The “nail polish effect” is prestigious.

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily reporter Bu Lan intern Jiang Muchen

“I always wear a mask when I go out, and it is inconvenient to apply red red, so I put my focus on the nails.” Recently, Ms. Zhou, who is engaged in the financial industry, fell in love with nail products. She will make nails every month. She often buys popular online on the Internet. Lust nail polish.

Under the epidemic, the popularity of nail polish began to rise. On December 15th, a reporter from Sanxiang Metropolis Daily learned from the company that since March this year, the nail market has been higher than 12,000 for four consecutive months. Tmall data also shows that as of July this year, the sales of nail polish on the platform increased by 179%year -on -year.

Online: online store sales rose 179% year -on -year

“At present, there are only water -based nail oils in our store, which can be sold out for a month ago.” On December 15th, at the Machi store in the beautiful life center of I City, the clerk was busy greeting guest. She told reporters that some nail polish is playing special activities, 10 yuan and 2 bottles. Because the appearance is cute, it is very popular for girls. Often, customers often bring five or six bottles home at one time.

On December 15, the reporter saw that the small nail polish displayed on the shelves of the store, most of which were between 9.9 yuan and 19.9 yuan. “Winter is here, the best selling is brick red, especially eye -catching.” The clerk said.

Compared with offline, the sales of online nail polish are even more popular. On the Taobao platform, the reporter found that “nail polish” was searching for the keywords that ice can tear nail polish, the monthly sales reached more than 10,000 pieces, and the comments also reached 15,567. A 9.9 yuan milk tea crystal cat’s eye nail polish gum also has a monthly sales of more than 10,000 pieces.

Tmall data shows that as of July this year, the sales of nail polish increased by 179%year -on -year. According to data from enterprise investigation, since March of this year, the nail market has been higher than 12,000 for four consecutive months. A total of 43,000 companies registered in the second quarter, an increase of 8.4%year -on -year.

Offline: Nail shop will receive 50 customers one day

Nail products are hot, and nail shops related to it are also the city.

(On a nail shop on Furong Middle Road, there are different styles of nail polish. Reporter Bu Lan)

At the PINK BABY nail shop near Furong Middle Road, the clerk is busy organizing the nail polish on the shelves. She told reporters that there are usually many guests on Monday. At 10 o’clock in the evening, I often have to work overtime until 11 pm, and receive 50 guests a day. “

“指甲油效应”显威,美甲店门庭若市 提醒:长期使用有危害

From the perspective of Pingping, these bright colors of nail polish have become the new favorite of young people. “The stores include domestic ordinary nail glue, Japanese domestic nail glue, and Japanese imported nail glue. By 398 yuan, if she needs to add shells and diamonds, another 40 yuan. “She told reporters that the store imported nail glue is the most hot -selling, and it can sell about 100 pieces a month.

At 2 pm on December 15th, at the aesthetic store on the aesthetic scholars near Jiayu Road, the clerk Pepe was too busy to care about it. Pei also said that he has been engaged in manicure for more than 3 years. This winter is the best in the nail business. The shop also increased from 2 nail arts to 4 nail artists.


The “nail polish effect” is coming, but it is not recommended to use it for a long time

McKinsey’s report analysis said that if the “lipstick index” occupies a place in the economic field, then there is now a new alternative option- “nail polish effect”, and inconspicuous nail polish is regarded as a new blue ocean by the industry.

According to a report released by the Industrial Information Decision Enterprise Reportbyuer, it is predicted that in 2024, the global nail market size is expected to reach $ 13 billion, and the average growth rate of nail polish in 2018-2024 will remain at about 5.3%.

“‘Lipstick effect’ may become ‘nail polish effects’. In fact, the essence is still not changed. In the new normal economy, consumers, especially women consumers, need some cheap items to please themselves. Product is a better choice. “Industry insiders believe.

People in the industry reminded that because the composition of nail polish is some chemicals, these chemicals have corrosive effects, and nail polish is harmful. Long -term application of nail polish will lead to thinning nails and no gloss, especially some inferior nail oil odors are relatively large. Long -term contact can also cause some diseases, such as leukemia, allergic asthma. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply nail polish for a long time, especially children, because children’s tolerance is poor.