Autumn geese, sing, while Flying | Weekend

I love the autumn geese,

I don’t know how tired at night;

(Like an advice, like promise)

While called, it is far away.

Never ask his song,

Which cloud stay,

Just sing, only flying –

Black day, light wings.

I am willing to be a geeser,

Everything is forgotten –

When I mention, when I think,

Not hate, not happy.

Chen Mengjia “Yanzi”

“” Word

The golden text shape of “geese” is very interesting. The right is a short-tap bird. The left side is a cliff, there is a bury on the cliff, and there is water drop. From this shape, the living habits of the geese can be about. When I arrived in Qin, “geese”, the cliff became “factory”, read Yán, read āN, the original meaning is the cliff, which is recognized and the sound, while the ductous and water droplets have changed fundamental changes. It turned “亻” (vertical), in the left side of “隹” (still means the image of the bird), that is, our “geese” word today.

Such a glyph change is obviously in the natural attribute of “geese”, and the content of humanities is added. The ancient Chinese language scholar section of the Qing Dynasty is so explained: “Yans have humanity, people think that they are sincere, so they are from people (亻).” He is to meet the ceremony, that is, because of the geese, people use geese as a meeting, and give each other. “Zhou Li Spring Officials · Big Bo”: “Six of the poultry, he is waiting for the ministers. Lonely Pendulum, Qing, the doctor, the doctor, the scholar, the people, the industrial and commercial.” It can be seen in the Zhou Dynasty, the social status is different, the ceremony is different, and the geese is very high, and the level is very high. It is a wild duck, while the lower industrial and trade class can only take a chicken.

Why do you say that the geese has humanity? Duan Yucan has no specific ideas. According to ancient cultural common sense, we can roughly speculate: First, the geese is in the case of “people” in high altitude, and sometimes “a” word, thus being considered to be humanity; the second is the geese flying or foraging the old geese, Never divergence, so it is pushed to “Rich” symbol; the third is that the geese “” bird, only one partner in life, until the death, so it is used as a citory when talking about marriage; fourth is the geese time Nort-South migration, is considered “letter”, so you can pass on people’s imagination.

From the history of the word “geese”, we can feel that an ancient Chinese character passes through the millennium. When it comes to us, it is no longer the original look, it has been aimed at the meaning of a lot of humanities, like a person, it got one life experience.

Song Anonymous “Snow Lutang”

Every poet is a lonely geese


(Tang) Cui

Several lines were returned, and they were alone.

The rain is lost, and the cold pond wants to be late.

渚 云 低 暗 低, 关 月.


It is not necessary to pay, and you will be suspicious.

A group of big geese fly in the sky,, if you listen, you will hear the sufficiency of the wings poor, they are so urgent, as alert, especially the last few, like, seems to be afraid, I am afraid to fall.

The geese of the order, sometimes there is, or the sky is flying, or the shadow of the mountains, the shadow of the mad is pitiful. Almost every classical poet has written alley, and it is self-proportioned to the whafts of yourself in the world.

Cui’s “Lone Geese”, out of the palate, extremely villated, as if he confeshes him to the alone. When I saw the lonely geese, the poet thought about its companions, the row of geese did not know where it went. “Several lines are returned,” “” “” “” “” “,” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “”

“The rain is lost, the cold is late”, “three four sentences are the imagination of poets. First look at “Yu Yu” sentence, maybe in a twilight evening, it lost the order, anxiously calling the companion. Some people say that their companions are not ranked, but their partner. It is also possible that if you lose your partner, geese usually is unhappy, the habits are made, and some will even be exhausted.

Is there a problem with “雨”? Yes, Ji Xiaolan said, since “calling”, it is not lonely, so this sentence has a voice. The literal is not good, it is unable to be embarrassed to the author, then we tried to round: “Exhibition” does not mean that its companion or partner is also calling it? If so, then the poet is put two different time-spaced pictures in a sentence. If you don’t ask for it, you will simply call your call, just like you can be a person. For example, I am thinking about you, what I miss you.

“渚 云 低低 暗度, 关 月 冷 冷”, five or six sentences are still the imagination, order or weekdays. The upper shackles are imitation of the group, and this is like a soul. Lu Yun low sinks, crossed the moon, and the sky is like a terrible enemy.

In the last two sentences, “Lone”, “Not necessarily paying, or falling from being suspicious”. Shanyanye is surprised, not because he is afraid to pay hunting, the shadow is only self-suspicious, and the poet is here to have a parsley. Cui Zuo is Jiangnan, a life dropped in Bar,, Xiang, E, Qin, Wei, is the thoughts of everything you have to worry about.

This sentence reminds me of a little experience: a night is nearly ten o’clock, I really want to go out, so I take a self-near park, stroll on a dirt road. The moonlight is faint, the wind blows through the trees, then someone pushed the bicycle, I was originally in the quiet night, suddenly it was quite suspicious. When the man passed, I glanced at me and worried that he was scared (afraid that he thought I was a ghost), I installed the phone. When he walked a little, he secretly saw him, his footsteps were air, and the silent back and the rolling sound of the wheels were very lonely. Oh, perhaps he is thinking: so late, how is this woman in the park?

The poet is sorrowful, although it is not necessarily to pay, but in turn, the geese migration will be handed over, and the danger is dangerous. Once the order is, it is very likely to be in the desperate situation. According to relevant information, now only about 40% of the migratory birds can complete migration, most companions die, the cause of death may be high voltage lines, factory chimneys, drilling equipment, oil wells, drain pollution, pesticides, Drought, disease, helicopter wing, hunting, construction site, sandstorm, skyscraper, spotlight …

Northern Song Dynasty Guo Zhongshu (pass) “Mountain Water Map”. Two pairs of geese on the sky.

The lonely vital guest of the rivers and lakes, always

(Tang) Du Fu

Lone geese does not drink, fly the sound of the group.

Who is a shadow, gains a lot of clouds.

I hope to see it, I am sorrowful.


The wild crate is unintentional, and the noise is self-denial.

Cui’s “lonely geese”, easy to move, taste, also known as good work. However, compared with Du Fu’s poem, it is still not relieved, and it seems sentence: “Lonely Wild Goose Don’t drink, is it a heart to touch your heart?

“Several lines are returned, and the poet Cui is also moving, but after all, it is a bit far from the distance. Du Fu grabs the details, and a lonely geese does not eat, whoever sees it will be sad.

Listening to the flying geese, “Flying Sounds”, not in the mournful, “群” more sad. Du Fu is really sincere, and the body is attached to the micro. The “Songxi Poetry” of the Song Dynasty: “Yu Try Tryai” Lonely “poetry: ‘The few lines return to the end of the, and the one of the words, the public (according to: referring to Huang Tingjian) Lao Du ‘sorcerer does not drink’


“Who is pity and a shadow, gains to Wan Zhongyun”, this is a thousand and beautiful, and it is very pitiful, and the cloud is free. After Du Fu wrote to the Chengdu, the ship took the boat along the Yangtze River, and stayed in Zhangzhou in the middle of the Yangtze River. When people come to the next year, the poor disease is delivered, knows that the zero falls, hurts the heart, and the solesome geese will write to the thought, think about relatives and friends.

Five or six sentences are more important to Du Fu’s affection, good at empty delivery. “Looking for it, it’s like a more sorrow,” geese has fly far, it has been seen, but still seems to take his line of sight; the sorrow of the geese sounds well, although it has disappeared in the sky, but the echo loudly In the ear. This is still from the perspective of the poet. I think that this is written by the gap, the geese is awkward, that is, from the perspective of the geese, this reading is not unable. However, the poem is from the beginning of the poet, the tail is also, the third It is like it to be unstoppable.

“The wild and noise, noise, Song Dynasty, Lu Da:” There are many small people with Xing Junzi, the gentleman is bleak, the little person is bold. ” People cloudy, this kind of view is too serious, Du Fu is actually a very humorous person. He often joked in the poem, and it is just that is tune with the crow. The sorrow of the lone geese diffuses in the heavens and the earth, and the gothion is not intention, and only cares for noise. Don’t have to judge the moral judgment, Du Fu is just lamenting, and a person’s pain can only be borne by one person, only this is.

Turning through Du Shi, we will find that in addition to worrying about the heavy subjects of worry, Du Fu also likes to write “microscopic”: such as gardenia, bitter bamboo, clove, pine trees, cypress, such as copper bottles, stone mirrors, Fook sword , Yacht, such as firefly, flood, floral duck, swallows, and so on. For a big poet, there is no such thing as a poem, nothing is not a poem, although it is a small thing, it is a big hand, and it can also be deep, the wonderful people.

Ming Lu Ji “Too sleep”

Human sky, no personal

“孤 儿”

(Song) Li Qingzhao

The vine bed paper is sleeping, saying that it is inexhaustible, and there is no thinking.

The sinking of the frost is cold, with my feelings as water.

Three flutes, Mei Xin shouted, how many spring love.

The small wind is bothering, Xiao Xiao, reminding, thousands of tears.

Blowing people go to the jade land, the intestines are broken?

A branch is folded, the world is in the sky, no personal will be sent.

Chat, it is actually ederty, but it is deeply interested in being asyed in alone.

There are a few small order before the words: “The world is a plum word, the pen is clear. It is a one, and it is not a lot of words.” The world is like a plum, and he is knocked down by her stick. The farther can be seen. Anyone writing poetry, the bilir is not necessarily high, and the seniors must be big, and the clerk is too big.

However, she is also modest, saying that I also tried this, and I found that my plum is difficult to write. This is self-satisfied. The clear words of the clerk have been very out of the custom, never fall the book bag, not stacking the masonry, she uses all the criminals, such as the larger jade, no ax, and in the style of the mouth, it is true, and it is true.

Let’s appreciate it together. “The vine bed paper is sleeping, saying that it is not good, there is no thought.” Vine bed paper account, can be seen, you can see her emotions. “Say it is not good, no thought”, lazy, boring, the emotional tone of the whole word is filled.

“Sinking in the heart of the jade furnace”, the clerk is often written in the morning, from the coolness of the incense burner, passing her invisible lonely. For example, “The Mist Yincheng Yong Yong, Rui Brain Posted”, “The Fragrant Golden Golden” started on Fenghuang Taili, and the red waves are turned over to the head. The golden beasts and golden are incense.

According to the relevant admission, the selists will be followed by the end of the year. It is not good, there is no call sign in the word, and some is just a feeling as water. Such as water is generally desolate, such as water is generally silent, such as water is generally seen, including your own depression and loneliness.

Someone is piercing, blowing “plum flowers” small songs, flute, as if he heard the plum heart. Going out and see how you know the spring color. However, “small winds and rain Xiao Xiao, remind, thousands of tears”, touching, how to understand?

Both people and folds are all creases, and the voice has been went, the vertical branch is folded, the world is in the world, no personal will be sent. The conclusion is abrupt, and it is very silent.

On the way in a trip, I got up early in the morning, I saw a friend in writing a postcard, a thick one, a little written. I also want to write, I want to think about it, I remembered this sentence: “Heaven is in the world, no personal will be sent”. Not no one, what is most wanting to say can only be installed in my heart.

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