Manual tutorial | You need a handbag when you go shopping

Women always miss a bag,

With a bag you like, it is simply a “bag treatment”

The most commonly used in our daily life is the handbag.

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

The use of handbags is many,

Go to the supermarket as a shopping bag and travel as a beach bag.

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Today, I will introduce a double -layer big handbag for you,

Simple production, beautiful appearance, very practical,

It also fits the current environmental protection concept.

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

The finished product size of the handbag: 90 cm long and 31 cm high (without the bottom of the bag).

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Prepare materials

Outer bag: 42 cm (115 cm width)

Line cloth, lifts, small bags: 70 cm (115 cm width)

Cotton with glue: 50 cm (100 cm width)

Decoration belt: 20 cm long

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Cut off

Outer bag cloth: 47 × 40 cm, 2 tablets

Line lining: 47 × 40 cm, 2 tablets

Pocket cloth: 20 × 36 cm, 1 piece

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Lifting: 10 × 70 cm, 2

Cotton with glue: 47 × 40 cm, 2 tablets; 4 × 70 cm, 2

Step by step

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包


手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

The two slices that are cut on the front are opposite,

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

On the side of the 47 cm side, a 7 × 7 cm square is cut off as the bottom corner of the bag.


Tiring on the opposite side of the two lining cloth with rubber cotton, respectively.

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Also cut a 7 × 7 cm square on the bottom of the corner.


Put a decorative belt on the front of the pocket cloth,

It is about 6 cm from the short side of the short side,

Fixed with a bead needle,

Then use a sewing machine to suture the decorative belt on the pocket cloth.

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包


手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Align the two short edges of the pocket cloth, and the front is relatively folded together.

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Sewing with a sewing machine (1 cm sewing);

Then turn back to the front,

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

After flattening, the size of the double -layer bag is 20 × 17 cm.


Turn the pocket with one side to the outside, and fold 1 cm back on both sides, press the iron;

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Fix the pocket on a pocket cloth with a bead needle (the bottom angle gap in the outer bag cloth),

Stand in the middle, about 7 cm from the upper edge of the outer bag.

Sewing pockets on the outer bag with a sewing machine,

The stitches and ending of the bag mouth should be reinforced with an inverted needle.


Put the front bags on the front and fix it with a bead needle;

Then suture both sides and bottom edges (1 cm sewn), but do not gap at the bottom angle.

Note that the needle and ending should be reinforced with an inverted needle.

Sewing in the same way.


Open all the sutures of the outer bag and the inner lining, and scal the iron with an iron.


手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Prepare to sew the bottom angle. Fold the bottom angles from the opposite side,

The bottom corner incision is flattened to form a straight line.


Then sew the straight line, and the needle should be reinforced with a needle and ending.

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Inner lining and outer bag, each sewing 2 bottom angles.


Ready to sewing your hand. Put the tape cotton strip in the back of the handle,

Use an iron to bond it on the handle;

Then fold both sides of the handle to form a long band with a width of 4 cm.

Similarly, iron another handbelt.


Fold the belt -folded side and fold about 7 mm inward, and flatten it;

Then use a sewing machine to slowly sew a straight line at the folding at the folding to squeeze the raised strap.

After both bands are sew, they need to be trimmed into the same length.


Put the inner lining bag in the front, put it into the outer bag,

Keep the seams on both sides and the bottom of the bag are flat.

At this time, the bottom of the bag can support the bag.

Surrounded by the bag, fold the outer bag inward about 1 cm inward,

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Fold the inner bag about 1 cm out, and the inside and outside bags are flat.

Fix it with an iron with an iron.

Insert the two ends of the band into the middle and outer bag mezzanine, 2 cm,

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

The inner spacing of the two ends of the strap is 12 cm, and is fixed with a bead needle.


手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Use the free arm of the sewing machine to choose a straight line to reinforce stitching,

Sewing around the upper edge of the bag.

You can also use twists and folding stitches at the joints of the band and the bag.


Model recommendation

HEAVY DUTY Series 4423

Electric sewing machine

Eat thin, eat thick and easy to deal with

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Motor Power

More than 60%larger than ordinary household machines

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包


High sewing speed

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

1100 stitches/minute

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

10-12 layers of ordinary denim, leather (thin), gauze thin fabric,

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Special waterproof fabrics and other materials are also easy to sewn,

Bring you a better sewing experience.

Heavy metal rack runs smoothly

Knowing the sewing friends of the victory know that the victory always uses a heavy metal rack,

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

A firm aluminum alloy fuselage+stainless steel tablet

Strong union, smooth stainless steel tables are smoother and smoother,

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

The metal body further improves the facts and stability of the machine, and durable.

23 kinds of lines of icing on the cake

Strailed seams, backstream seams, top zippers, twists and turns,

Lock button holes, nails, simple locks, dark needles, curls,

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

Embedded thread sewing, patch, cylindrical sewing, double -needle sewing, free pressure thread …

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

A variety of types of lines meet the needs of daily sewing and add the icing on your creative icing on the cake.

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

There are countless rave reviews on the entire network

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包

If you are pursuing high -speed speed or requires small -scale batch processing, then 4423 is your best choice! For 170 years, the Shengjia has always insisted on unremitting efforts: teaching people to learn sewing around the world, attract customers with advanced sewing machine technology, and make customers enjoy the fun of sewing!

手工教程 | 出门逛街你需要一个手拎包