After the holiday, you will be able to relax your body and mind.

After the Spring Festival, the little fairy people have a hunting of fat three pounds after having a wooden festival? If you eat, eat and drink, you can see the seven big aunt, eight big and fox, friends, may be tired than going to work. This time, I recommend some little things that don’t have expensive relaxation!

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

1, the wrist needs to relax

Good design from Japan! ELECON anti-fatigue mouse pad, it is completely designed for the office worker for E sister, of course, all the games often have very good time ~ Long and beautiful mouse pad or this good, how is it? Just look at it and you’ll find out!

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

In fact, the mouse has long been easy to flow, resulting in weakness of the wrist, this mouse pad strength relieves wrist discomfort. Design helps decentralize your wrist pressure, with high performance synthetic rubber, more soft and comfortable. 18mm height, WAVE wave buffer design, wrist pressure is almost shifted!

Reference price: 199RMB

2, Liu Tao with the same paragraph

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

“Flower and Teenager” Liu Tao shared this talented artifact, from South Korea Sinil Pharm, 40 posts enough for a period of time! Whether it is still not moving or cervical vertebra, there is anything, where is uncomfortable, where is it, simple rough violent achievements! There is also a warm palace effect ~

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

One will be hot in five minutes, fully relieve pain discomfort, work tired to use it to relieve fatigue, feel a lot of physical and mental, do you have such a small item?

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

Reference price: 70RMB

3, give the muscles deep breathing

Good use of small things from China! Lightweight muscles relax depth massage sets, let you relax your muscles at home! What gym is going? Is the combination of the foam shaft and massage sticks and the combination of fascia balls very practical? Will not use? Don’t worry, look down.

The foam shaft is a very basic muscle relaxation tool, which is more easily explained in the details or look at the picture. It is easy to relax your muscles at home.

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

Massager will make your muscles and massage, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pain.

The fascia ball is especially suitable for watching TV or lie relaxation, there are a lot of ways to use, see the picture and talk more! It seems that every inch skin has been a big health care ~

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

Reference price: 99RMB

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

4, relax and massage oil

British AA this brand may not be very familiar, but E sisters start using this brand of essential oil products from high school. In the UK, it is also an old name, rarely propaganda, almost all rely on mouth. Essential oils are especially useful, cheap and large bowls. This recommended massage oil integrates essential oil into the base oil, painted in the body for 20 minutes, not only can relieve fatigue relaxation, and calm pressure. It can also be deep care for the skin, and it is soft and soft. 1L large capacity, can use a year!

Reference price: 200RMB

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

Leg tired look here

Japan’s Manis legs relax spray contains 14 plant extracts, from roses to ginkgo, the healing plant in Chinese and Western combined plants is inside! For you often sitting, is it necessary to relax your leg spray? The feeling of spraying it on the leg can instantly relax the nerve, simply massage two down effects, feel fatigue, sweep, and you can walk in minutes ~

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

Reference price: 79RMB

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

Relax sleep artifact

The British relaxed thing is really quite a lot, and it is still very easy. This THIS WORKS pillow sleep spray can depress depressurize, and the taste of lavender itself will have the effect of sleep, and the aroma sprayed on the pillow will let the brain relax.

Plus other natural plants extracts, safe and reliable, pregnant women can be used. It is especially effective for pressure-type insomnia. Before sleeping, you can help everyone sleep more practical ~

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

Reference price: 170RMB

5, rose core pillow relax

New Zealand Ellis Fibre direction rose core pillow can effectively relieve physical and mental, relieve sleep stress. It is recommended that the long-term insomnia is used, and the pillow with a fragrant breath should make you easier to sleep! Improve sleep quality from the pillow, no problem ~

The appearance is like, and the polyester fiber is filled with polyester fibers, fluffy and soft, easy to deform, convenient to remove cleaning. Moreover, the fabric is cotton, comfortable sweat, and some material allergies can use it with confidence. It is highly moderately protecting the cervical vertebra, and the faint rose tastes so that the hair is in the beautiful aroma!

Reference price: 229RMB

6, cold warm warm knee pads

Yumehan knee from Japan is actually more like a functional stockings! For the joint, heat, keep warm and cold. Even the girls with venous songs are super friendly. Ultra-thin knee pads are a famous sports medical physico designed, from muscle support joints inside and outside the knee, segmented the leg pressure, bid farewell to calf edema SO Easy!

I don’t understand the elders, but I don’t feel very comfortable, but I can make the leg shape better ~ Comfort is not tight, the stretch is not bad ~

Reference price: 280RMB

节后归来放松身心的小物 好用不贵超省心

With these small things, come back to work, you can easily deal with all kinds of fatigue discomfort ~ Xiaoxian people will win according to their own preference ~