Wild camping VS exquisite camping, is it natural to experience nature, or change the mobile phone in a place?


Recently, I have seen articles about “exquisite camping” on the Internet, and friends around me have talked. People in the post -epidemic era are eager to travel, and they are more eager to contact nature. This comfortable outdoor activity also attracted more and more people’s attention.

At the end of March, Station B and Tmall jointly released a report showing that compared with 2019, the growth rate of video playback increase in station B in 2020 included “outdoor/camping” reached 160%.

Exquisite camping: thick ins information map

“Exquisite camping”, also known as “boutique camping”, “luxury camping”, “comfortable camping”, etc. It is a synthetic word composed of Glamorous (charming) plus Camping (camping). The vocabulary first appeared in the UK in 2005 and was included in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016.

Although this word is not long, the first appearance in this form can be traced back to the 16th century: a Count of Scotland prepared a luxurious outdoor experience for the visiting king VI and his mother. Earls set up a luxurious tent, full of luxury items in their own house, making the mother and child live as comfortable as indoor and full of fun.

In the 1920s, hunting in Africa became the “necessary experience” of the wealthy British and American people. On the one hand, they seek adventure and stimulation, but on the other hand, they are unwilling to sacrifice comfort or luxury. From the generator, to the folding bathtub, to a box of champagne … Every time you go to a place, there will be African servants to build a spacious and tall round tent, and it will also spread soft and luxurious handmade carpet on the ground. This forms the prototype of “exquisite camping”.

“Golden City” information map in front of the ancient city of Perspot


In fact, it is also necessary to say that the “exquisite camping” to the extreme is to be King of Papalevi, and even said that this move destroyed his life without life: October 12th to 16th, 1971, Palestinevi In order to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of the founding of the Persian Empire, the king set up a tent city named “Golden City” in the ancient city of Persia near Laizi in Iran. They are composed of 50 luxurious silk tents, each with bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and marble toilets in each tent.


The celebration not only invited politicians in Western countries, but also all the food from France, which cost about $ 300 million. This feast left Paparv’s not only headache and hangover, but his extremely luxurious Iranian people who were still struggling under the poverty line also laid a fuse for the future overthrown power of his power to overthrow his regime in the future. Essence

The triangle tent is a “standard” data map

The “exquisite camping” that has just been popular in China has taken the “INS style” route. From the photos, we can see that the style is amazing: the entire camping site must be full of design and beauty, which is refreshing and elegant; the space of each tent is large enough, standing there like a small house, and some have to be matched with it. There are rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms with wet and wet separation, etc.; Decorative elements are also indispensable: a small light bulb that flashs in painting, professional barbecue, small light bulbs in a flash, shawl with tassels … The overall is given people as a whole. A sense of illusion.


The reason why “exquisite camping” has become popular on the Internet, “good concave shape” is a major feature of it. These well -known “exquisite camping” have been readily available, and they all have full net red temperament … Some camps will also be equipped with photographers to create the same in batches for the guests who come to experience in batches in batches in batches who come to experience in batches in batches who come to experience in batches in batches who come to experience in batches in batches who come to experience in batches in batches who come to experience in batches in batches who come to experience in batches in batches who come to experience in batches in batches. Quality and beautiful photos.

But the camping I experienced in Australia is not stained with the word “exquisite”. In fact, camping, cycling, hiking, and climbing have long been part of many people’s lives. Because of the “soil” and high natural coverage in Australia, people have been in contact with nature since childhood and understand nature.

Our camping equipment is simple and unpretentious but practical. This article is taken by An An except the information map.

Australian camping camps are divided into two types: free and charges. Tolls will provide toilet, shower and public kitchen. After you parked the car, they started to prepare for camp. The free camp is within the scope of the government’s permission.

After walking around the camp, you will find that everyone’s equipment is mainly practical: protective boxes used to install eggs, portable toilets, tire protective cases, stand -up bath houses, toast baking folders, professional electric drills … The topic of communication is also self -driving routes, journey experience, tool use experience, etc. -simple Australians do not despise the chain of outdoor equipment. But the “low -key luxury” expression that is strongly concealed.


When cooking, be alert to the “harassment” data map of kangaroo

In fact, the biggest challenge in Australian camping is all kinds of wild animals, so how to survive safely in the wild is the most worry -free issue. In addition to the burden of aggravating the journey, those who have no “martial arts”. After all, only when you really contact nature can you understand the charm of nature, and you will respect and awe of nature from the bottom of your heart.


Come to outdoor with more than 200 kilograms of equipment -this is not camping. This is just a place to work in a place. For the so -called delicate and fashionable, you have to get a nice name, called “moving camping”.

However, Australia also has “exquisite camping”, but the elements of net reds are not as good as domestic 1/10. And at most, it is a tent -style hotel, a triangle tent or bed breakfast on the bed. Open the webpage search, and it will also find articles such as “the best camping in Australia”. I quickly browsed and found that I basically passed by when I was in Ming Australia in 2019. Most of these camps are built not far from the sea, and the promotional photos are also a “INS style”. However, I really didn’t see someone living in. After all, the place where “pretend” was for tourists or elderly couples. The real Australian strong man had long driven their off -road four -wheel drive and disappeared on the “rubbing road”. Essence

There is no different information map with the hotel

Another boring thing about “exquisite camping” is that it is actually another form of “handbags”. Lajia takes the mouth to book a tent camp for one weekend and two days to experience the feeling of “Outdoor” with daily necessities: go to the “tent restaurant” to order when hungry; The waiters will bring you a cup of “hand rush”; at night around the public bonfire, order a few baches to solve it, and there will be singers from the ear from time to time -in nature, everything is so like that, everything is so so Back to Basics.

But this kind of “camping” that can not even stains hands can really make us feel its true meaning? This method of “reaching for rice” is actually no different from living in the hotel.

Australian camping must be personally done.

You know, except for Australia, in addition to the surrounding sea, most areas are surrounded by deserts. Droughts and rain, rain, hot temperature, and high temperatures have always been the “main theme” in most regions. At that time, it was a comprehensive ban on fire, including cooking fire. At this time, you need to check the fire index of the day. If the fire cannot be raw, then the electric barbecue oven will help a lot, go to the local meat shop to buy a steak, press the bakery button, wait a few minutes, after the furnace surface is heated, in the furnace surface, after the furnace surface is heated, in the furnace surface, after the furnace surface is heated. Sprinkle olive oil on it, and fry the beef discharge. You can also add rosemary, Baili fragrance and other spices to add flavor.

Pick up the firewood to stew a whole piece of beef

If you can get angry, it is even more interesting, because this is the “firewood rice” that urban people dream of. First go to the woods to pick up some branches falling on the ground, or round wood like a bowl mouth. After seeing it with a chainsaw, put it neatly under the oven. When the fire is burned, you can put the meat or on the stage on the stage. Or hanging on the hook, the smoky taste will directly increase the taste of the food to another level.

Even the beard is so primitive


In addition to enjoying food, Australian camping also tests people’s patience, such as wolf in the middle of the night, getting up and raining to collect tents; in the evening, cooking fifth -level wind, and from time to time Camping in the ground, packaging … Occasionally, “Sofa Surfing” experienced “civilized society”, you will feel that all this is too easy, too convenient -at this time you will understand that the standard in the city has become the wild in the wild. Rare, getting out of your usual comfort circle, and challenging the satisfaction of self -success, there is an unspeakable beauty.

It is said that “exquisite camping” is a new middle -class game. In order to cater to the comfort, taste and ritual of the middle class, the market grasped the air outlet and stepped up to build a high -end camping place: not only needed a piece to enjoy the beautiful and open natural scenery In the place, it must also be equipped with hardware with a bathroom, bathroom, kitchen and other supporting equipment. It is not easy to find in this place. An operator of a domestic high -end tent camp once admitted that communication with the local government spent a lot of energy, and it took nearly 10 years to choose the design and landing.

At the same time, in the process of construction and garbage treatment, the burden on the surrounding environment will also be aggravated. As soon as the wind is over, maybe it will become another bunch of unattended buildings ruins.

Many Australian camps only provide the most basic facilities, and the purpose of this is to reduce interference in vegetation and animals as much as possible. There are only simple dry toilets in many national parks, and the staff will regularly throw them into chemicals to accelerate the decomposition of excretion. Other places will also provide RV excrement uninstallors: open the lid and connect the RV with a tube to uninstall it smoothly. The government will collect these excrement and use it for compost after treatment. Some also have a large rainwater collector, which can use these rainwater, except for drinking.

Some free camps do not provide toilets, but they will guide people how to “correctly solve” in the wild: choose a place at least five meters away from the water source, dig a deeper pit on the ground with small iron pupa, and cover it on it. Burted the pit. This will not only spread the disease in the feces, affect the survival of wild animals, but also better protect the cleanliness of the environment and the cleaning of water sources.


The purpose of not providing trash cans in many camps is to let people take away the garbage they generate. According to my observation, after the campers leave, they will never leave any garbage, and the environmental awareness is evident.

I guess this is not open to the contact with nature and the words of my parents. They keep the philosophy of “awe of nature”. In addition to the humble mentality of “benefiting nature only needs”, they are also convinced that everything has a spirit of spirit and respect for respect.

Enjoy a good time in studying outdoors

If I let me choose, I would rather come again in Australia’s rough camping life. Sitting under the quiet starry sky, took a deep breath, and felt the extremely fresh air. It is slightly mixed with salty and sweetness, which is comfortable and peaceful.


Editor in charge: Qian Chengxi

School pair: Zhang Liangliang