Apple watch is to install “ECG”! It can be measured by “touch” with both hands, blood pressure and blood sugar are not far away

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In the past few days, many friends may have brushed such a news. Apple Watch’s ECG function is coming? Intersection


In a document released by the State Drug Administration, Apple has obtained a approval of the “mobile ECG fiber prompting software”.

Although it is not clearly stated in the file, it is basically guessed that this is the ECG function of Apple Watch.

In fact, the three apple watches starting from the 4th generation of Apple Watch support this function, but only open in some countries and regions. What can this feature do? Is it reliable? In the future, smart watches can even test blood pressure and blood sugar? Intersection Ji Guojun will introduce this knowledge to your friends.

In fact, using watches and bracelets to measure heartbeat is not a fresh function. Taking Apple Watch as an example, measuring heart rate depends on “light”.

The “light volume description method” (PPG) -t. In short, this method is to measure the amount of blood circulation by light to determine the heartbeat.

Blood is red, which will absorb green light. The green LED light on the watch emit green light. The sensor will determine the blood flow by measuring the returned green light. The blood flow will increase accordingly when the heart beating. Essence


However, usually the watch does not always emit green light to measure the heart rate, and more is to measure the heart rate every ten minutes with infrared rays. When the infrared rays are difficult to obtain more accurate results, the green light LED will be used.

Therefore, the watch only detects the heart rate through “light”. You have to take it to measure some other things, and there may be “reading numbers” … Of course, there is no reference value, such as this “heartbeat speed” banana.


By measuring the heart rate, the heart rate can be prompted and the detection of arrhythmia.

Apple watches have added ECG since Apple Watch 4 (except SE), which is the ECG function.

To understand its working principle, we must first know, the principle of ECG. Simply put, every time the heartbeat, myocardial cells will cause small electrical changes on the surface of the skin. If two electrodes are placed on any two sides of the heart, then you can record the tiny tiny between the two electrodes in this process. The voltage changes can be displayed on the ECG drawing or monitor.

Both friends who went to the hospital to do an electrocardiogram knew that the complete ECG needs to place multiple electrodes in the wrist, ankle, chest and other places to measure the electrocardiogram. Why do you need to bring so many “sensors”?

Generally speaking, the standard ECG consists of “12 leaders”. The so -called 12 leader is that the electrode attached to the body can form 12 groups of circuits and observe 12 sets of electrocardiogram. This needs to be placed on the body. Multiple directions “observe” the heart.


12 Director of Director 12 and 10 electrodes ▲

In addition, the electrocardiogram instruments of “3 leaders” and “5 leaders” are usually used to use according to different use needs.


The ECG function of the Apple Watch can only measure the ECG of the “Single -Director” -that is, the lead I (Leadi) composed of the left and right arm. When using a watch to measure the ECG, the finger of the hand that does not wear the watch is on the crown to form a circuit.

ECG measured with Apple Watch with Apple Watch ▲

If the Apple Watch is placed in other positions of the body to measure the electrocardiogram, theoretically, the test results of the leader II and the leader III can be obtained, and the heart is detected from more angles. However It will not be responsible for the results of the other two usages, but some experiments have proved that the results obtained by this method have certain reliability.

At present, although the ECG function has been tried, it has not yet been used. Friends who want to experience still need to wait. Although some e -commerce platforms provide services to help open this function, there is a certain account security risk. It is better to try.

By using a watch to measure the electrocardiogram, the emergence of atrial fibrillation can be found to a certain extent. But be careful, it is not a panacea …

The guidance just mentioned is the main observation of the high side wall of the heart. Therefore, when there is a problem with other parts of the heart, only the electrocardiogram of this angle may be difficult to find a problem.

Therefore, Apple Watch is not applicable to people with heart disease for daily monitoring. Hundreds of portable ECG detectors on the market are all three leaders (equivalent to observing the heart from multiple directions). After all, the surgery industry has special attacks. Apple Watch is not a thing that is used to measure the electrocardiogram.


A portable ECG monitoring equipment ▲

But is the ECG function of Apple Watch completely useless? No, it can pass the certification of multiple countries and regions, indicating that it still has a certain reference value. Apple watches can effectively discover heart problems such as atrial fibrillation by detecting ECG. It was also reported that some people found heart problems because of the Apple Watch’s ECG function, treated in time, and rescued their lives.

According to foreign media reports, a woman’s husband discovered atrial fibrillation and treated in time through the Apple Watch ▲


A study released by the American Medical Society (Jama) in 2020 shows that the accuracy of a smart watch correctly records the accuracy of heart disease 90%. So what is the correct usage of such products?


If you are a person with heart disease, what you need to do is simple -go to a doctor, not to rely on any watch. Listening to the doctor’s suggestion, buying more professional medical equipment is your only choice.

And if you are just a person with a high health awareness and always paying attention to your body, the smart watches in the market are more appropriate. This kind of product is like “insurance”. It can be found that you may have a heart health problem that you may exist. , Early warning.


Many heart problems are usually difficult to attract people’s attention. Once the disease is onset, the consequences are also serious. At the European Cup this year, the Danish core player Eriksson suddenly fell to the ground in the game because of the sudden heart problems. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, and it was no longer a big deal now.


Eriksson’s selfie on social platforms ▲


Of course, remember that if you have any questions, see the doctor in time. Don’t rely on a small smart watch. It can only remind you at most: go to the doctor! What else can the future Apple Watch do? Is blood pressure and even blood sugar?


What health can Apple Watch have? A patent of Apple makes people “bright.”

Usually, when we measure blood pressure, we need a process of filling the air. If you copy it on the smart watch, the volume, battery life and even appearance of the opponent will have a significant impact.

However, a patent of Apple’s patent called “Monitoring with multi -function wrist -wearing equipment for blood pressure monitoring” can only be perceived by the three sets of electrodes on the wrist -wearing device to perceive the pulse signal of the left ventricular contraction. Blood pressure value.


The bigger breakthrough of this technology is that it can simply and conveniently monitor blood pressure. If it can have the ability to continue monitoring, the household blood pressure instruments on the market may be “unemployed”.

If the blood pressure measurement is not so powerful, the function of blood glucose is even more “god”. Generally speaking, blood glucose must be drawn with blood, which is very troublesome and painful, especially for patients with diabetes who have long -term monitoring blood sugar, it is really a nightmare.


The patent of Apple’s blood glucose monitoring shows that the “Tahhez electromagnetic radiation” uses “Taihez electromagnetic radiation” to “irradiate” the blood vessels and measure the blood glucose value by measuring absorption.

Patented principle map of using Tai Hephlomagnetic radiation to measure blood sugar ▲


In addition, the use of near -infrared light may also monitor blood glucose value. The blood glucose concentration will affect the absorption of light and the light path. At present, related research is also continuing. In addition to Apple Watch, many smart watches also intend to add related functions.


But unfortunately, blood pressure or blood sugar may not come so fast. The readings of these two measured values ​​must be accurate. If the deviation is too large, it may affect the patient’s control of the dosage. For example, too much insulin causes hypoglycemia.

At present, what changes are expected to be released this fall? In terms of appearance, according to predictions, the corner design of the iPhone 12 series may be adopted. Which friends do you think better?


In terms of battery life, performance optimization will further reduce energy consumption. It is expected that the battery life will be extended from 18 hours to about 20 hours. It is still a bit difficult for two days to charge.

In terms of health functions, it can be said that the current one is the Apple Watch, and the smart watches of other manufacturers are also chasing. Which function is the most looking forward to?