Sony released a digital camera FDR-AX45A: support 4K video shooting, 20 times optical zoom zoom

IT House News on April 8th, today, Sony released the 4K high-definition digital camera FDR-AX45A, which further increased the screen resolution to 920,000 points on the basis of the FDR-AX45.

Sony said that AX45A is a portable multi -function camera with the advantages of recorded 4K video shooting specifications, about 20 times optical zoom, and a stable optical anti -shake enhancement mode.Stabilization needs, in addition to the fast editing function in the machine, it does not require additional software to achieve rapid sharing in the later period.AX45A has a long battery design with large -capacity batteries and DC power supply is very suitable for users with long -term recording needs such as live broadcast and conference records.

索尼发布数码摄像机FDR-AX45A:支持 4K 视频拍摄,20倍光学变焦

At present, Sony has not announced the price information of this camera.