Study in Korea needs to bring magic horses? Great collection of studying in Korea! Intersection

It is almost a year of language school, university, university college. I always worry about what I bring for a long time before coming to South Korea. Today, I will summarize a collection of required materials for baggage packages in front of Korea.

1. Life part

Clothes: Korean clothes are not particularly expensive to compare with China, but because they have just arrived in South Korea, they may not go out shopping often because of language or unfamiliar problems. The clothes can be worn with a few pieces of themselves, which are comfortable and suitable. The clothes in Korean denim are relatively expensive. If you like denim, you can bring a few more pieces. You can buy and buy in Korea after you are familiar with! Intersection Intersection If you have underwear, you can buy it in China so that you do n’t have to worry about language problems and you ca n’t buy what you want. The kind of coral velvet pajamas in winter can be brought with a set of coral velvet. In winter, you can wear sports shoes and comfortable leather shoes. South Korea’s shoes are generally expensive. You can bring a few pairs of them. After being familiar with, you can buy it in Korea ~

Bedding: Many students should be struggling with whether to bring a quilt to South Korea. In fact, it is also possible to bring it to it. You can use a compressed bag to compress, as well as pillows and mattresses together. I was brought together completely. But if you are troublesome, you can also buy it in South Korea. These things will be sold in large Korean shopping mall supermarkets or markets. right! Intersection Intersection You can buy a coral velvet blanket, which is so warm in winter. The others came according to their own needs.

Daily necessities: The needle line still has to be brought. I remember my teacher at the time said: Even if you do n’t sew, you have to bring it, and you will definitely find someone who will sew. If you need a flashlight at night, you can bring one, but the mobile phone is enough. Boys can bring a shaver. Nail cutting can bring. Washing items or something can bring small packaging in South Korea at the beginning. Generally, after a week or two, you can go out and buy it ~ You can also take a little skin care supplies. For bathing, rubbing your face, you can bring it. Compression with the quilts is not very duty ~ Then there are many daily necessities in South Korea, like umbrellas, storage boxes, kitchen supplies, etc. Recommended cheap daily necessities: ???. Another important thing is the hanger! Intersection I think it is very expensive in South Korea’s quality hanger. You can plug a few more hangers ~


Stationery products: Korean stationery is very cute! Intersection However, some are really expensive. China is a big thing. You can buy some cores and things. Book can bring a few more! But South Korea’s book is too cute or can’t help but buy and buy stationery supplies. It is just what you need. For stationery, you can buy it in the stationery store in South Korea, and there are generally around the school. Some cute stationery can be bought on Artbooks. Putting the book in the stationery. The book is still very expensive in South Korea. You can buy some grammar books in China, but I have brought it.

Electric: Computer is the most important one. If it is Apple, it is best to press the dual system, because some of the school websites can not be on! Intersection Of course, you can also go to the school PC room. If you come to South Korea to buy a computer, it is a Korean system, so it may be difficult at first ~ Then another important thing is to convert the plug, bring two! In case it breaks, there is another replacement, otherwise it will be dumbfounded. You can bring one in the interlocker and you can supply multiple electronic devices. Then the desk lamp can bring one or buy one in the Funhan jumping market. South Korea is generally a bit expensive. The rice cooker varies from person to person or something. Of course, I think the first time it should not be brought here ~


Medicine: Cold medicine, anti -inflammatory medicine, stomach medicine, etc. suitable for you with a little bit. Generally, schools have health rooms. Then foreigners must join insurance now, so they must go to the hospital with a great illness, and their bodies are their own!

Bags: backpacks, shoulder bags, wallets, if you like you, the Korean leather bag is more expensive ~

Eat: If you do n’t stay in the dormitory, you can live by yourself, you can cook, you can bring some domestic seasonings, like what cumin powder, the spiced powder god horse, the old godmother likes it. need. right! There is no Guizi South Korea, but there is a forest in Seoul. When I go home, I will bring a bunch of rice and beans, like black beans, black rice, red beans, barley or something. I was ready to bring soybeans, but I found that Koreans do not drink soy milk! Intersection These rice areas are more expensive in South Korea. I usually bring it enough for me to eat it for half a year. This is the personal person. If you like the dried sweet potatoes, bring more sweet potatoes. Those who like hawthorn can bring more hawthorn. Hawthorn can bring, because South Korea really does not, there are very few! Intersection

Regarding the certificate: The Korean photo is really good -looking, but it is expensive. It can take a few more in the country, the most suitable background.


Notice: Some of them must be brought, but there are a lot of. When it is time to report to the school, you can apply for notarization at that time.

Mobile phone: Actually, it really does n’t need it. It can bring a WiFi of a continuous dormitory or housing. Others have no use. You can get a mobile phone when you log in to the login certificate.

The last is the point! The last is the point! The last is the point!

Bank card: You can see and take Korean coins directly on the ATM machine on the Korean UnionPay card, so don’t worry, you can change some Korean coins in China at first. You can also bring some renminbi, and then come to the black market to replace it with Korean coins. In fact, the exchange rate of Korean currency and UnionPay card is not much worse now ~


Then focus: UnionPay card. One of the UnionPay cards that do not handle a fee here are Huaxia, 2 first a day. There are some local banks that do not need handling fees. When you get a bank card, you can ask him if there is a handling fee for withdrawal abroad.

Passports, of course, this must be brought!