The recommended cosmetics for you are here, let’s take a look together


Girls who have been walking at the forefront of their hands, on the way to buy and buy, has contributed a lot of power to the sales of cosmetics. Among them, it is even more painstaking for identifying genuine cosmetics. What about the cosmetics app? Let me sort out a list of cosmetics software for everyone, let’s take a look.

1. Sipland

Sephora is an international cosmetics shopping website. It was founded in France in 1969. Its products mainly include three categories: skin care, beauty, and perfume. They have corresponding stores in Paris, Milan, Rome, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles and other places. Sephora brand products can be said to be a big brand.

2. Vipshop

Vipshop is a domestic specialty website. Its products cover the living fields of clothing, food, housing, transportation, and transportation. Currently focusing on the special sales model of in -depth discounts and time -limited purchases on selective brands. It is really good. Its cosmetics are brand products Essence

3. Xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu is a life -sharing community APP that has emerged in recent years. One of the main highlights is the topic of beauty. There are many overseas shopping experience with beauty products. Fan can avoid stepping on the mine. There are all kinds of beauty problems, and it also has a beauty skin care mall to buy products online.

4. Amazon

Amazon is a foreign -established shopping app that has been established earlier. Its products include beauty, health care, maternal and infants, and books. The quality of the goods is very high. It has now become the world’s second largest Internet company.

5. Netease Koala

Netease Koala is a domestic cross -border shopping platform for cross -border shopping. The beauty and makeup supplies in the types of goods come from various countries and regions around the world. It’s good.

6. Tmall

Tmall is an e -commerce service platform owned by Alibaba. It contains many well -known domestic and foreign well -known beauty skin care flagship stores, with diverse products, quality assurance, direct mail overseas, and also pay attention to danger. , Support the delivery of the goods.

7. Jumei Youpin

Jumei Youpin is an earliest beauty and skin care e -commerce platform established in China. Because of its founder Chen Ou, “I endorsed for myself” was very hot. It mainly operated various types of beauty skin care products and many brands.

8. Beauty experience

Beauty experience is a domestic beauty skin care cosmetics guidance APP. Before buying various cosmetics, search for products of products online and compare each platform. You can avoid stepping on many pits and better purchase of your favorite cosmetics.

9. Beautiful

Mei La is a application software that can buy beauty skin care products online. There are many online celebrity goddesses gathered to update beauty skin care information. There will also be selected discount products. Little friends.

10. Girlfriends makeup

A professional beauty platform with a lot of beauty gods online live broadcast, and many databases with many beauty products. There are many brands and a large number. You can be familiar with the content before buying cosmetics. Is it a sensitive muscle?

The top ten easy -to -use plant makeup brands recommendation

Pure plant types seem to be more popular and get more recognized by female compatriots, so they also pay more attention to the choice of cosmetics. After all, these cosmetics are added to their faces. Let the skin more relaxed, so what kind of plant cosmetics are good? Today, I sorted out the top ten of the plant cosmetics rankings, let’s take a look!

1. Thoughtful skin rose fruit oil fragrance mini blush cream

2. Dr. Wei, the source of Yuemu, Cheng Bai Huancai isolation sunscreen

3. Yue Shifeng Yin Oil Mine Material Satsule

4. Dream makeup soft and transparent loose powder

5. L’Occitane Paeonia Lip Lipstick

6. Franch Linka BB cream temperature and makeup remover

7. Julie Koco Tea Tree Repair Concealer

8. Kiehl’s Lip Balm No. 1

9. Herboristica Jacking and Runzing Obsoy Milk

10. The grass is suitable

Take you separately

1. Thoughtful skin rose fruit oil fragrance mini blush cream

Reason: The products of the Skin Skin Family have always been the main natural organic herbal component. This blush contains very mild fruit oil ingredients, and there are many natural ingredients, less additives, and can create a quite three -dimensional and natural makeup. Essence The No. 1 color is a very sweet and tender pale pink. The No. 2 color is a very beautiful and beautiful orange pink. The color is very beautiful and natural, like pink naturally appeared in the skin. It is worth recommending!

Second, the source of Yuemu, Dr. Wei, Cheng Baihuan, isolation sunscreen

Reasons: In plant cosmetics, this sunscreen contains natural extracts, which helps reduce excessive melanin production, lighten the stains, bright skin tone, and promote the full absorption of skin care products. This is very useful, and the repurchase is countless. Because I do n’t wipe the powder in class, I directly wipe the sunscreen and go out. At first, I would rub the mud. Later, I knew that the dosage and usage were very smooth. Oh.

Third, Yue Shi Feng Yin Oil Mine Material Satsule

Reason: I believe many people will not be unfamiliar with this product. Sancanus contains minerals and pure natural mint components. Compared with other products, it is easier to absorb sebum powder and remove excess sebum on the skin. I feel very good. After finishing the pink, you can apply a layer without removing makeup all day, especially if you have sun weather. You do n’t need to worry about halo makeup on your eyes. It is also a good choice.

Fourth, dream makeup soft and transparent loose powder

Reason: Among the top ten of the plant cosmetics rankings, this is an absolutely indispensable product. It contains a moisturizing complex component, which is evenly scattered on the skin surface to keep the skin moisturizing and not tight. Cheap discounts, the box is also beautiful, the color of the powder is brightened, the skin color is good, and the fragrance is also good, but it is easy to remove makeup and easy to remove makeup. Of course, it is quite good to use makeup girls.

Fifth, L’Occitane Paeonia Lip Lipstick

Reason: This product contains the essence of peony roots, which can deeply moisturize the skin, reduce the damage caused by the external environment to the skin, and make the lips in a full state of moisturizing. It can be said that there is no need to apply lipstick, hee hee! Many people use this product. The effect is pretty good, the use is very good, there is no greasy thickness, it looks super beautiful after use, not narcissistic, like.

6. Framelkka BB cream temperature and makeup remover

Reason: All this product uses mild plant extracts, which can deeply remove the aging stratum corneum in the skin, so as to make the skin more shiny and improve the skin’s tolerance. The skin around you is different. It’s pretty good to use. Emulsify it, pour it on a cotton pad, and then rub it on your face a few times to emulsify. In addition, water and oil layered, light makeup and makeup are suitable. Natural plant formula products, mild makeup remover more skin -nourishing brands.

Seven, Julikou tea tree repair concealer

Reason: This product of the Julie Kou family contains calendula, and it can be said to be a natural ingredient. It can sooth and swelling, oily and non -irritating, good ductility, and finally help create a more flawless makeup. There was red acne on his face. Put a little on the acne at night. On the second day, the acne was white, and it did not stimulate my sensitive skin. Although it was a bit expensive, the effect was not bad.

8. Kiehl’s Lip Balm No. 1

Reasons: Among the top ten of the plant cosmetics rankings, many of their products in the market are quite good in the market. It contains good soothing factors and can provide the most complete protection for lips. After using for a winter, the peeling phenomenon has been reduced, the skin is milder, and the lip lines seem to improve slightly. Except that it is not convenient to apply, there is really no disadvantage.

Nine, Herborist Jacking and Moisturizing Obsoy Milk

Reason: This isolation milk contains high plant essence. It can effectively protect the damage to the skin during the day, and effectively isolation of makeup and dust, while enhancing the skin’s resistance. The texture is refreshing and does not hurt the skin. It is more suitable for girls with good sensitive skin and skin texture. It can be said that some college students must be necessary! It is really daily isolation to brighten skin tone.

Ten, the grass is suitable

Reason: This sunscreen contains natural herbal essence. While providing comprehensive care for the skin, black can well inhibit the formation of melanin and improve the elasticity and gloss of the skin. The lotion is relatively sparse, good ductility, it feels quite comfortable to use, and the sun protection effect is also good. There is no dry peeling and peeling in the day.