3 days, add 100 pounds! Use “pineapple” to feed fish shrimp after eating

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“The raw fish uses a hundred pounds in a consecutive day.”

“The plaque shrimp is used for 5 days to increase 12 pounds / meal.”


“South American white shrimp continuously uses 3 days of consuming 10 catties / meal and other cases of such cases.”

Recently, a “pineapple fermentation” product – Yuekai “Yikang peptide” walks the red water generation industry, in less than a year, to promote food, intestinal repair, anti-disease (anti-white), regulate water quality The effect is a large number of fans, and become a multi-feed, motivated to compete for explosions.

“In 2019, our orders have surged, and the market prospects is optimistic.” Lin Chong, general manager of Zhanjiang Yuekai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. full of confidence.


Throughout the aquatic production industry, the homogeneration is serious, and the new product has not been seen for a long time, the market is also looking forward to an outbreak. “Pineapple Fermentation” can be said to be a landmark industry with a midburst product, bringing huge surprises for the industry. But some people have skeptical attitudes and believe that lack of corresponding research.

Recently, the author learned that the Pearl River Aquatic Research Institute of China’s Aquatic Science Research Institute has conducted a topic project related to “Pineapple Fermentation”, and about Dr. Wang Yajun, one of the project leaders, extensively discussed from the technical and research and development level, let Everyone has a more scientific and in-depth understanding of the “pineapple fermentation” products and industries.

Dr. Wang Yajun, Pearl River Aquatic Research Institute, China Aquatic Science Research Institute

Net red “pineapple fermentation liquid” actually studied

Aquatic Frontier: The front time “Feeds with pineapple fermented microbial juice” is popular, and everyone has a strong interest. It is understood that you have also been related to the relationship between pineapple fermentation, when did you start? What is the original intention?

Wang Yajun:

We do pineapple fermentation related research applications have been early, and it has begun before and after 2010. At that time, Zhanjiang is a larger pineapple origin, and it is also a highly concentrated processing and origin. There are many localized pineapple processing products, such as pineapple beer, pineapple juice and pineapple cans. However, waste of dried pineapple slag in the processing is very polluted with the environment. At that time, some people put forward the slogan of “re-use”, I also thought this is a very good direction, so I started this work. Subsequently, fortunately, the support of the Guangdong Science and Technology Plan project will be better transformed into practical applications.

Aquatic Frontier: In the aquatic product, everyone’s understanding of “pineapple fermentation” is relatively limited, please briefly introduce the current research status and application process of pineapple fermentation.

At present, my country’s related research applications on pineapples in breeding industry is still relatively small, and there are not many companies that specialize in research. The earliest, it is only used for fruit wine fermented or fruit wine, such as the most famous pineapple beer. Subsequently, the fermentation of pineapple was gradually applied to more fields, developed pineapple fermented feed, pineapple yeast and other products.

In the feed sector, the earliest pineapple and pineapple drink under the pineapple can be used to make fermentation feed, mainly because it is rich in pineappases. The Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Plan Project “uses the application of pineapple slag fermented soybean meal process research and product application demonstration”, the original intention is to improve the quality and function of fermentation feed by the pineapple processing, while solving the problem of pollution, the research products developed, mainly There are two application directions, one on livestock and animation, and another in the aquatic product.

Pineapple (picture from the network)

Tonight characteristic – high efficiency

Frontier frontier: What is the practical application of pineapple fermentation extract in aquatic product and livestock?

The fermentation extract of pineapple is mainly used in high-end feed on livestock and poultry, such as adding in a lactating tractor, which can improve the milk capabilities of the sow after use, the most obvious manifestation is the fat in the sow, The three key indicators of protein and amino acids are high compared to the control group.

In terms of aquatic feed, it is better to obtain better effects in the feed of sea bass, Californa, squid and other feed, because the pineappase can improve the intestinal health of aquatic animal and improve the utilization of feed. In addition, the pineapple itself has a unique flavor, a strong tempering, coupled with a unique fermentation process, with better tempering and regulating the intestinal function, producing a plus one greater than two effects. In short, a good effect is the most significant feature of pineapple fermentation extract.

Pineapple flesh fermentation extraction

Aquatic Frontier: Why can the pineapple fermentation extraction can produce such a strong fluid effect?

This question first should be talked from raw material pineapple, pineapple contains a large number of functional substances such as protease, fructose, glucose and vitamins. Among them, there is a substance called “pineapple”, which can appear, help digestion, improve the local blood circulation, dilute blood lipids, eliminate inflammation, and edema, can promote blood circulation. Especially after overjoying meat and greasy food, eat some pineapple is more appropriate, and can prevent fat deposition. In addition, the pineapple has a rich drug value, can slow down the symptoms of scorpion and cough, reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, diabetes, and the like. Similarly, these effects can also be reflected in breeding animals.

The most important burnace fermentation is its enzyme, organic peony, trace element, and its own own flavor. After the fermentation of pineapple, you can make different products, nourish, nutrition, regulatory intestines, etc., but different products will focus on, such as the fermentation material is more focused in the nutrition direction, the fermentation liquid is mainly Acid and dupping direction.

Pineapple fermentation extraction

Big company, big brand quality is more reliable

Frontier frontier: It is understood that Yuekai “Yikang peptide” is made of direct fermentation of pineapple flesh. Is there any difference between the product of the fermentation and peel fermentation?

The composition ingredients of pineapple fruit and pineapple projections are similar, and fermentation is carried out in different parts of pineapple. The pineapple in the peel, the fiber content is slightly higher, but the fermentation broth not only requires a pineapple enzyme, but also the vegetaric acid, carbohydrate and sugar in pineapple.

Aquatic frontier: Many breeding households and, can the pineapple fermentation fluid ferment or second fermentation?

First we have to clarify why the secondary fermentation is carried out, and the core of the secondary fermentation is to increase the number of live bacteria, so it is necessary to be a bacteria, nutrient substance. Although Tang head fermentation is reduced, there are many uncontrollable factors in this process. Some farmers will even add feed or other substances during the fermentation process, but these creative results are not necessarily good, and we do not recommend the breeding of blind innovation. Moreover, I always think that it is necessary to make a product to remove excess links, allowing farmers to use the simplest products. Therefore, we must choose the right to use according to the characteristics of the product, which recommends that the farmers directly purchase the mature and standardized products of brand companies.


Xu Wei’s sea (picture from the network)

“Fruit fermentation + aquatic products” have great imagination space

Aquatic Frontier: What else needs attention to fermentation?

It has to be mentioned to the raw material to say that the fermentation is mentioned. Raw materials is a very important part of the fermentation. Therefore, it is very important to choose from raw materials to screening. It is like a wine, and the flavor of the wine produced by different raw materials is very different.

Frontier frontier: Next, which direction will develop in the fermentation industry?

The future development of the fermentation industry will have two development directions, the first in terms of the optimization of fermentation strains, the second is the development of unconventional materials.

In the future, more functional strains can be used in conjunction with fermentation, producing different metabolites to achieve different product effects. For example, resistance, we can screen or modify strains, and give it or metabolitarized resistance. Simply, the functional strain is more in-depth research and development. We are doing related work, which is expected to see results within 3 to 5 years.


Frontier frontier: In addition to fermented pineapple, other fruits have related research and applications on the aquatic product?

In addition to the raw materials of the pineapple, we can find more fermentable raw materials with unique features. For example, apples and papaya, apples contain malaysic acid, papaya containing papaya, maybe they can also be hot in aquaculture in aquaculture like a pineapple fermentation. Of course, it also needs to consider the regional advantages of raw materials and the actual problems such as warehouse transportation.

In addition, from our research perspective, it will continue to study their mechanisms. It is still in the case of pineapple fermentation liquid, it has the effect of improving the intestines and snacks, but we have not known that the product of the fermentation is still caused by the pineapple self-substance, and the mechanism of the action is worth our go Thinking and exploration.

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