Fairy bottom socks! 1 second of thin legs and waist lifted hips, non -skids do not hit your feet, but also comes with fragrance

Winter is really a season of hoarding meat, and the house Sir has a full 8 pounds! Fortunately, the clothes are thick in winter, and others can’t see it (the heart of the heart ~).

But Su, spring is coming, the flesh full of flesh is really unable to hide …….

Think about your own sitting at work for a long time, the increasingly prominent belly and flat hips, the clothes are reduced, exposed the figure defect in minutes, and how to make the delicate little fairy.

Fitness is urgent! Drag my tired body every day to persist in exercise, and finally lost 2 pounds, relaxed a little, and the meat on her body returned again. Who can understand the pain in my heart?


Until we wear a beautiful girlfriend, I recommend it to me a “thin lady’s fragrance and skinny leg socks”, you can

Solving one at one time, calf, small belly, waist thick, flat buttocks!

The moment I saw it, I was doubtful: it looked so ordinary, the effect was so good? Will you wear it? Will it drop the crotch? Will it hook up and get the ball? … But looking at the strong lower body in the mirror, I still decided to try it (anyway, there is nothing to lose).

Opening the packaging, he immediately smelled a faint jasmine fragrance. He got it on his hand and felt as soft as a baby’s clothes. He tried its elasticity at hand. It was also very satisfied that he could stretch more than twice his itself.


Wearing it softly, super comfortable, there is no tightness and oppression at all, and the moment when the mirror is in the mirror is completely surprised! Gorgeous! arrive! It’s! Little thick legs, small belly, flat hips are gone! Intersection The vision is 10 pounds!


Use jackets, shorts, skirts … all feel like supermodels! If it weren’t for my girlfriend, I really wanted to call the ex -boyfriend immediately, and let him see that the old lady has now! many! nice!

After wearing it several times, I still felt 0 restraint, and did not fall down at all.

I do n’t feel boring after wearing it all day, just like my second layer of skin, very comfortable, 180D thickness, especially suitable for spring wear, it is a spring special version of “mask stockings”.

I only asked my girlfriend to know that this “thin lady’s fragrance and stovepipe socks”, which is easy to use, according to

End medical structure design

After more than 200 experiments, 100 people were tried on, and 1,000 people were polished after interviewing and feedback, with magic -like shaping effects.


Once launched, it was snatched by the whole people, selling 12.3W in one day!

Without exercise, you can have a charming figure in 1 second. You can wear a high -level custom sense in just one piece of clothes. Regardless of its relatives and friends, or event dinner, you are the most shining one in the audience.

Thin legs, thin waist and hips, and a socks to meet all needs. Such a great shaping effect, thanks to its special knitting process, can apply different pressure on human body fat, but it is close to the tightness but has no feeling. Fat, help you create a charming figure.


Ordinary stovepipe socks have a small stress on elasticity. You must have a particularly uncomfortable experience of being led. This kind of bottom socks are wearing for a long time, which can easily lead to blood circulation.


And this thin leg socks can reduce the legs by 2 to 3 cm, and the legs appear more slender, but there is no sense of restraint. What is the reason?

In fact, the secret is, it


Special gradual decompression weaving process


The pressure gradually decreased from the naked to the thigh.

The blood circulation of the legs can not be smooth, relieves the muscle pressure of the legs, and does not feel it all day long.


And 11 cm high waist design, 400 -pin encryption process, 1 second


Tighten excess fat on the waist and abdomen


, Easily shape the small waist, but it is firm and tight


Without feel, do not drop the stalls, do not roll the edge.


3D three -dimensional tailoring design


, Lifting the hips, make your hips up up to 10%, help you

Shape sexy peach hips.

The legs are slender, the hips are very tilted, tight skirts, pencil skirts, long skirts … all can hold it, no matter where you go, you are the focus of the audience.

Long -term dressing can still shape the leg shape. After half a year, the girlfriends have been worn, the legs become slim straight, and the leg curve is a lot beautiful.

Anti -disco -resistance and slipping


Both feet should also be taken care of. In addition to the effect of the general bottom socks, there is also a fatal bug — the socks are not breathable, and it is easy to sweat and stinky feet.

And this fragrance skinny leg socks, the feet are specially used as a thin design, which not only breathables and anti -foot odor, but also ensures that the super elastic force is not squeezed.

The soles of the feet are specially used

Anti -disco -anti -slip ecological cotton cotton

Because of its special multi -layered fiber structure, more breathability, can


Effectively prevent sweat from the foot,


So as to achieve deodorant effects.

You must have worked as a bottoming socks, and your feet are always sliding forward to cause toe pain. The ecological cotton of this skinny leg socks has a non -slip function.

The soles of ecological cotton and trousers are smooth, and the needle line is stitched neatly and comfortably.


Colleagues Xiao An used to wear bottom socks. The thumbs of their feet were often painful. They had to hide into the toilet every time.

And this thin leg socks worn all day, both feet felt very comfortable, and there was no odor after taking off the shoes.


Special added skin -sapine -legs and beautiful legs are not wrong. What is even more surprising is that the special weaving process it adopts can

Weaving of the essence and jasmine fragrance into fibers

, Make stovepipe socks

Moisturizing the skin and comes with fragrance for a long time



This process is very difficult to process. Only a few factories in the country have this technology, which is why the vast majority of bottom socks have no fragrance.


Shea butter oil is rich in a large amount of vitamin E. It is a cosmetic treasure passed down from African women. It is close to human sebum indicators and is easily absorbed. It can deeply moisturize the skin to prevent the skin from dry and cracking.

After winter, the skin is difficult to escape from drying and peeling. As long as it is put on for 1 month, the skin of the dry skin becomes firmer and tender.

And the faint jasmine flower fragrance emitted not only smells pleasure by themselves, but others will feel good about you, but also show your uniqueness. Even the perfume money is saved. You may be worried that nutritional ingredients are easily washed off. In fact, this special weaving process can support 20 machine washing or 30 times hand washing.


If you wash it once every 3 days, the skin care effect can last for 3 months, even if the skin care ingredients are gone. It is also a thin leg socks with a super -shaped effect.


The milk -like skin is like milk, seeing the quality of the quality, the ordinary bottom socks are small, wearing a meat, you must take it off immediately when you get home to get rid of it. The cost is doubled, with super flexibility, which is three times that of ordinary fabrics, and 80 ~ 160 catties of little fairy can easily control.


Exquisite texture, such as


Mousse -like skin


The girlfriend said that wearing it was like his second layer of skin, and he was reluctant to get home all day when he wore it. Her husband couldn’t help but want to touch it.


Breathable does not boring skin

The effect can be visible


Violent experiment pro -test,

No hooks, durable wearing

Even if it really hooks the silk, it will not spread, and one pair is a pair of ordinary ten pairs.

Usually wearing bottom socks is most afraid of getting cheaper to get the ball, and the density of imported aminotrans used by this skinny leg socks is 50% higher than ordinary materials.


It can greatly reduce the probability of the ball and use a brush for violence. There is no ball.


0 light, the upper leg is not reflected,

There will be no embarrassment of different colors.

Soak for 3 hours without fading

It’s so excellent ~


Automated production throughout the process and strict craftsmanship. Each socks need to be strictly tested to enter the market.


From the selection of materials, production to the details, and step by step, create this socks 0 restraint, shaped and durable, and have a high -level texture.

The little fairies who have been worn are all of them. The superb and thin effect and elasticity, as well as the soft touch of the soft clothes are deeply convinced, and even some people repurchase 6 in one time ~


“Slim Miss Fragrance Stardial Stockings”, 180D thickness, can be worn at 15-25 ° C, average, 80-160 catties of little fairies can control, no need to choose fear ~ black skin two-color versatile, meet all the matching needs of spring and autumn , Put on it, you are the most beautiful supermodel!

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