A beautiful cherry blossom “love and desire”, “justice and darkness” “Blooming Under the Sakura Forest”

“I will become a great outdated person, and one day will be reproduced in history.”

——Aakkou Bingwu

In 1906, a large family and a large family in Niigata County was born an extremely special child, because the year of the year was “Bingwu”, and he just ranked fifth. It is Sakamoto Bingwu.


Perhaps no one expected that this “noble” family was born, and was born to “” anti -bone “in the process of” “that should be” strictly “. Playing, and “hitting” the teacher rebellion.

So much so that the Chinese teacher, especially the ancient board, was helpless, and was angry at the name of “Bingwu” in Japanese (“Bingwu” in Japanese, the meaning of the sun, and “Dark Wu” was dark. The meaning of darkness) aroused his victory.

Unexpectedly, he was delayed by the test because of “playing” and was finally fired by the school. However, because of the youthfulness, he carved a sentence on the desk proudly and chic:

Since then, he has really taken the name “Dark Wan” and the pen name for his later works, which is the name of Sakaguchi Awu, which we are very familiar with later generations. (“Darko” Japanese Pronunciation “Anwu”)


In 1926, Sakaguchi entered the Indian Philosophy Department of Toyo University to study Buddhism. In order to enlighten the Tao, he began to “learn” the pain of maintaining neurasthenia. Another pursuit of “future” is so good to survive.

That’s right, Sakaguchi Anwu in that era,

Even as a “noble giant” son, the ruthless and cruel war is still not because of this, so let’s let go of this “sensitive” Buddhist literati. As the outside world gradually “rise”, the unstoppable “blood” started, and the unstoppable “blood” began to start. It impacted every teenager’s fragile and easy “values”.

Just like his active “post -war” high yield period,


In 1946, a “degeneration theory” caused him to hit the different values ​​of the people for the first time, which not only caused widespread concern at that time, but also directly detonated the literary trend of the era.

The “Idiot” published by “oiling” after two months has almost laid the pinnacle of his ideological creative style, just like this article was called by the critics at the time

“Model of Japanese post -war literature”


Sakaguchi Anwu and Dazai, Ishikawa, and Oda are also known as the representative of the “rogue school”.

The “confrontation” of the complex and contradictory thoughts and the spiritual world tries to use corruption and slutty to fight the cruel real society.


However, Sakaguchi Anwu is very different from us who are familiar with “being born, and I’m sorry” Dazaiji’s “nerve inferiority”, but it can be said to be the opposite. It will still hide the tenderness and sensitivity of the heart.

Just like a childlike “urchin”, in the face of this “incomprehensible” world, he chose to face the cruel “present”; just like the 1947 creation of 1947, which is known as the “Miracle Year”, The “dark” story of “Blooming under the Sakura Forest” is the same.

Under the romantic and fascinating “cherry blossom forest”, it is decadent and desperate “love and desire”, “justice and darkness” such as violence, abuse, and death.

So, the story of “Blooming Under the Cherry Blossom Forest”,

Sakaguchi Anwu wants to present the world a kind of reflection and exploration of traditional and values ​​that belong to his “justice and darkness”.

The flower of “love and desire” is in full bloom

In 1947, the 42 -year -old Sakaguchi Anwu’s ultra -high -yielding “Miracle Year” may be “the spirit of the happy event”. In this “post -war” day, he got married, so maybe, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this may be therefore. In a year, he not only launched his first long -term reasoning novel “Disposable Murder”, which was successful, and successively published up to 33 short stories, all of which have gained a huge impact in the literary world.

Just like this seemingly inconspicuous, it is actually respected by later generations and is almost regarded as a “masterpiece” “Bloom under the Sakura Forest”.


This clear “darkness” story that is indifferent to it, but was infected by the beautiful “cherry blossoms” alone, even a twisted warmth in the lines.

In that story

Calm and cruelty, almost fearless mountain thief, always afraid of this fragile and weak cherry blossom (forest).

So in the story,

The beautiful woman who is dark and difficult to fill in her heart has become an excellent representative of a contradictory image. The woman who was robbed her wife by brutal mountain thieves obeyed her after marriage and tried to please her “preferences” to abuse with her “preferences”. The perverted hobby and killing daily to “settle in” her heart.

But “love and desire” itself is a contradictory and opposite thing. Even as a cruel and brutal thief, it is gradually tired of the killing day after day. Finally, the thief started thinking …

Yes, this story is not “sunshine”, just like his “dark me” name,

It seemed extremely dark, cruel “love”, naked “desire” flowed naturally.

It’s like it is of course, in that world, it seems “normal”, but it is a projection of collective that the “values” that collectively have been distorted by society.

Just like the “post -war” Japanese citizen, they have been obedient to brainwashing for many years, and they have long lost their ability to make independent judgments. They survived with the waves or destroyed, perhaps only in one thought.

In the story, Sakaguchu used cherry blossoms full of “destruction” as the ruler to determine the positioning of the world, so he described the strangeness of the cherry forest composed of cherry blossoms and cherry blossoms:

“Under the flowers, the cold wind suddenly rose from the boundless surroundings. His body immediately shrouded in the gust of gusts and became transparent. The wind whistled from all directions, and the forest was full of wind, only his voice was still shouting. He ran madly. stand up.”

The thief is not only the “ideal” projection of Sakaguchi Anwu’s own “ideal”, that gust of gust is like an opportunity to be set. At the moment of blowing, the thief can only face the “fate” that he deliberately buried by him.

Empty and cold from the remains of the cherry blossom forest, the inner spiritual world of straightened mountain thieves also immersed Sakaguchi Anwu’s attempt to escape from this crazy world.

Because the thief “loves” a woman, I ignore her sin, and choose to satisfy her endless desire and retaliatory killing. The satisfaction of erosion is to fill the cold and empty heart.

But in fact, this is not a kind of “desire”. The thief is cruel, but it is also cowardly. He only dares to cover up the yield of “desire” under the drive of “love”, just like he agrees In the case of a woman’s pile, the “command” of killing is the same as “the deepness of love, but it is difficult to fill in.”

Just like Sakaguchi Anwu in reality, the tenderness and sensitivity of his nature are covered up by the decadence and sloppyness of his expression, so as to confront the cruel and ideal reality.

The paradox and fusion of “justice and darkness”

Sakaguchi Anwu wrote in “The Miss of Stone”:

“I often think of the” Dream of Red Mansions “that transformed into a humanoid because of his longing, as if it was my past and present. I suddenly felt that I was like a stone, but the stone began to think.”

So, in the story of “Blooming in Cherry Blossom Forest”,


That seemingly fearless cold mountain thief will be afraid of “fragile” things like cherry blossom forest. But he was deeply attracted and unable to extricate himself.

In this obvious dark story, this representative of the gorgeous and romantic cherry blossom forest has become the most timid existence in the deep spiritual world of the thief. Just a gust of wind blew, he could only shout and struggle to escape.

The identity of the thief itself is incompatible with this society. The cold and empty feeling of being destined to be abandoned by the world is that even if he tries to fill it with “love and desire”, he finally finds the loss.

Just like Sakaguchi Anwu shouted in “The theory of False”, shouting:

“In order to survive, we must fall.”

The slogan is the same, in fact, the same is true for the mountain thief,


In order to survive in this dirty world, he chose to fall into a mountain thief, but his heart was afraid of the loneliness brought by the degeneration.


So he tried to use “love” to offset the original “darkness”, but he failed. The cherry forest forced him into the desperate situation, let him crazy, and let him have to face his “true face”.

So he could only compromise, just like Sakaguchi Anwu in reality.

He would not commit suicide like Dazai. The persistence in his bones made him rebellious, and he would only choose to live stubbornly in this cruel and absurd world.

So in the story, the thief was finally like Ansaka Anwu. He chose to return to the mountain and face the cherry blossom forest that made him timid, killing a woman, and killing himself.

At that moment, the thief, the projected Sakaguchi Anwu, they have been incorporated into themselves, no longer afraid, no longer fear, because they finally know what is “justice” and what is “darkness”. The independent loneliness of the world.

At this moment, they are no longer afraid, because the loneliness has long been integrated into their bodies.

Written at the end:

In fact, this short collection of original title is “桜 の 満 の の”, so the general translation of Chinese is “Under the Blooming Sakura Forest”, but I think its free translation is to use “Blooming Under the Sakura Forest” to express it more. For appropriateness.

Just like this seemingly dark, in fact, the lines of the words are always full of human warmth and glory.


“I will become a great outdated person, and one day will be reproduced in history.”