The five major shampoo brands with good reputation, say goodbye to the anxiety of oil head baldness, hair care starts from shampoo

For me, I have to wash my hair every day, and the shampoo cannot be underestimated. Good shampoo can not only wash my hair, but also nourish the hair, which can prevent hair loss and make the scalp healthier. So what are the useful shampoo recommended?

1. The mystery of condensation MVMV

Bird’s nest protein dual -effect shampoo


这款洗发水非常的温和,是氨基酸配方,这款洗发水蕴含小雨燕窝,香叶天竺葵,小麦蛋白,青蒿,黑桑果,黑芝麻,何首乌提取物,芝麻籽,防风根,艾叶,蛇Bed, Sanqi, Snake bed fruit, etc., can bring nutrients to the scalp hair follicles, and then help fix.

2. Australian kangaroo Aussie shampoo


This fluffy shampoo contains aloe vera, the taste is very fragrant, the formula is gentle, and it is made natural and gentle. It can be used daily. Contains wild black cherry skin ingredients, which can make the hair rich and fluffy after use. Recommended hair volume is small, hair is more scalp, and MMs who like fluffy.


3. Xiaobaya Lotus Little Daisy Washing Water

It is recommended to start this one with dandruff. The sisters recommend this shampoo I use, and I have bought a series without regret. The scalp is particularly refreshing. I like this scalp’s feeling of breathing every pore. The hair is strong and the gloss is enough.


4. Schwarn Hydramal Repair washing

Although this taste is good, but the incense time is short, and the hair will indeed become soft, clean and smooth, but the dandruff will increase. For me, the oil control ability is not controlled It’s so good, and the oil began to get oil the next afternoon, which is a successful shampoo.

5. SELSUN B shampoo

It looks poisonous, but the effect is very good. Treasure shampoos, treating itching, oil, oil control effect, and less dandruff. It belongs to low bubble shampoo. It is less foam and milder than green. Quite a lot.