Diyi DIY: Cycling is more Fan’er Campus Campus street installation X weapon

Fixed Gear, this car should be a bicycle rather than a bicycle, because the dead fly cannot be yourself, you do not kick, it does not go. For many children’s shoes, the simple shape of the dead fly and the cool riding method are simply a must -have for X, but the premise of all this is that there must be a dead fly.

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死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

The price of dead flight ranges from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Everyone understands the principle of one penny and one penny. It is not too difficult, and the benefit of DIY is that you can customize it according to your own budget and personality. The car that is assembled by itself is more satisfying.

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

When it comes to dead flying DIY, first look at what preparations you need before DIY.

1. Tools

Because there are not many parts of the dead flying itself, there are very few tools to be needed. The hammer, the inner hexagonal wrench, the 15th wrench, the activity wrench, the pry tire stick, the pilot cylinder, and the middle shaft sleeve. Why are there so many tools? That’s right, just a few of them. For one item with only a dozen parts, these tools are already a lot.

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

2. Body parts

With the tools, the real subject has not appeared, and the quality of the body parts directly determines the quality of the car. First look at which parts of a dead fly include.

⑴ frame group (frame, front fork), ⑵ head bowl group, ⑶ riser (standing), handlebar (bending the OR horn or high handle), ⑸ seat tube, ⑹ seat cushion, ⑺BB bowl group (⑺BB bowl group ( The middle axis), the stabbed crank group (curved handle & tooth plate), the pedal, the boot boots, the ⑾ belt (paired with the boot set to fix your feet on the pedal), the ⑿ chain, the front wheel, the rear wheel, the ⒂ gear gear (The flywheel locks on the rear axle, the essence of the dead flying), ⒃ tires, ⒄ brake rods, ⒅ brake clips, and ⒆ brake wire group.

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

We can see that many dead flying does not install the brakes. As mentioned earlier, this kind of car is flying, you can leave when you kick it, you can use it without walking, you can use it to a certain extent as a brake. However, under the rapid emergency situation, it is difficult to stop by the foot and have a certain risk factor. To put it plainly, the brake is to be safer.

3. assembly

The tools and parts are available. Let’s put together ping -pong pong. The order of loading may be different. Here is a solution for your reference.

Step 1: Instal

In the entire assembly process, in addition to adjusting the wheel spoke difficult, the difficulty of installing the front fork is also very high.

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

This force must be fierce. If you pretend to be on the small bench, the legs are clamped. It is best to have a small partner to help you with a fork. Be careful not to put a cloth under the front fork. The paint, how to drop the paint on it is okay, I ca n’t see it at all after assembly, so do n’t feel distressed, you ca n’t smash it, indicate that you are not powerful, you must smash in, otherwise it will damage the bowl group.

The next step is to install the sun flowers, and it is also a big sledgehammer. Just hold it in the hand first. Don’t be afraid to smash it. After the smashing in, we will adjust it in the word. It’s right.

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

Next is the cushion circle. Before the cushion is smashed in, finally apply some butter. Be sure to put a piece of wooden board and smash it on it. The force is uniform, reducing unnecessary damage caused by excessive force.

Step 2: Put the front wheel

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

This is very simple. Pay attention to the front wheels on the front fork. When you are safe, pay attention to the left and right balances to ensure that the angle of installation is positive. Otherwise, on the one hand, it will affect the riding experience. On the other hand The lifespan of the wheel will also cause the fork to be unevenly stamped and damage the front fork. Another problem to pay attention to the front wheels is that the nuts on the left and right sides should be tightened at the same time. You cannot tighten one side and then twist the other side. This will cause the front wheels to be on the central axis of the body. The brake hole is very useful. If the wheels are directly below the hole, then the front wheels will be installed. If you defle the right, try to tighten the nut on the left, and vice versa.

Step 3:

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

First of all, it is necessary to see the position and type of seat clip. The seat clamps and frames of some cars are integrated. Put the seat tube in and put the seat bag. The frame is on the same straight line. If it is partial, it will be very uncomfortable. I believe that people who ride have felt this feeling. If you have n’t felt it, you can sit up and try your bicycle seat. The height of the seat bag is adjusted according to personal height. Generally, after sitting on the legs straight, the forefoot can just step on the foot. It is not too late to adjust the foot after the specific height is installed.

Step 4: loading handle

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

First of all, you have to remove the front of the standing, then put the handlebar up, put it on the lid, and pay attention to the handlebar when twisting the hexagon, then tighten it on the sideways (not too tight), four four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four. After the screws are twisted, tighten them again.

Step 5: Put a dental disk

According to individual needs, the dental plate can choose different sizes. If you pursue speed, you can choose a slightly larger one. If it is used to climb the mountain or something, you can choose a smaller dental plate. Before installing the dental disk, you must first install the middle axis, and the method of installation is very simple. You can get it in a middle shaft sleeve and a event wrench. After installing the middle shaft, put the tooth plate up, waterproof screw, hexagonal in the 8th horn 8, No. 8 horns 8 corner No. 8 corner No. 8 corner No. 8 corner No. 8 corner No. 8. , Wire to death, it is OK.

Step 6: Put the rear wheel

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

The installation method of the rear wheels is actually similar to the method of the front wheel. Before installing, pay attention to the position of the rear wheel gear. Put the flower drum of the rear wheel on the bayonet of the frame. Pay attention to symmetry and balance. When twisting the screws, pay attention to the simultaneous proceedings to prevent running off.

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

Step 7: Installation chain

Both the tooth and the rear wheels are installed, and the chain is worse. Put the unspecific chain in a good position first. After determining the length, it should be removed. At the same time, pay attention to the position of the tooth tray and the rear gear. Be sure to ensure that the two are on the same plane to minimize the error, because the chain and the gear itself are easy to wear parts, and a little error will greatly reduce the service life.

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

Step 8: Put the brakes

According to the truth, as long as you do n’t step on, you ca n’t go, but why do you have to brake? for safety! for safety! for safety! The important thing is to say three times. When you tell you, it is difficult to stop by the foot, and the auxiliary effect of braking is very important. Why is it just auxiliary effect rather than a decisive role? Because the brakes of the dead fly are generally only available in the front wheels. If the speed of the vehicle is too fast, the car is likely to go directly. Essence

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

When installing the brakes, you must first determine the position of the brakes on the handlebar. There will be a hole in the front of the car. Just fix the screws of the brakes there. The length of the brake line can be roughly determined according to these two positions. Will not pull.

At this point, the vehicle is almost completed. Other personalized accessories, such as helmets, car lights, taillights, stickers. These things can be purchased or customized according to their needs and preferences. A pile of stickers.

死飞DIY:骑行更有范儿   校园街头装X利器

Don’t say anything, hurry up and assemble your own dead fly, and go to the campus on the campus.