National non -legacy Laizhou grass editor debuted the grass editing bag and storage baskets of the Expo for the first time

Poster reporter Zhuang Binbin Li Guoliang Shanghai report

At the Fourth Expo, the national non -legacy Laizhou grass editor appeared at the old Shandong old name and the non -heritage cultural experience hall for the first time, bringing a very representative wheat and corn -woven straw bags, storage baskets and other exhibits. Exhibitors and buyers pursue. “Over the years, our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions. We hope to borrow the platform of the Expo to help us develop larger market space.” On November 7, the business manager of Laizhou Lifa Crafts Co., Ltd. Li Lei said in an interview.

国家非遗莱州草编首次亮相进博会 草编包包、收纳筐受追捧

Laizhou grass has a history of 1500 years and is a national intangible cultural heritage. It mainly uses natural materials such as wheat straw grass and corn skin, and manually woven various handbags and home supplies. There are dozens of tens of thousands of color varieties. It is reported that Laizhou Grass editor uses Laizhou folk’s unique weaving skills. The shape and patterns have both folk traditions, but also combined with modern aesthetics and fashion elements, color or natural, or artificial dyeing, good texture and breathability, gently rich in toughness, overall style Reward nature, green, ethnic, fashion.

国家非遗莱州草编首次亮相进博会 草编包包、收纳筐受追捧

“At the Expo, we deeply felt the importance of the country and the government to non -heritage cultural enterprises. We hope that more people will understand the wealth of Laizhou grass, like Laizhou grass editing, and let the beautiful life of non -heritage craftsmanship light up.” Li Lei said.