Ordinary lighter 1 yuan and 1, while a Zippo lighter costs hundreds of yuan, how to make it

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Whether your friend is poor or rich, in the long -growing river you have walked together, he will always sneak down and walk you one or two lighters …

Most male compatriots occupy the majority, and there are not a few who have smoking habits. Therefore, the Zippo lighter is probably heard. Usually we smoke a lighter for one yuan, and the general Zippo lighter is hundreds of yuan, four or five, four or five Hundreds are also very common, and there are thousands of yuan. How did such expensive lighters produce? Is it gold and diamonds. Essence Essence

Zippo is also an old driver in the lighter industry. A small lighter. Although the operation is simple, the internal structure is very complicated. Next, let’s take a look at how the lighter is produced?

Although the operation of Zippo’s windproof lighter is simple, the internal structure is quite precise. It uses 21 parts to produce, which requires 108 processes.


The shell of the lighter is compressed by the brass coil. The upper copper shell and the lower copper shell are connected by the hinge and hinge needle. After the electroplating, the upper layer of nickel is placed on the surface, and the shell is formed.


However, the complex assembly is on the inner shell, all parts are ready in advance, and almost all are mechanically assembled on the assembly line. After the inner shell is suppressed, the fire wheels are fixed on the inner shell while injecting at the same time. Cotton core eye holes are provided with a cotton core, and then connect to the inner shell and housing with the cam. The upper part of the inner shell is installed, and then the cotton core is injected into the bottom, the cotton pad is put on the bottom material, and the bottom material is pressed. The parts in the inner shell are installed.


Next, the workers put the inner case into the shell. The machine carved a special pattern on the shell according to different styles. A Zippo lighter came out. After the packaging, the market could be launched.


Science and technology is progressing, even the lighter has followed, and the lighters we see in our daily life are very simple when using it, but after the editor said, I believe everyone also understands a lighter. How cumbersome is the manufacturing, you should also know why a Zippo lighter is so expensive. But in the face of high prices, Xiaobian still feels that ordinary lighters of one dollar are more suitable for myself!