It should be sunny in spring, and knit sweater picks candy colors and easily wear the streets on the street.

Share the story about beauty together, do not worry about the life of the migrant workers, use fashion to make you resurrected with blood, and become the most beautiful fashion tide on the street. It turns out that it is not difficult to become beautiful!


Spring is really suitable for wearing sweater. The exquisite sweater can be paired with the foundation in the foundation, and can also be matched with skirts and other clothing. If you want to be the most beautiful scenery on the street, you must choose clothing. Spring is full of vitality, suitable for fresh and bright knitwear, showing the seasonal characteristics with color.

Candy -colored sweater can meet these needs and present the charm of spring dress. Candy yellow, candy powder, candy green and other colors are very popular colors. These colors are as good as the sweater. Choose candy on the sweater. Choose candy. The colorful sweater, the attraction of spring must not be bad.


The candy color itself has a unique visual charm, so the matching is not particularly complicated. Different types of mix can also make the weaving cardigan wearing a personality characteristics. You must try the matching of the candy -colored cardigan in spring.

It should be dressed in spring in spring, and the sweater is picky, and it is easy to wear the scenery on the street. Spring candy -colored knitted knitting is hot again, and people on the streets love to wear them. It makes sense for so many years.

Fashionable charm of candy color knitwear

Pure color candy color knitwear

Candy color belongs to

Moderate brightness, bright and fresh

The color of these colors is very attractive, so choosing a single -colored knitted cardigan can show the temperament advantage and make the image more distinctive.

Solid color candy -colored sweater can also ensure that wearing charms is exquisite and not complicated,

Color matching scheme

It will also be a lot simple. Pure color candy color cardigan can be harmonized

Single -colored clothing

It can be matched, and it can also be with

Colorful clothing


Printed candy color knitwear

The printing design of the candy color knitted sweater is also very attractive, the candy color is fresh, suitable for cute style


The age -reducing effect in this way will greatly improve and show a stronger charm.

Printed candy sweater is sweet and lively, which is better for shaping the image of a girl.

Light -colored

It looks more quality in this way.

The color matching of the candy color knitwear

Same color

Although there is only one color in the same color, the effects of different clothing fabrics have different effects on color.


Knitted fabric

It will look gentle, and

Smooth fabric

It will look bright, so there will be different textures in the same color.

At the same time

Look at

It is very high. The combination of knitting and knitting or knitting and other fabrics can add image characteristics and charm, show color characteristics, and express color attractiveness.


Reverse color matching is relatively common, contrast is to match and knit sweater

Color difference is obvious

The items of the item are set off to set off the charm of the candy color to enhance the attractiveness of the dress.

Black is the color that is the most obvious contrast with candy color,

Black item

Combining candy -colored cardigan can show the freshness and brightness of the candy color, and the color temperament will become more prominent.

Candy color knitwear style selection

Simple short

Simple short cardigan is more suitable for spring wear, which can show a relaxed and lively personality personality. There are many ways to wear short cardigan.





You can do it with freshness and tenderness to make the dress more temperamental.

Short knitted cardigan can also be used directly as a top, not paired with inside. In this dress, knitwear can be stuffed into the pants and shows it.


Exquisite matching


Comfortable and loose


Comfortable and loose knitted cardigan is better to wear, loose can ensure the inside



The loose or thick inside will not affect the effect of wearing, and the temperament is not fat.

The loose knitted cardigan can show it can be displayed

Casual, gentle

The temperament, tightly wearing the buttons can appear

Cute and sweet

The temperament, wearing each charm.

The trend of candy color knitwear

Candy -colored knitted cardigan suit

Candy -colored knitted set shows the fashion advantage of knitted combinations, and knitted items generally have



The characteristics are that the camisole and skirt are all close -fitting clothing, which can show the shape characteristics of the figure.

With a knitted cardigan, the dressing looks fresh, gentle and stable, and the set combination increases


The characteristics of knitted fabrics are manifested, and it is fashionable and fashionable in spring.

Candy -colored knitted cardigan with trousers

Short knitted cardigan


Candy colors


The design of the bright and fresh temperament is particularly strong. It can be used with pants to show a favorable and lively dressing characteristic. It has the fashionable charm of trendy casual clothes.

Knit sweater is suitable for matching

Wide leg pants

Wearing, wide -leg trousers can show the slender background, increase the proportional charm, short cardigan with trousers, and the body advantage cannot be covered.

Candy -colored knitted cardigan with skirt

Candy -colored knitted cardigan can also be worn with dresses to show the fashionable and noble women’s charm. Candy -colored knitted cardigan can be paired

Satin skirt

Wearing, dressing is particularly attractive.

The matching of candy -colored sweater is really simple and charming. Fresh and gentle wear makes the female charm. This year, choose a candy -colored sweater to wear, and the return rate must be high.


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