Safe swimming “assembly” swimming pool holding a launching ceremony is favored by safety and environmental protection

On July 1, Xia Shu was lush and cicadas. The “Labor Swimming Pool Cutting Ceremony” independently developed by Jiangyin City Si -Fang Swimming Equipment Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province was held in Shenyang.

Secretary of the Party Committee of the General Administration of Sports, Wang Lusheng, vice chairman of the China Swimming Association, Jiang Binbo, Minister of Social Activity Department of the Swimming Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, party secretary of the party committee of the Liaoning Provincial Swimming Center, Secretary -General of the Liaoning Provincial Swimming Association Zhang Jian, director of the bureau, and the chairman of Jiangyin Sifang Tourism Equipment Co., Ltd., Shi Shi, attended the leaders attended and delivered a speech.

Jiangsu Province Jiangyin Si -Fang Swimming Equipment Co., Ltd. is the Standing Committee of the China Swimming Association Equipment Committee. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta Jiangyin Industrial Park, which is developed and economic prosperous, covers an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters. For many years, the company has been specializing in the development and development of swimming equipment products. According to market demand, it has continuously introduced advanced foreign experience and technology, and has successfully developed a variety of swimming pool cushions, indoor and outdoor disassembly swimming pools, full -plastic wardrobes, disassembly installations, disassembly installations New cutting -edge products such as floating bridges and swimming pool insulation covering membranes such as short pool competitions have obtained a number of national patents, filling a number of gaps in China, solving the contradiction between the swimming pool match and usual opening. It not only achieves the purpose of national fitness, but also creates a good social and economic benefits for the swimming stadium. The products are well -sold throughout the country and have been affirmed and supported by users.

四方游泳“拼装式”游泳池举行启动仪式 安全环保受青睐

Chairman Shi Fangdu founded the Sifang Swimming Equipment Company in 1992. For 25 years, he has been focusing on creating a national brand with the spirit of craftsmen. Li Jingzhi, focusing on the manufacturing and research and development of swimming equipment series products, leading enterprise technical backbones to continuously introduce the world’s advanced technology for exploration and innovation.

四方游泳“拼装式”游泳池举行启动仪式 安全环保受青睐

The swimming pool has a cleaning function of the autonomous water circulation and the swimming function that can never be traveled on the shore. Flow and waves through patented technology. Simulate the pool into the sea, the Yangtze River, and the river. It can produce more than ten kinds of artificial waves, both energy -saving and environmentally friendly. You only need to push water in the pool to reuse for a long time.