you don’t understand Pu’er Tea.” Many of the newly entry of tea is likely to have questions: Why don’t you understand Pu’er tea? ?


1, Brown Mountain – “Tea”, the origin of the old class chapter

2, Brown Mountain – not only only the old class chapter, Brown Mountain is outside the old class chapter, but also the old man, Mankin Dragon, Mann,

Zhangjia three teams

Wait, the quality of Pu’er tea produced by the village in Brown Mountain is also equally better, and it also plays a seat in the Pu’er tea industry.


3, Brown Mountain – Tea Features is the most distinct, strong, diverse tea area


Brown Mountain belongs to the wild wild wilded tea. The appetite in the tea is strong, the taste is strong, the bitterness is obvious, the time is fast, and the birth is full of fast, and the tea is full. Brown Mountain’s tea is a word “enough”, and the tea is full. Brown mountain tea is different from ordinary bitterness in life, the bitterness of Brown Mountain can be quickly opened, and this bitter is strong. Under normal circumstances, the front of Pu’er tea in Brown Mountain is really hard. After experiencing the strong taste of the front five teas, I can experience the taste of the gondow.