Insta360 Shadow Stone ONE RS Multi -lens Movement Camera debuts 4K, panorama, Leica wide -angle switching at will

Author: Lin Fei Source: IT Times

On March 24, Insta360 Shadow Stone officially released the multi -lens anti -shake camera Insta360 One RS. A camera, three lenses, switching the lens to meet the shooting needs of a variety of scenes, realize the multi -lens changing, and take multiple scenes at will.

At the same time, as the second modular sports camera launched by INSTA360 Shadow Stone, the One RS brings a new 4K wide -angle enhancement lens, the mother chip is optimized and upgraded, the battery capacity increases, the strong combination is combined, and the better image is strong and strong. Debut.

Multi -lens changes to multiple scenes and shoot at will

One RS’s modular design allows users to freely choose 4K wide -angle enhanced lens, 360 ° panoramic lens and one -inch wide -angle lens according to needs. By switching different lens modules, ONE RS can shoot 360 ° panoramic videos, and can also shoot ultra -high -definition wide -angle videos. There is no need to weigh the house between different cameras, nor need to replace the camera to meet the needs of the entire scene shooting.

Insta360影石ONE RS多镜头运动相机登场 4K、全景、徕卡广角随意切换

One RS’s newly upgraded 4K wide -angle enhanced lens, equipped with 1/2 “48MP image sensor, can take 4K 60FPS video and 48 million pixel photos. The new sports HDR mode is dedicated to the development of dynamic shooting scenes, which can keep the screen stable screens. At the same time, the balance is exposed, showing more light and dark details. In addition, One RS also launched a new 6K wide -screen mode. This mode uses a classic 2.35: 1 ratio, which can shoot the super -textured 6K movie -sensitive video with one click.

Insta360影石ONE RS多镜头运动相机登场 4K、全景、徕卡广角随意切换

Switch 360 ° panoramic lens to shoot 5.7K HD panoramic videos. Whether it is skiing or riding a motorcycle, you can concentrate on enjoying the present, one -click shooting, and record in all aspects. No need to worry about composition, you can choose angles and screens freely in the later stage. With the selfie rod shooting, the smart algorithm can also hide the selfie rod in the screen, and the selfie can also get an incredible third -person perspective.

Insta360影石ONE RS多镜头运动相机登场 4K、全景、徕卡广角随意切换

The one -inch wide -angle lens is designed by Insta360 shadow stone and Leica. It has the largest image sensor currently in the sports camera, which can shoot 5.3K wide -angle videos. The details are moving and the color is lively. Even at night, the colorful night is presented.

It is worth noting that the current ONE RS host and battery can be perfectly adapted with all the lens modules of ONE R, and the compatibility of the new 4K wide -angle enhancement lens and ONE R module will also pass through the firmware of the One R host in the second quarter of this year this year. The update is realized, which truly interprets the significance of modularization.

Full “core” host anti -shake upgrade

In addition to the new 4K wide -angle enhancement lens, the performance of the ONE RS mother chip is also newly upgraded, bringing a stronger internal anti -shake performance. With a wide -angle lens, the MP4 format video with Flowstate stabilization effect can be used. No need to pass the later processing of APP or Studio.

Insta360影石ONE RS多镜头运动相机登场 4K、全景、徕卡广角随意切换

One RS’s battery module capacity increased by 21%, upgraded to 1445mAh, wide -angle lens shooting the 4K 30FPS video of the Flowstate mode up to 88 minutes, panoramic lens shooting 5.7K 30FPS panoramic video up to 82 minutes, with modular design advantages , Effectively alleviate “electricity anxiety”.

In addition, the host module is added with a new microphone. The 3 wheat tone and the new wind reduction algorithm are clearer. The new “real -time zoom” function is used with a wide -angle lens, which can be zoomed to 2.7 times in real time, and flexibly control the main body of the main body. The camera’s Wi-Fi transmission rate increased by 50%, and material transmission was more efficient.

There is no limit to rich accessories shooting

One RS also has a richer choice in terms of accessories, allowing users to freely shoot more scenarios.

Insta360影石ONE RS多镜头运动相机登场 4K、全景、徕卡广角随意切换

The new ONE RS protection box can be adapted with the new battery module. It has a side -opening design that can be quickly disassembled, as well as new radiator and built -in windproof cotton to optimize the performance of the camera. In the case of all modules correctly assembled and wearing a protective border, ONE RS can achieve 5 meters of waterproof to provide solid guarantees for underwater shooting.

Flash partners greatly improved data transmission and editing efficiency. When inserting the camera for shooting, the video is preferred in the flashing partner. After connecting the phone, preview and editing videos are even more happy. Because the camera Wi-Fi does not need to be enabled, it can reduce the consumption of the camera’s electrical consumption, but also save mobile phone storage space.

In addition, ONE RS can also be used with accessories such as diving shells, ND filters, and charging audio transfers.

AI editing one -click formation

Insta360影石ONE RS多镜头运动相机登场 4K、全景、徕卡广角随意切换

One RS brings not only the performance upgrade of the hardware. The new function of the Insta360 APP and the new gameplay of the AI ​​creative library make the later editing more efficient and interesting.

For panoramic videos, the user uses the free screen recording function on the Insta360 APP to rotate the mobile phone or sliding the screen to complete the screening, which can immediately export the video and save a lot of export time.

If you want to improve the image creativity, the AI ​​creative library provides many templates for options. The imported material can achieve a variety of creative effects in one click, such as shuttle delayed skewers, C -position focusing, avatar cycle, and so on.

For the computer editing, the upgraded Insta360 Studio brings users more friendly pages and more powerful features, optimizing color enhancement and deep tracking 2.0 effects, and adding light stitching functions. At the same time, compatible with the Adobe Premiere Pro plugin, seamlessly connect, improve the quality and efficiency of editing.

One RS also supports panoramic live broadcast and video conference functions. The camera and the computer can be connected to a high -definition video call from an ultra -wide perspective, providing more convenience for home and offices in the epidemic era.

Insta360影石ONE RS多镜头运动相机登场 4K、全景、徕卡广角随意切换

Insta360 Yingshi said that it will continue to launch new modules for the One R series to bring users more choices.

Insta360影石ONE RS多镜头运动相机登场 4K、全景、徕卡广角随意切换

At present, One RS officially released 3 versions: dual lens version (4K wide -angle enhancement lens+360 ° panoramic lens) 3498 yuan; 4K enhanced version 1998 yuan; one -inch Leica version of 3498 yuan. It can be purchased through Insta360 Yingshi Jingdong Ziying Flagship Store and Tmall flagship store.