Fighting Youth Road | Chinese youths practice the “selfless” initial vows with the “ego” unremitting struggle

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奋斗青春路 | 中国青年以“小我”不懈奋斗 践行“无我”初心誓言

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奋斗青春路 | 中国青年以“小我”不懈奋斗 践行“无我”初心誓言

Yesterday (May 4th) was the May 4th Youth Day, strugglers, Zheng Youth. A generation has the mission of a generation, a generation has the responsibility of a generation, and a generation of Chinese youths strive to show the “big ego” mission as a “ego”, and practice the original vow of “selflessness”. On the track of the new era, you are full of youthful youth.

There are such groups of young people at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Their average age is less than 30 years old, but they have created successful and successful results in the history of Chinese manned spaceflight with a 100 % success rate. At present, they are in a new state to welcome the arrival of Shenzhou 14 manned flight.

Zhao Junkai is a rocket hanging command. He is performing a model mission rocket crane operation. This is his seventh time the rocket unloading mission is the seventh time this year. At the age of 28, he became a hanging command two years ago. In order to practice too hard lifting technology, he used his spare time to learn professional knowledge every night, and recorded more than 200,000 words of professional notes.

奋斗青春路 | 中国青年以“小我”不懈奋斗 践行“无我”初心誓言

Zhao Junkai’s Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center measured system, mainly responsible for the technical service guarantee of rockets, satellite and other aerospace products. Since 2017, the station has encouraged young backbone to fight for the “leaders” of scientific and technological innovation. Zhao Junkai proposed the constructive opinion of wireless remote control to control cranes, and was applied in the process of hanging in the 13th mission spacecraft.

In order to adapt to the new normal of super -density, ultra -high -intensity, and high difficulty of aerospace launch tasks, they have formed 5 innovative teams to apply for a national invention patent, a national defense science and technology patent, and 17 scientific research and innovation results.

According to the task arrangement, China Space Station has been fully transferred to the construction stage. This year, it plans to implement 6 flight missions. Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center performs two spacecraft launch, two spacecraft recycling, and more than 20 satellite launch tasks.