Thirty years of crossing! Exploring the taste of Pudong on the tip of the tongue Shanghai Kellete

People use food as the sky.




It is always the top priority in the lives of the people.

The changes on the people’s dining table,

Often reflect the changes of the times.

The 30th anniversary of Pudong Development ushered in.

From all over the world, all kinds of cuisine

Integration and gathering in Shanghai, a modern metropolis,

Like a taste forest.


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Sanlin Benn Gang


If you want to ask Shanghai people, what is the most authentic Shanghai taste, no matter how many taste temptations around you around, there is only one answer -this gang!


We first came to the “Sanlin Gang” located in Sanlin Ancient Town, Pudong. The “old eight” such as the buckle, the three silk, and the steamed Sanxian are the classics of Sanlin’s gang. There are both thick red sauce and light and delicious, which is the taste in memory.

Li Mingfu, the owner of the Sanlin Benn Gang, is the representative inheritor of the “Sanlin Ben Gang” of Pudong’s intangible cultural heritage. The five generations of the Li family inherited this gang’s cooking story, and they were famous for their famous “Tip 2”, which became a legend for many diners.


Appreciate “the clouds in the clouds”

Yuexuan Chinese Restaurant, Baiyue Hotel, Shanghai

As a window to the world, Lujiazui is not only a “financial city”, but also a big food world.

Ascend to the 87th floor of the Global Financial Center, there is the highest Chinese restaurant in Shanghai, Shanghai Baiyue Hotel Yuexuan Chinese Restaurant. In this “cloud restaurant”, you can enjoy food and enjoy the urban skyline of Shanghai.

In Lujiazui, talents from all over the world and the whole country gather here. The taste is more diverse and rich. The integration of Chinese and Western cuisine has a surprise to people’s taste buds. The changes in the tongue, refraction and witnessing the development of Pudong’s development and opening up in the past 30 years, booming, open and blending.


“Humanities Book Fragrance”

Duoyunxuan Coffee

Taste the deliciousness of the “Cloud Restaurant”, do you feel good? In Lujiazui Financial City, there is also a very international Haipai deliciousness: coffee!

The white -collar workers in Lujiazui could not do without coffee. A cup of coffee in the morning can boost the spirit of Lujiazui; a cup of coffee in the afternoon can awaken the laziness of the financial city; a cup of coffee at night can also make people who struggle all night get emotional comfort.


In China’s tallest bookstore, “Duoyun Academy” located on the 52nd floor of the Shanghai Central Building is 239 meters is a physical height, and more than 60,000 books on the bookshelf represent the height of spiritual life. Order a cup of coffee to make the incense and coffee, the collision of the two, the whole person feels warm.

“Belt and Road” global good collection


Global cuisine

In Pudong, the benefits on the tip of the tongue are more than that. The “Belt and Road” global good collection in the Senlan Shangdu in the Pudong Free Trade Zone can also taste world food.


Hammers in Spain, red wine in Australia, Xiangmang in Thailand, kimchi in South Korea … In the “Belt and Road” global good collection, it brought together thousands of products from more than 20 countries (regions). The “Belt and Road” on the tip of the tongue is not only “buying and buying”, but also becoming a bond connecting the goods and culture of various countries. The overflowing effect of the Expo is reflected here on the table of ordinary people.

From the “Ben Gang” to “World Meal”, Pudong’s development and opening up for 30 years, it has changed food, which is unchanged for the pursuit and love of a better life. Gourmet is a bridge, which shortens the distance between people and narrows the distance between China and the world. Those dreams that we have never overlooking are gradually changing from dreams to reality.