Why are people with really tasteful people inseparable from a pair of Church’s shoes?

Master Fan said: Selection of taste

What a person’s taste is the most intuitive way to wear. Compared with the foundation and daily clothes and accessories, the choice of shoes is actually particularly important. A pair of good shoes is easier to highlight your high -level taste.

It is said that shoes are men’s second faces. This sentence is also applicable for women who are pursuing quality.

In Fanzhu’s heart, there are three points for a pair of shoe -grade shoes: one is

Brand recognition

, Secondly

The design is stylish


The most important thing is

Excellent comfort


And those who can satisfy these characteristics, Fan Lord first thought of the British century -old handmade shoes brand



It’s right.

This brand believes that Fan You is familiar with it -British national treasure handmade shoe brand. The classic British style is elegant and stylish. It is not only recognized by the British royal family, but also the taste of countless elite celebrities.

It is also one of the royal shoes brands of Bond in the “007” series of movies. From “Golden Eyes” and “Black Day Crisis” to “Breakthon Crisis”, Bond has worked handsomely in Church’s shoes.


Today, Fanzhu said that wearing a pair of Church’s shoes is a symbol of taste.

Handmade shoes for 100 years, capturing countless celebrities’ celebrities

Speaking of Church’s, although the brand is quite low -key, in the circle of people who understand shoes and shoes, the awareness is extremely high, especially in the elite class is a highly recognized brand.

British national treasure -level shoe brand, continuing fashion and elegance for hundreds of years


Church’s was founded in 1873, and its family started making shoes as early as 1675. History can be described as quite long.

The founder inherited the family’s shoes -making experience and made men’s shoes with hand. Because of the good quality of the shoes and elegant design, it gradually became a sign of the British shoes brand fashion and elegance, and continued until today. Today is a proper national treasure brand in the UK.

Since its establishment for more than 100 years, Church’s achievements have also been righteous. Especially in the 1880s, the second -generation inheritor of the brand, William Church, added the concept of left and right feet to the shoe. It was undoubtedly revolutionary for Europe, which was still mainly in the stage of straight shoes.


In 1881, William’s original “Adapted” leather boots won the Gold Award of the World Expo, which made the brand famous for a while.

After entering the twentieth century, with the development of export trade, the brand has also moved towards the international market, and British shoes have shined in North America. When Queen Elizabeth II visited Church’s in 1965, he also awarded the brand’s famous Queen Industrial Award. It is quite powerful to get the royal recognition stamp ~


Bondon with shoes with shoes, capturing the hearts of countless celebrities


The elegant and accent design and excellent craftsmanship, Church’s is not only the brand of PICK many times in the movie “007” series, but also many celebrities of celebrities are its fans.


From former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to the male god trembling, as well as “British Fashion Magazine” as the most well -dressed man in the UK, Matthew Zorpas, is a loyal user of the brand. Shoes.

Not only Bangde wearing it, but in the “007: No time to die”, which was just released recently, Bang Girl Leiya Saudu also got on Church’s retro high -heeled sandals.

At the same time, there are no shortage of fashion women such as Bei Yan, Emma Watson, etc. The Oxford shoes and Chelsea boots on their feet are the most classic shoes of the brand, which is enough to see the brand’s position in the hearts of the British ~


In the latest blockbuster of the supermodel small KK, the same Pick’s shoes, this pair with Noir Kei Ninomiya’s co -branded Maryzhen boots handsome. Last month, Selena Gomez appeared on this pair of boots wearing “VOGUE”, and also from the same series ~


There are also many stars wearing Church’s in China. Men such as Li Xian, Chen Weiting and Zhang Binbin have all worn their shoes to attend the red carpet or on the show. They are handsome and handsome, super -style ~

Sun Yan even wore Church’s Derby shoes on “Fashion COSMO”, with white socks academy.

Design is long -lasting, handmade shoes with high -level texture


I believe everyone has heard that Church’s Lefu Shoes is known as a pair of pairs for ten years, and there are not many brands that dare to pack tickets like this. However, Church’s is so popular, it is absolutely inseparable from its long -lasting design and high -level comfortable texture.


Shoes design elegant and fashionable, high -level texture highlights the product


Church’s professional shoes made a century, starting from men’s shoes and shoes. In the era when the gentleman’s culture, their classic British -style design was elegant and fashionable, perfectly matched with gentleman suit.


To this day, Church’s design is also a long time.

Modern shoes such as Derby shoes, Oxford shoes, exquisite shoe shapes, and form a perfect harmony with the gentleman’s suit suit. Even if we wear ten years, it is a classic and outdated choice.

Another example is the easily casual Brock shoes, the classic retro carved flower is combined with the high gloss calf leather, with a casual style full of style, and easily wear a fashionable gentleman fan.

The reason why Fan feels that their shoes are very textured is that most of the shoes are used to use natural advanced calf leather, with unique polishing design, no matter what light, it shows an elegant and restrained high -level sense, highlighting the wearers. Extraordinary taste.

The choice of color also takes into account the fashion and real wear, such as the very popular Chelsea boots, from classic black, to elegant Burgundy red, asphalt, and even the ebony color of the cavity. , The adaptation with clothing and wearing scenes is extremely high ~

Handmade shoes make a good process, comfortable and durable, you can wear a pair of pairs for ten years

Inheriting the family’s shoe -making process for more than a century, Church’s handmade shoes are unique, and they are also very respected in the industry.

For example, classic loafers, the production process of the world’s top shoes -solid -legged shoe technology, dual internal and external seams, ensure the firmness of the upper and soles, can withstand to a great extent It’s not bad for ten years ~


The decorative details on the side also rely on the craftsmanship to suture. The delicate workmanship and exquisite wiring ensure the beauty of the shoes, as well as intimate design such as lining without lining and folding top lines. Personal needs.


High -level craftsmanship has created their shoe -durable and comfortable traits. A pair of shoes can really wear it for many years. Boy A has started a pair of Church’s Chelsea boots many years ago. Good heart ~


There are many types to meet the needs of various occasions


And since the development of Church’s, the types of shoes are very rich. From classic Derby shoes, Oxford shoes, to casual Chelsea boots and loafers, they can be satisfied whether it is business or leisure.

Women’s shoes are also high -end and elegant in style. In addition to classic shoes, many innovative shoes have been launched. The choice is extremely rich.

In addition to leather shoes, there are also casual shoes such as sneakers, small white shoes, etc., which can meet different wear needs. The simple and retro design is also quite grass ~

Which shoes are the most worth starting?


Having said so much, next, Fan Master recommends the most classic style worth starting in his family.


Let’s talk about the men’s series first ~

Flat shoes: officially casual, must -have for business people

△ Shannon: lace


This Derby shoes, Fan Lord recommends business men’s most. It is not only a very versatile positive shoes, but also a exquisite model for the brand’s handmade. Since its release in 1970, it has been loved by business celebrities.

Under the refining of professional craftsmen, the smooth upper is interspersed with hand -made delicate details. The double -layer soles are beautiful and comfortable, and each detail reveals the elegant and practical aesthetics ~

The polished black shoes are full of texture, with a simple and simple and stylish style. The details of the lace add some interesting, and the upper feet are also stable and stylish. For business men, it is definitely a must -have for important occasions ~

△ Shannon T: Ladie


If you like a younger style, then this lace -up Derby shoes is definitely suitable for you! This Shannon T style is tough and classic, and the overall feeling is easier. It is very suitable for starting in the workplace or young men.


Although it is flat shoes, it is slightly height, and the upper foot is easy to make the figure stand upright. And the matching NAPPA leather tongue is also very comfortable to wear, coupled with the calf leather with the St Moritz sole, galloping the workplace is not tired ~

Boots: Gentlemen have style, comfortable and versatile


△ Amberley R173: Classic Menci Chelsea Boots


The first thing recommended in the boots is this classic Chelsea boot. The charm of Chelsea boots is no stranger to everyone, especially for men, with a well -matched style, the elegant characteristics of the shoes can highlight your high -level taste.


Boots are made of natural calfskin leather. The classic 173 shoe is designed. The shoe lines are elegant and narrow. It is both modern and traditional with a rounded toe and elegant skeleton.


The tight design on both sides of the Chelsea boots is also very easy to wear and take off. Simple design is suitable for any occasion, business men are necessary to enter ~ If you are paired with Xiaobai, Fan Master recommends it with slim pants.

△ Coalport 2: Study Derby boots

Outside the workplace, a pair of “boots” suitable for casual. Like this Coalport 2 is very good, its design is very suitable for outdoor stroll and field activities, and it is also delicate enough, suitable for cities to wear.


This boot is made of grain calf leather. The matched light rubber Commando soles also increase the grip. Not only is it strong and durable, but also the feet are particularly tough and stylish. , Fashion BOYS of Jeans.



The design of this Edelweiss lace -up boots is also very surprising. The shoes are inspired by outdoor shoes. The high -end handicraft production has both practicality and sense of craftsmanship.

The design of the round head+rear pull ring gives the shoe tough and handsome style. Fanzhu feels that the highlight is that the polishing metal hole eye has added a lot of rough characteristics. It is especially suitable for pants with jeans and various functional wind ~ Especially Recommended a fashion tide man to start, it is also a great weekend shoes for business people ~

Male model Zhao Lei has also recently put on this pair of shoes, paired with black high -necked shirts and jeans, revealing tough and stylish in leisure.

Let’s recommend female models below ~

Boots: Exquisite and elegant, accompany you all year round


△ Ketsby WG: Brock Chelsea boots

In the boots, Fanzhu’s most planting grass Brock’s boots, iconic boots design, with retro -romantic Brock carved flowers, elegant and delicate, undoubtedly one of the most worthwhile boots this winter ~


The material also uses calf leather. The polishing surface is combined with the exquisite Brock nail hole, which reveals the high -level texture in the low -key.

The matching diamond -shaped rubber sole and wear -resistant lining, the comfort of the top of the feet is not to say ~ It is the best point is very versatile. Whether it is jeans, middle pants or skirts, it is quite suitable. Dressing is very high.

△ Monmouth WG (two colors): Chelsea boots


If you like a more simple design or pick a pair of boots for the workplace, classic Chelsea boots are the most suitable choice. This MONMOUTH WG shoe type is neat and leisure, perfectly integrates Chelsea’s boots style with modern minimalism ~

There is no extra decoration on the upper, which makes the exquisite calfskin of natural noodles show luxuriousness ~ Whether it is business occasions or daily occasions, it is very suitable, and the skill of pulling the legs is very good. Lended legs ~


There is also a very special asphalt color, which is more shiny than black and has a higher degree of eye -catching ~ If you want to try different styles, this one is very good!

There is no choice for craftsmanship. This boot also uses diamond -shaped rubber soles. The comfort and non -slip resistance are very good. It is comfortable and peaceful daily, and the breathability is also very good. Women are particularly friendly!


Flat shoes: handsome tough, salt and sweet

△ Shannon 2 WR: Platform with Derby shoes


If the lady wants to start a pair of flat shoes, Fan Lord still recommends Church’s iconic shoes Shannon 2 WR Derby shoes. It continues the elegant and neutral style of men’s styles. Good choice.

It is a good choice with trousers and cigarette pants. You can also use socks to walk away from the college leisure style. There are many styles to unlock it.


Well, Church’s, a century -old British shoe brand, has introduced it here. After seeing so much, I believe everyone has a deeper understanding of this low -key and powerful brand. If you are also a person who pays attention to quality, starting their shoes is definitely an excellent choice.


The picture comes from the brand, this article is an advertisement


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