Have you seen these logistics black technology?

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How to achieve goods

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How to improve

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“Mech delivery”

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Today, we walked into Daxing Cargo Station together

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Logistics Black Technology



One “code” pick -up

Daxing cargo station introduces the goods to store the smart cabinet. After sorting the small sheets entering the port, put it directly into the warehouse’s intelligent container.


AGV laser navigation traction vehicle

The AGV laser navigation tractor realizes the full automation (semi -automated) to pull the assembled goods from the security checkpoint to the re -pound room, and the weight of the second review is pulled to the designated cargo position, waiting for the library installation machine.


“External skeletal”, does it listen to black technology? As the name implies, it is a mechanical and equipment that can be worn by imitating the bone structure of the human body. Of course, the user is a staff member who needs to carry heavy objects. Wearing mechanical exoskeleton equipment to assist loading and unloading goods can effectively reduce the pressure and damage of heavy objects on the body of loading and unloading personnel, and avoid “occupational diseases” in loading and unloading personnel.



“Cargo Storage” into a system

The 4 -layer height stereo ETV shelves storage system and bulk shelf storage system can be provided with 192 rectification storage location and 288 bulk frame storage positions. The goods are stored or transported concentrated.




The stacking machine of the railway lane, also known as the stacking machine, is the core equipment in the bulk cargo elevated system. It is used to storage units in and out of the shelves. It has the advantages of fast speed, high efficiency, safety and reliability. After receiving the operating instructions, the stacking machine can perform horizontally in the alleyway, the vertical liter, the fork’s left and right telescopic, and the micro -rise and other actions to complete the access operation of the specified cargo unit, and it is divided into the end of the roadway. Transfer device or fixed handover platform to transfer the cargo unit.



The goods must also be “epidemic prevention”

The disinfection machine equipment cooperated with Fengyu Technology has completed several months of anti -killing work. It confirms the powerful function after the sampling of the cargo virus and ensure the safety of the goods transportation and personnel.



Smart cargo station

Daxing Cargo Station is promoting the shipping station system project of Yunjie Xun. The project can equip Daxing Freight with a set of customized goods stations management systems that meet the local business environment of Daxing Airport and their own operating processes. Competition provides centralized and integrated service windows and comprehensive import and export freight logistics information services for airlines, air freight agencies, ground truck transfer companies and other related institutions.


Received the goods

The Capital Airport Group Freight Development Office and China Southern Airlines coordinate the use of the Daxing Security Revolution Calls to realize the non -stop and re -band of the delivery process, and cooperate with the concentrated judgment map to increase the speed of the goods by 45%. During the receiving process, the goods that do not meet the requirements of the receiving and transportation are exited from the return channel from the return channel to improve the efficiency of receiving and transportation.

Technology improvement efficiency, technology change the future

China Southern Airlines Logistics will continue to promote the company’s smart transformation

Provide customers with professional comprehensive logistics services

To international competitiveness

The strategic goal of modern logistics service providers moves forward

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“Mech delivery”