Go to Xin | Put the little mermaid on his body and let Snoopy appear in all corners of the house

In recent years, the co -branded products launched by clothing brands and animation and film cooperation have been hot, especially the famous IP joint models such as Disney and Marvel. Recently, there are new co -branded clothing and daily necessities. Come and see if you like it.


Mo & Co. & Disney Little Mermaid


If the ending of the little mermaid into a bubble in “Andersen’s Fairy Tale and Hai’s Daughter” is regrettable, then Disney’s animation meets everyone’s longing for the ending of happiness. The Elyer with a fiery red hair was exchanged for a beautiful ending with her enthusiasm and persistence. Recently, MO & CO. and Disney’s little mermaid launched joint clothing, including dresses, sweaters, sweaters and other items. This August, bravely strive for their own happiness like a little mermaid.

Figure/ Beijing Qinghe Vientiane Huigong Screenshot

Nome & peanuts

With such a dog, active in childhood memories of many people. It is white, only two ears are black; it is lively and cute, and there are many good friends; it is Snoopy, from “Peanut PEANUTS”. Recently, NOME and Peanuts launched joint models, including towels, toothbrushes, water cups, bowls, and shoulder canvas bags. There are not only Snubi of various shapes, but also Charlie, Lenas, etc. Other friends in “Peanut Comic”. The summer vacation is here, let the Snoopy and their friends who have accompanied you back to you again.


Photo/Screenshot of Beitou New Olympics Center

Beijing News reporter Zhang Mingxuan

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